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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

Father Time and Baby New Year

New Year's Eve 2009, tonight we say good-bye to 2009 and Welcome in 2010. It seems that this year has slipped by me, I was just getting the hang of writing 2009 and now I have to change to 2010. Seems the older I get the quicker the year passes by.
So many things have happened this year both good and bad, but we survived it all. This year another one of my family members (Aunt Sis) left us, seems like each year we lose a loved one. So as the clock ticks down 2009 I will take a moment to remember all of my loved ones that have passed.
This year has also been a trying time for my son, he is facing a new year alone. His wife decided she wanted to explore her other options and called it quits. It hurts me so much knowing the pain my son and their 4 lovely daughters are going through. I know these things happen but I never suspected they would ever split as they were always the perfect couple.
This year end for Jenny was extremely scary as the other night as they watched a movie, her youngest child spiked a fever and had a seizure. They spent the night in the ER and after many tests Rebecca was sent home with a clear report.
Jenny's oldest son will soon make eagle scout, Emily the elder of the clan is so into designer clothes and shoes, Ally is still the princess or so she thinks, Lizzy is the most delightful child, Morris, well what can I say about Morris, he drives his mother crazy. He is always into something. I think he is adorable and not a terror at all, but than I don't live with them. Becca is beautiful, quiet and so much the glamor girl.
Melanie continues her work at the Nursing home, this year she went back to being a CNA instead of working in a office. The change means more money and hours for her, but it is harder on her back and knees.
As for Melanie's clan, Heather is still into her sports while Kyle is into books of all sorts, he loves being a know-it-all.
Hubby and I have both enjoyed a year without medical emergency's, I guess we are doing something right. We will always be on medications but that is just a part of getting old. We still enjoy our weekend outings, garage sales, flea markets and auctions, you never know what treasures you will find, and I love doing the freecycle thing (picked up a box of cross stitch supplies today).
As for the house, Thanks to last years puppy's and their un-decorating of the hallway (tearing wallpaper) I wallpapered the hallway, painted the dining room and I stained all the trim that hubby made for those areas. He still needs to make trim for the living room, bedroom and finish the cabinets in the bathroom. Now that he is healthy again, I hope to see those rooms finished soon.
My charity work went well this year with donations to numerous groups, my main one is the World of Charity Stitchers, you can see some of the donations on past postings on my blog.
My winnings: this year I have become such a contest junky. I love entering contests, hops, dashes, shuffles, and giveaways and I really love winning. I have won all kinds of wonderful items on the blogs I follow. I am in the works of coming up with my own giveaway so keep checking back.
As for the New Year, Well we shall see what the future holds
We will be spending tonight watching Dick Clark usher in the New Year, we will snack on grapes and cheese with a glass of wine, maybe a 1/4 glass for me. I just can't drink much. Tomorrow we will watch the Rose Parade and if the Mummer's parade is on we will watch that too, hubby will watch the games and we will have the Traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dinner of Pork and Saur Kraut. I know that I now live in the South and the tradition here is black eye peas cooked with a dime, but I don't like them.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all.
If you would like to see how the rest of the world celebrates NEW YEARS follow this link.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Its Over

Christmas Eve and Day are now over, gifts unwrapped and out the door. For us the big family thing was Christmas Eve, we had the sound of little feet running all around the house. They came, they ate, they unwrapped and they left, in a torrential downpour I might add. All day it rained and by the time everyone got here it was pouring cats and dogs. When they left it was raining even harder, but they all managed to get home safe and sound.

The youngest Grandchild Rebecca spent a lot of her time in front of the chocolate fountain stuffing Strawberries in her mouth. I wonder if Jenny will be able to save her little dress, it had chocolate everywhere, but she had fun. The Teen girls were being their sassy self, back talking their moms, I hope they soon grow up and get out of that stage. Mel is getting double duty as Kyle is now getting snippy to, they think it is cool to act this way. Hang in there Mel it does get better, one day you will have mature adult children. Jack, is younger then Emily, but he is acting so grown up lately, I don't hear him sassing his Mom like the girls are. He seems to be mature for his age. Jenny is showing more grey lately, has to be the attitude she gets from the kids and to think she has 6 to get over this stage, she might be totally grey before all is said and done, that's what they make hair dye for.

As for me and my list to Santa:

I woke up Christmas Morning and looked outside and there in the driveway was a Silver Vehicle, that's it, Santa is real, he had given me my car. WAIT a minute, that isn't the car in the picture, it looks a little familiar to me. Hey what goes here, I know that car, it belongs to Phillip. So the car wasn't for me, Phillip had driven here and when he left he drove Jenny's van home (Jenny doesn't like driving at night and besides the weather was horrible) They will be here to pick up his car Sunday. So no car for me, no quilting machine, I did get a Wii Fit but not from Santa, we bought it at K-Mart. As for the necklaces, I got the dragonfly necklace and a Butterfly necklace set both came from hubby. No mermaid or pom necklace from Santa, no PC Stitch software (guess I have to order that too) Quilt Material, this was in my mailbox Thursday , my win from sewmamasew and last was the cross stitch supplies, nope didn't get anything from that list. So in my opinion, THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS, at least not one that stops here. Heck, Santa didn't even fill my stocking and Evelyn is no longer with us to fill it for me. My items came from my Santa, my hubby. Thank you dear for all you do for me, you are the one person who makes my Christmas Special.

Grandson Kyle got me a cute little candle lamp for my spa bath (see he can be sweet), and Melanie got me some little treasures for crafting or to hang on my tree. That's it, well I did get the Simplicity Rotary Cutter and Bias Tape Maker, but it didn't make it back under the tree. Oh and friends Sharon & Mike got Hubby and I a gift certificate for Texas Roadhouse and a $ 10.00 scratch off ticket (not a winner)

I spent months making Ceramic trees, floral arrangements, cookies, shopping and wrapping gifts, decorating the house and for what, in a matter of a few minutes things are unwrapped and loaded in cars and they are gone. So I think for next year a gift certificate per family, they can do the shopping and wrapping. Jenny for Hanukkah, Melanie and Donnie for Christmas, besides we are just getting to old for all this work. Next week it all comes down and gets packed away again, that is if the outdoor blowups ever dry out.

Christmas Day we didn't do anything, we just sat around and watched TV and I worked on my cross stitch Celtic Summer design. Nice and quiet, lots of Christmas movies on and we had leftovers for dinner, so just a reheat no cooking. Today we are going to brave the stores, I need to return a blouse to Wal-mart. I bought it for Christmas Eve and when I tried it on something just didn't seem right. Took a minute to figure out that the blouse had two left sleeves, there is a notch in the back of the sleeve and on the other sleeve it was in the front. Guess it was made in China, so back it goes.

One more thing to add, We found homes for all the puppies but one. Lady Charmaine (Charmin) is now officially one of our family. She like all the rest will be spoiled rotten oh, so sorry I mean Pamper. She has already made herself quite at home.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Gift

This morning I checked my email and found I had received a wonderful Christmas gift. I had entered a contest at sewmamasew on the last day of their entries, not even being sure I had made the deadline. I did and I won one of the many items offered in their giveaway from over 1,000 entries. I won Gee's Bend fat quarter pack (it is pictured above) Needless to say I was thrilled, I love those words "You won". The material will be put to good use in the quilts I will be making next year for World of Charity Stitchers. I have a box of squares the ladies have stitched waiting to be made into quilts for Century Care Center and a Cancer Patient quilt. Now if I could find a contest to win batting, or one to win a quilting machine, wouldn't that be something? I do enjoy making these quilts, after all I get to practice new block designs.

My Christmas countdown

House decorated inside and out, Check

Tree decorated, Check

Charity Quilts and knitted items finished & delivered, Check

Ceramic Trees finished & delivered, Check

Floral arrangements finished & delivered, Check

Cookies baked and delivered, Check

Gingerbread houses finished & delivered, Check

Cookie Trees finished & delivered, Check

Candy made, not yet

Shopping done, Check

Gifts wrapped, not yet

I am almost there, a couple more days and we will be invaded Christmas Eve by the grand kids that live close by. They will be to excited to eat any food, well almost any food, the Chocolate Fountain is always the first thing they want to dive into. Rule is they need to eat something in the hot food line before they go for the dessert table. Strawberries, Bananas, pound cake, pretzels and marshmallows all go for a dunk under the creamy chocolate waterfall. When the time is right, the children all take their place in front of the tree and Grandpa hands each child a wrapped box, when they get their boxes they can rip and tear to their hearts content looking for the treasure each package holds. After all packages are out from under the tree and the paper and empty boxes are taken to the trash they settle down to play with one of their favorite items and once again the chocolate fountain becomes the center attraction, especially for the teens. A friend of mine said it best, you work for months and months, and in just a few short minutes it is all over. I am not sure what hubby and I will be doing Christmas Day, in the past we have traveled to Biloxi with friends or by ourselves. This year it may just be a quiet dinner for two and a movie
Merry Christmas to all

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Giveaway

Linda and Sandy from "This and That Fabrics" are having yet another giveaway. A cute Santa Face wall hanging kit is the prize this time. The ladies have been busy the past couple of month's with their giveaways. So we all need to stop by and support their blog and their store that is filled with wonderful items. visit their blog at This-n-That Fabrics and Craftshop Shuffle leave a comment which will enter you in their contest and tell them I sent you. Have fun and here's hoping you win.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is coming

Christmas is fast approaching and even though I won't get everything done I had planned on, some projects are done and out the door. I made 7 Christmas and 1 Hanukkah floral arrangements, plus 2 door hangers and all but one have been delivered. I wanted to take pictures of all the arrangements, but I finished them, delivered them and oops I had forgotten to take the pictures. I did get pictures of the last two so I can share those with you. The quilted lap robes are the ones I have been working on with World of Charity Stitchers. The Quilts along with the other items made by the group are on their way to the nursing home for Christmas delivery.
Hubby is finishing the trim in the dining room so I can now get the hutch back in place and have room to work in there. Next week is baking the Gingerbread and Holiday Cookies. The kids and grand kids have put in their request for their favorites. I had told them I won't be making all the cookies I normally make due to my late start with baking. The number one cookie choice this year goes to Peanut Butter Blossoms, so many requests for that one. Mel wants her Chocolate Nut Meringues, Hubby is Snicker doodles and Chocolate Chip and for me Hermits and my Pennsylvania Dutch Sand Tarts. I will also be trying a recipe for Pizzelles that I got from Linda at This and That Fabrics, can't wait to try these.
OH NO, I still need to shop and then there is the wrapping and I still haven't gotten my cards in the mail. I am off now to get the cards ready so I can mail them tomorrow. Just glad I have that box of Christmas Cards I bought because there was no time to make any this year.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Letter to Santa

Dear, Dear, Sweet Santa,

I have been a really good girl, OK sometimes a good girl, but I try hard. I stopped believing in you years ago and we won't go there as to how many years that was. But if you are real and if you do grant the wishes of believers than I believe, and I have my list posted here. I know you like letters, but lets face it this is 2009 and no one writes letters any more, every one emails or blogs, or tweets or what ever else they do. Me I blog and I read blogs and I enter blog contests, lots of blog contests. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. OK back to the reason for this blog, My Wish List, and here it is.

1. A Mid Arm Quilting Machine or Long Arm Machine, I only need the machine as I have the frame. And it really is for a good cause, my charity quilts, and then there are all the other quilts I need to finish. Come to think of it while I am wishing for the impossible than how about a computerized model. This is what I call a Big Girl Toy and I like toys. see pic of Baily's Mid Arm Machine

2.A New Car, well it really doesn't have to be new, used would work to and it doesn't have to look like the picture any color, and shape, and make, I'm not picky. Only stipulation is it has to have a engine, it has to run, it has to have working AC and Heat and a radio. see pic

That's all the big things, and if you are real you will have these under my tree, or in the driveway.

3. Necklace Tiffany's would be nice, oh this is supposed to be the little list, so Pomeranian necklace at collectibles today, or a Mermaid or Dragonfly at eBay again see pic

4. Wii Fit with Balance Board, Yes, I am a old lady who has a Wii, need to get my exercise one way or another and this works for me. So any neat Wii Games will work and Yes, I have a pic

5. Fat quarters, Charm Square, Jelly Rolls, Pastry Rolls, or Layer Cake, I know most of this sounds like you would go to the bakery but it is all material for quilts. or anything for Quilting, even Machine quilting thread would be great, like in my stocking. oops sorry I don't have a stocking to hang. I made them for the kids and grand kids last year and didn't get around to making one for me and hubby. So wing it, use one of Sean's big socks he won't mind. Just in case here is a pic, love the pretty color.

6. Anything for Cross stitching, PC Stitch Pro version 9 would be really good or threads, material, gadgets, needle holders, etc. OK, so you know what thread looks like, I still added a pic, I like the colors and DMC is the kind I use.

The next two items would have been the Simplicity Rotary cutter and the Simplicity Bias Tape Maker, but they were on sale when Jo Ann's had their sale and I ordered them(what a challenge that turned out to be). They are here and under the Christmas tree. OK Santa, I know you see everything so I confess. I took them from under the tree and used them last night, Hey I have an excuse I needed to finish the 6 quilts for Century Care Center, Mel is picking them up Sunday. So OK another "I'm bad" strike against me, but don't tell Sean.

Guess that is about all that I can think of, if I think of anything else I will update the list, so Santa you need to check back now and then. And Santa if this stuff isn't under my tree I will know for sure that you are a fake and that you really don't exist and you will crush the dreams of girl OK a old lady, hey I can dream can't I. I can dream that I am once again young and that Santa is real and that all these wonderful things will appear Christmas morning. Hey, pay attention, I said I can dream didn't I, so now pick yourself off of the floor and for goodness sakes, stop laughing.
I am heading out to make Holiday arrangements for me and the girls. I just needed a break and making my wish list helped get me in the mood. I am so far behind in this holiday stuff, I didn't get my cards in the mail yet, I didn't start my baking or gingerbread houses, and as for shopping I haven't even been in a store yet. See I am so far behind, do you think we could postpone Christmas for a month or so??? Maybe I would be ready by then.

Santa a PS, Sean has been a good boy to so while you are here delivering my stuff you can drop off one of those computerized carving machines that Sears sells, he would like that for his shop. Or maybe some shelving so he can get the shop in some kind of order. Or maybe a new truck for him to haul wood in, what do you think Santa, can you get this stuff in your sleigh.

Have a Very Merry Christmas one and all.

Cindy's having a giveaway

I just wanted to let everyone know that Cindy from Cindy Mae's Designs is having two giveaways on her blog at CindyMae's Stitching Korner. You can chose to enter one or both, and if you blog about her giveaway you get another entry. She also has some free designs you can print out to stitch. S0 visit her blog and stop by her shop to see all the goodies she has.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I saw, I blogged, I conquered. I spent the whole day at the Sew, Mama, Sew site, visiting and commenting the sites. Yes I said my entire day was spent there from early morning to midnight, but I am now entered in so many giveaway drawings. OH MY, such wonderful things they had, a list of finished items and a list of materials for crafts and I did both the lists. Lots of items for the kids, and bunches of things for me. There was a lady that offered a hot pad for achy backs and I really need that one after spending all this time in front of my computer entering the contests. Now the hard part comes, Waiting till the 7th to find out if I win anything. I also have the dashes, shuffles, and hop which most end on the 15th. Guess I need to start crossing my fingers and toes and wishing that I win something, anything, even one thing would be nice. Hope you all entered and you win too...
Today I entered, tomorrow back to the quilting..... We are delivering the items on the 18th to the home for the seniors....

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I found a site this morning that has all the giveaways you could hope to enter. At the "Sew,Mama, Sew" site, they have organized crafters and suppliers for a huge giveaway event. From Dec 2 nd to the 6 th visit "Sew,Mama,Sew" and go to the list of participants. Visit their blogs and leave a comment is all you have to do. I have spent the entire morning visiting sites and I don't know when I will finish my list, so many bloggers, so many giveaways, so little time. Guess I will be glued to the computer till I finish my list. You all know how much I love giveaways, some would say I am addicted to them. But you must admit they are worthwhile, I have won all kinds of things on line, lots of patterns, kits and material. Maybe I will be lucky and win some of the items offered here. Go now to and start entering. some of the items I have found so far: necklaces, bracelets, baby items, purses, pillows, stuffed animals, toys and so much more and I am only in the handcrafted section, can't wait to get to the supply area.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Yipeeeee, I won

Did a opps I had forgotten to add Ally's items to the end, so they got pushed in here. The puppys, kittys and shoes

The old fashion shoes for centerpieces, they are not identical, but close as I free handed painting them.

My win, pair of pin cushions from This and That Fabric and Craftshop Shuffle blog

The trees, Mel and I made for Family

Beautiful Autumn Rose Quilt kit

This is the Quilt kit that I REALLY want to win.

This is a closeup of some of the fabric that is in the quilt kit

Did I say I REALLY, REALLY want to win this

I have been having the time of my life online lately. I have been entering all kinds of contests and giveaways and best of all I have been winning. Come to think of it, wonder why I can't win at the lottery, oh well one day soon my number will be drawn for that too. Last week I received fat quarters in the mail from fabric designer Janet Bate's blog site "Chocolate is my Favorite Color." Janet was one of the featured quilt block designers chosen for the 100 quilt block magazine and was highlighted in the 100 block blog tour.

This morning I was notified that I was a winner again, this time it was the This and That Fabric and Craftshop Shuffle Blog where my name was drawn. I won the two pincushions shown above, one for me and one to share. Linda and Sandy are having yet another blog contest, to enter just leave a comment, the prize is a beautiful Quilt kit called Autumn Rose. It is beautiful and would make a wonderful item for the nursing home. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one folks. Go to their site and enter, than if you win you can give me the quilt kit as a Christmas present, wouldn't that be nice? I think so.... and here is the link to their blog This-n-That Fabrics and Craftshop Shuffle

I have also loaded pictures of the Ceramic Trees that Mel and I made. Most were delivered or picked up this weekend, and I am waiting for the last base to come out of the Gold and Mother of Pearl firing so we can pack those trees and ship up north to hubby's family. Now that the trees are done and the house should be finished with the decorating this week, I will have time to finish the quilted lap robes for WOCS group, the grand kids will be doing the wrapping and then they will be ready for their Holiday delivery. I was also informed that Heather has adopted one of the seniors as her service project. I think her lady asked for hair ties and things. I understand that the seniors wrote wish lists and hung them on the tree. Most of the items requested are personal care products. If you are interested in adopting a senior at the home leave a comment and I will get it to Mel. and she can get a list or give you more information on what the seniors need. Items could be shipped here and Mel will delivery them.

I almost forgot, because I could only fire one tree at a time, I made the puppies, kittens and old fashion shoes for the centerpieces for Ally's Bat Mitzvah. Jack's Bar Mitzvah is in April but I am finished with the prep work for his arrangements, Ally's is in Sept. and I am now finished with the prep work for hers. Jack's centerpieces will look like firecrackers with a tiger, his theme is Chinese (year of the tiger), Ally's will be a Tea Party theme and arrangement will be a tea cup filled with sweetheart roses, with a shoe and a puppy or kitten.

That's all for now folks.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I find it hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us. Where did this year go, seems the older I get the faster the year goes by. I keep trying to keep up but it seems that I just do not have that ability anymore. I am not ready for the Holidays and if they come without me having everything done than so be it. I will still enjoy myself and Hey there is always next year.
Back to Turkey Day, I have been watching the Food Network and I have my bird cleaned and in the brine. They say if you soak the Turkey in Brine it will make the Turkey Juicy so I'm giving it a try, can't hurt. I will make my stuffing the way I have for years remembering how my Grand Mother made it and no there isn't a recipe for it, my Nanny never used a recipe for anything. Of course there will be Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato's, Cranberry Sauce, Corn, Rolls, and topping off the meal a Pumpkin Pie. I know canned pumpkin is in short supply, I had a terrible time finding it in the store. There was a lady making a sweet Potato pie and handing out the recipe, but that just won't do for hubby, he won't eat sweet potato pie and there is no fooling him. But I found the pumpkin, last can on the shelf and hubby will get his pie. Libby's has a great recipe and I am cheating, I bought Pillsbury pie crust. I don't know what the problem is lately but I can not make a good crust, so I gave up and now I buy pre-made crusts.

So tonight I am doing the prep work, Tomorrow when the Turkey is roasting we will be watching the Macy's Day Parade and after dinner we will put up the Christmas Tree. This weekend the outdoor lights and decorations go up. Mel beat me to it though she and the kids put their tree up and decorated their house last Sunday. Guess you can tell that Christmas is Mel's favorite Holiday.

As for Friday and the black Friday specials, NOT ME, I would like the deals, but there is no way I will be up and standing in line in the wee hours of the morning and fighting crowds, NOT ME, never in my life have I participated in black Friday shopping. My only hope is that all who do shop on Friday will be safe and no one will be injured or worse as it happened last year.

So if you are a brave shopper, PLEASE stay safe and get out of the way of the idiots who think they have to run everyone over to save a few pennies, Also be careful on the highways. Merry Christmas Shopping, I'll post my list next week. hehehe

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dash, Hop, Shuffle

I have spent the weekend dashing, hopping and shuffling, NO it is not a new dance, and I am not playing with the Wii system. I was having so much FUN doing the Dash, Hop and Shuffle, I even had Hubby doing them too. What in the world am I talking about you ask. It is a Web search where you have so many days to visit shops on the list. With all the sites you visit you need to look for the icon following clues and when you click the icon your find is registered. The Dash is the Quilt Block Dash and you visit online quilt stores (40), you are looking for the quilt block Icon. The Hop is the Holiday Fab Shop Hop and again you are looking at quilt type sites for the Bunny Icon. The Hop has the largest amount of stores to hop to about 181 and we found them all. The Shuffle is the Craftshop Shuffle and you visit craft sites looking for Daisy the bird dresses in her holiday finery. Now you ask, WHY are you doing this, PRIZES, PRIZES and more PRIZES. I won a gift certificate and fabric at the last Shuffle, Lots of beautiful cotton quilting fabric. So for spending some of my online time Dashing, Hopping and Shuffling I hope to once again be named a winner, I just love winning and receiving surprises in the mail. Besides I didn't know there were that many Quilt and Craft sites out there and some have the most beautiful patterns. I seem to have luck with my online quests, today I was notified that I won fabric from a designer at the 100 Quilt Block 5 day Book launching party. See it does pay to play.. and all I had to do to win was leave a comment on her blog... So if you know of any giveaways let me know as I am addicted to them and I need to feed my addiction, besides I also get to visit new stores, Let the shopping begin!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

RED, RED, RED and more RED

I have spent the better part of this week involved in a activity that I love and that is decorating my house. Due to having two puppies last year and their knack for tearing wallpaper,(Rascal even taught Roxy how to do the puppy rip and tear) I had no other choice than to redo the hallway. So I stripped the old paper, Sean made the new trim, I stained & varnished and Sean installed. So with all that done it was time for the new paper. The paper is a cream color with what almost looks like marble type design, very neutral, I also have a border to add to the top which is country colors and has quilted hearts, quilts being my new obsession. That area done I had also gotten tired of the paper in the dining room and the pups had tried a little damage there but they were stopped in time. The old paper was a dark green and Burgundy plaid that went chair rail high, than the chair rail and the top part of the wall was antiqued cream, again pretty neutral. So I decided I wanted to go bold in the dining room. After all I had painted Sean's den a Terra Cotta, and in our bedroom I went with a Turquoise and Brown color palette. To me these were bold colors, as I am one that will stay with a lighter color, but after the bedroom was painted I liked it. I wanted more of the BOLD colors that I was changing to, so for the dining room RED, deep dark Red. The original plan was to do a wainscot to the chair rail in a Red Oak color, but right now that is to expensive so I painted. Sean bought the wood for the new chair rail he is making. He really hates the fake trims they are selling now days, so he gets wood, real wood and makes his own on the router. All our trim in the house is slowly being changed over to the trim he makes. Now the important thing for the hall way to go up is the pictures. I call my hallway the gallery. The kids, grand kids, family, pets and friends are all proudly displayed on the walls. As new pictures come in the old ones move to the back, I just love looking at the smiling faces as I head to my bedroom at night. There is also a special item that is displayed in its shadowbox style case. When I was 2 years old my mother had crocheted me a lavender dress, I had my picture taken on the traveling pony in that dress and I still remember that day. When my step grand daughter was small she too had her picture taken in that beautiful dress. The dress is now displayed in a case with both pictures and the history of that dress. I never got to show my Mother how I preserved the dress, but she did get to see a picture and loved how I displayed her work.
Now that the rooms are done, I have lap robes waiting to be quilted, plus there is still one that I have to sew together. I also need to get the Ceramic Trees ready to fire, Mel is coming in Sunday and we will more than likely be working on them. I hope I will soon have some time for Me, I want to get back to my cross stitching.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MORE Winners

This is so unreal, I am a winner two more times from the needle show. Yesterday I was notified the I had won a $25.00 gift Certificate from Arachne's Silken Web. This shop has patterns with the cutest little bees worked into the design, they also carry other designs, the German Samplers being my favorite. If you want to see what they have to offer go to
Today I received a email that I had won the Lizzy Kate Christmas Alphabet kit from Stitcher's Workshop. This is a shop that was a vendor at the show and if you check out her site you will find patterns from different designers plus most anything you need for stitching. They carry floss, fabric, and lots or patterns, just check out their site
Sean also won two prizes as he was doing his Christmas shopping at the show. He won two charts but I have to wait to see them.
I almost forgot about this win, Saturday we stopped by a Christmas Craft Show at a Church in Pensacola. And as I normally do I signed up for the door prize. I was only going to buy one ticket, after all it only takes one to win, but Sean insisted that I get the 6 for $5.00. Good thing he did as the next to the last ticket we bought was a winner. When we went in he was kidding with the girls and he picked up a $25.00 gift card for Publix and said he would take his prize now. Then he said "Oh I have to wait till you draw my ticket" You can imagine the girls shocked face when we showed back up to pick up the gift card, they just laughed. Guess you could say we won our Turkey and fixins.
Well, on to work I go, Sean is off today and he will be helping me around the house and in his shop. He is making new trim work for the hallway, dining room, bedroom and living room. I have the Hallway ready to be wallpapered and yesterday I prepped the dining room so I can paint. It really wasn't that bad getting the rooms ready, the old wallpaper came off really nice and just minimal holes to fill.

Sunday, November 8, 2009



I know you are all not going to believe this, but once again I am a winner. This has just got to be my time. The Needle Show Retail is in full swing and I as I usually do, I have entered all the door prize drawings that are offered. Today I was notified by Nancy from Arelate Studio that I was a WINNER. I just can not believe my luck. The Designs from Arelate Studio are not the normal cross stitch designs. Arelate Studio specialises in designs inspired by medieval and Renaissance sources. You can stitch completed designs from their line of leaflets or compose your own from their books of charts -- "HERE BE WYVERNS" and "HERE BE DROLLERIES". The design I have chosen as my prize is titled WARM WELCOME, because I collect Angels

Thank You Nancy for the wonderful prize. As for my readers, your time is limited to visit the Needle Show, it will close today at midnight I think, so you need to hurry and check out all the wonderful shops. You can order at the show, the web sites or visit your local Needle Shop. I have my wish list all ready for hubby's holiday shopping.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping at the online Needle Show Retail

The show is now open!!

Here I go again, another Needlework Show is under way from November 5 to the 8th. So many Designers, Dealers and Shops to look at, I just can't stop drooling. I have been oooohhing and aaaahhhhing over all the wonderful things offered. I have made my wish list for Christmas. Some of my favorite designers are back with new designs. Tea themes, bird houses, cats, and dogs to stitch. Threads, scissors, needles, hoops and gadgets galore. So many things to see and explore, making me say I WANT MORE. Many of the dealers offer door prizes just for stopping by, which is smart on their part as I, like many others on a budget tend to look closer at their page. Some offer door prize entry with a purchase, so I skipped by their site unless something really takes my eye and the ones who offer nothing, I pass them entirely. Guess I don't think that you should be made to purchase for a chance to win, and the ones who offer nothing, I don't waste any of my time. They could offer something totally cheap, like a needle book or a pincushion after all they want is our money, as they say it takes money to make money and a little incentive offering goes a long way to draw in new customers. Most of the shops are offering discount shipping or better yet free shipping. I wonder if they put out a report as to how the shops did and what their incentive was, free shipping, or door prize. I have won door prizes at the Needlework show and as I said, while entering the contest I take more time to look at their booth, than when I get to a shop I notice their patterns and a sale is made. Of course as most stitcher's have to admit, I have so many things to work on I can not foresee ever getting them all done in my lifetime. Guess I am just a collector..... but I love it. Really folks if you get the chance you need to stop by the Needle Show Retail at: You can order on line or better yet visit your Local Needle Shop. So grab a cup of tea, and visit the show, enter the drawing, two have a scavenger type game to play, some have gift cards to buy, visit some of my favorites, Lavender Wings, Debbie Draper Designs, Ink Circles and so many more. Mel there is a shop called Enchanting Lair that carries Dragons. HAVE LOTS OF FUN and I hope you WIN. Don't forget the show is from the 5th to the 8th.

Puppy update
Just wanted to ad a quick update on the pups, today they went on an outing. They got to go and visit the lady in white, in our words the vet. Mel's pup was the first on the table and she was not a happy camper, Doc grabbed her tail to do a fecal check and Bella let out a blood curdling yell that could be heard all over the clinic. I talked to Bella and told her it was ok and Doc got to sneak in the sample tester. Mission accomplished, after that she was as good as gold, all the pups did really well, not a peep out of them, they were however shaking a little and the look on their faces was not their happy face at all. On the way to the vet Bella got sick but the others were fine, on the way home, well that was a differnt story, I think each one of them got sick at one point or another. They are home and all are sleeping, going to be a quiet evening, but now the pups have their shots and are ready to find their forever homes. Anybody want a puppy????

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nuts, Nuts and more Nuts

Florida Pecans

The Rocket

Pecan Brittle, YUMMMM

Tangerines are almost ready

Tawnya's baby quilt top ready to be quilted

I finished it last night

Pecans: Last night hubby came home with bags of Pecans. There is a lady where he works who has Pecan trees, Down here Pecan trees are everywhere. Any way, each year I have him place his order with this lady and I end up with bags of these wonderful nuts. I love using Pecans in my holiday baking and making Pecan Brittle, but I hate the shelling of them. I know there are places where we could buy them shelled, but they would cost so much more. The first year I had the handy dandy nut cracker, you know the kind that looks like pliers. That didn't last long for me, after sore hands and many crushed nuts, we headed to the local hardware store. The hardware store is the old fashion kind that sells so much more than lumber and hardware. My favorite section in this store is the kitchen section, so many gadgets and I just knew that I would find what I was looking for. After all this is the store that had all my canning things. Well, I found just what I needed, a Rocket nut cracker, it is the pictured above. Saves so much time and it is easy to use. Hubby gets busy cracking the nuts and I take them out of the shells and bag em up. When we get tired of shelling the nuts, I just bag up what is left and send them to Mel and Jen for their holiday treats.

Tangerines: The tangerines are just about ready, I took one off the tree yesterday just to try it out and it was so sweet and juicy. The first time I have ever had fresh tangerines picked off MY trees. Of my three citrus trees I have two that are loaded with fruit, well as loaded as a small tree can be. Theses trees are two and three years old so I think they are doing really well, now if the apple, peach and loquat trees would start producing fruit.

Puppies: All the puppies are doing really well, Mariah's two have the run of the house, only because they are escape artists and the play area just won't contain them plus they are puppy pad trained. Sissy's crew stay in the play area and they too are doing really well. All the pups are trained to puppy pads and love going out for potty breaks. This can be tricky, I take the two older ones out first and one goes one way and the other goes another direction. Then I take out the other 4 and thankfully they stay pretty close together. I think we have homes for four of them. This week they will be heading to the vet for their well puppy check and their first shots, what fun.

Quilts: Last night I finished the baby quilt for my friends new baby girl, it is done with attic windows blocks, appliqued butterflies and then I quilted butterflies all over it. The picture is before it was quilted. I have two more tops to put together for the Century Care Center and than I will be quilting all of them, need to get these done real soon so we can make a December delivery. I also have two queen size quilts to finish before the holidays, so much to do and so little time.

Ceramics: Mel stopped in Sunday and she cleaned the Christmas greenware I had poured for her. I have been cleaning Christmas Trees and Santa's, trying to get them done for the holidays. The trees are going up north as gifts so they are first on the gotta do list. I just hope there is time to get it all done. Jen will be the delivery girl when she goes to grandma's for Thanksgiving.

Remodel: My one request on the house was that I wanted the woodwork in the hallway done for the holidays, so Sean made the trim and baseboard, I stained and varnished it and he installed it Sunday. Now I can hang the wall paper and get that area done, then on to the dining room. I will be painting in the dinning room and hope to have that room done by the holidays as well. I just want to get all the remodel projects done, many have been in the works for years and I am so tired of looking at unfinished rooms. One way or another all the projects will be done next year, that will be my New Year's Resolution.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jenny's Giveaway

Hey to all you contest people. Jenny is having a giveaway at her blog site, I am not sure why she is doing this but it should be fun. Go to and enter her contest, I have a picture of the prize shown above, but if you don't have any little ones she has a alternate prize of a spa bag. Have fun and let her know you read about it here. Who is Jenny you ask, she is one of Sean's lovely daughters. The prize she is listing is one of the special gifts she makes and leaves for children at locations all over Pensacola, Milton and Flomaton areas. If you know of any blog contests, let me know, I love entering the contests and who knows I might win something...

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a Happy Halloween Giveaway! At Pumpkin Patch Primitives

Jenny sent me this contest today, I am planning on entering, you can enter too, just follow the below link to find out how to enter and the rules. Great Prizes, wonderful shoppe and blog. Good luck to everyone. Well, I may wish you all good luck, but I wish myself much more luck, I really want to win this one folks.. LOL

Pumpkin Patch Primitives Quilt Shoppe is having a Great giveaway for Halloween.

This is what Pumpkin Patch Primitive owners wrote about the contest.
The drawing is on Sunday but entries will close at midnight EST on Saturday, October 31st. That is Halloween!
The loot? A Fat Quarter Bundle of Red Rooster's Pumpkins & Spice Fabrics by Whimsicals. Hello! Yes, that's 27 fat quarters. Every fabric in the line with the exception of the panel. Here's the stash; are you drooling yet? The picture doesn't do them justice, this is a primitive lover's dream. They are earthy, muted and whimsical...You will LOVE these! Sunflowers, pumpkins, checks, stripes; this collection has it all. If the entries reach 250, the second one goes in the pot; and GP will draw TWO winners, one bundle for each! Yeah, but what if I have 350 entries? How about a $100 Gift certificate to the Pumpkin Patch? HUH? That could be fun... what would you buy with $100 gift certificate to Pumpkin Patch Primitives?

I would buy lots and lots of material for my charity quilts, or maybe some of their kits or a flag or two, They have so many county type things and I am just a county girl. Now go and check out their site and enter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Breast Cancer Site

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Please take the time and use the above link and visit the Breast Cancer site and click to help provide mammograms for women. To all my lady friends on here, If you haven't had your yearly exam this would be a good time to have one done, remember a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Month

I won again, My Prize is this 1/2 yard bundle of Fraktur Fabrics

This has got to be my month, I won a gift certificate from Quaker Quilts at the Craftshop shuffle, than I won three charts at the needlework show. Are you ready for this, I won again, this time it is all that beautiful fabric shown above, from This-n-That Fabric's blog. I was just checking out the shops from the shuffle and saw they had a blog on quilting, so I signed up to be a follower, lots of good info on quilting. They were also having a contest to introduce people to the blog, AND I won the prize. So you can see why I say this is my month, guess I should make a trip to Biloxi with this kind of luck. But really if you quilt, you should check out This-N-That Fabric's web site, the have some gorgeous fabrics, great patterns, and some free patterns. There are so many fabrics, but I found some I really liked, like the spellbound, apple cider and Civil war collections just to name a few, a great fabric store, and they have contests and specials, hey, just check them out and see what I am talking about.
Winning also helped take my pain away, you see I was working in the garage, pouring ceramic molds. I had just finished and was taking some of the buckets outside to wash, but I didn't make it. As I tried to shut the door to the back room I got my fingers slammed in the door. I know my fault for trying to carry to much and trying to shut the door with all that in my hands. But I tell you this, IT HURT, really bad. I tried putting my fingers under cold water, but that didn't help. I called for Sean and he got the ice ready, but it took awhile to stop hurting that bad. I didn't break the fingers, but there is a big lump and the nail and finger are swollen and black and blue and it still hurts. Just what I need is a injury to my hand, I have to many things to do, oh well, take it easy and do what I can do till this heals. But reading my email that I was a winner did help to take my mind off the hurt.
We did go to the community yard sales this weekend, but really didn't find that much. I am on the lookout per Jenny for a Waffle Stix maker, a battery operated cookie press and cookie cutters. As for me I am still looking for my Lavender & Lace Needlepaints threads for the Celtic Women, one day I might find them on ebay or at a yard sale or if you know where I can find it let me know.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And the Winner is ME, again

Winner: "Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch" from Lavender Wings

Winner: "May Luck Be Yours on Halloween" from Forever in My Heart

Winner: "Alphabet Arch" from Arelate Studio

Freebie: Silent Night from Carousel Charts

freebie: Small snowmen chart from Linen Flowers designs

Can you believe it, the spring needlework show I didn't win anything. This time I won than two days later I won again and the next day another winner. Now I didn't win any of the big prizes, but Hey I WON. The picture above are my winners and freebies. Lots of the vendors had links to their web sites which had freebies, two are shown above which is Silent Night from Carousel Charts and the small snowmen chart from Linen Flowers designs. The second day of the show I won "Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch" from Lavender Wings. Two days later I won "May Luck Be Yours on Halloween" from Forever in My Heart and than the next day another email that I won the "Alphabet Arch" from Arelate Studio. Than I had downloaded two freebies, there were more but I have them saved to download At another time. I will say that I still like the four snowmen chart from Lavender Wings the best. I emailed Linda my daily entry and she always returned my emails with cute comments. She seemed so nice and her designs are great. They would make a great Christmas Gift HINT HINT HINT as would the beautiful designed Christmas tree and ornament and pumpkin from Ink Circles, these are new to her collection and are by another designer she is working with, they have the AAN Initials on them. The designs remind me of a scroll work or doodling in the shape of an object. oh and than there is Brookes Books and her designs of the cute little women, they are so fun and whimisal looking. Thats about all for now, I am pouring Christmas ceramics tonight.