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Friday, June 22, 2012

World's smallest Dog/ Pom??? Tink

In my past post I introduced you to our special litter of Poms. There was 4 tiny little puppies born to a Mom that weighed 4 lbs so by any means I was totally shocked she has 4 pups.  Most of the puppies weighted 2.5 to 3 ozs. That is except one very tiny little girl who weighed less the 2 ozs.. She was so small that I was almost afraid to hold her and I worried that she would get squashed by her Mom or the other puppies. We kept a close eye on that little pup and made sure the safeguards in the whelping box were in place. This little bitty pup continued to grow and thrive, as she got older she held her own with her bigger litter mates.. She was tiny but she was mighty.. When the time came to let the pups go to their new forever homes, we worried about the little Tinkerbell, she was still so small,  weighing  less then a pound.. So the decision was made to let her stay with her mom and become part of our family.  Tink has finally made the 2lb mark, I think. I can't get a weight on her on a regular scale as she isn't heavy enough, so I use a postage scale.. 
 I looked online and found a little Yorkie listed as the World's smallest dog.. Currently Tink has him beat, but she might get a little bigger then him as she can sure eat...  there was a tiny dachshund born named Beyonce and they thought that dog might take the title, they showed a photo of the dog sitting on a Iphone when it was a few days old. I just checked for the name of the little Yorkie and it seems there is a Chihuahua named Boo Boo that is smaller, now that is the breed I would have thought would be the worlds smallest dog. Tink may not make headlines or hold the world's record for smallest dog, but she might be the smallest Pomeranian.. At two weeks our Tink was photographed beside a pen and she wasn't even as long as the pen.    Below are some photos of Tink our tiny little Pom and some of her friends.  Tink might be the smallest dog in our home, but she rules the house.
This is Tink and her litter mate when they were 8 weeks old

Tink at 5 months beside our daughters Pom,  Tink was 5 months and Rosie is 6 weeks older then Tink.. They have the same father, but different mother.

Rosie and Tink just hanging out. 

Our beautiful little Tink

The results of locking Tink in the bathroom when we went out to dinner. 

The little Chocolate pom from our latest litter, she is sleeping on her brother's head
The pups were 3 weeks yesterday, their eyes are open, they are trying to walk, but for the most part they still just sleep and eat... Their Mom keeps them well feed, just look at that fat belly..

And they use each other for a pillow..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

more puppies

Thursday our white pom delivered these three little puppies, 1 white male, 1 white female, and 1 chocolate female.  Mom and pups are doing just fine...