Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is here

new flower beds now I need to get grass planted again
White Azalea in back yard

Pink Azalea in back yard

bushes in side yard

fuchsia azalea front yard

This is just a few of the Azalea bushes around our house.
I just had to get pictures of the azalea bushes that are starting to bloom. Every spring they start to get really showy and than the rain comes and no more pretty azalea bushes. So this year I thought that I would take pictures so they would last a little longer. We are supposed to have rain for the next three to four days and with that much rain the flowers will fall.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here comes the bride

The happy coupleCheck out the detail on the back of her dress, Dark blue trim with beading, veil matches
Debbie the Maid of Honour. I just had to get a picture of Debbie in a dress, she is a blue Jean type of girl

Cherylyn our favorite auctioneer and hubby Steven, Parents of the Bride

If you haven't noticed yet Jessica's colors were Dark Blue and Silver, Parents, Grandmother, Brides Maids and even the Bride had touches of the Dark Blue.
The cake was Dark Blue, Silver and White

1 lovely bride, 1 handsome groom, a wonderful love story, What a perfect day for two very special people.

Friday, March 20, 2009


The Meeting
So, do you come her often?

The Kiss
Ah, Come on honey, just one little kiss.

The Engagement
Our official engagement picture.
Rascal 6 months, Roxy 6 weeks

Rascal is getting to be quite a young man or should I say dog. He is losing his puppy looks and he is now at his full grown size. We have been looking since we bought him for a girlfriend for him. He was so lonely as the other dogs just don't want anything to do with him. Today was his lucky day, we found this cute little lady just for Rascal. I am not totally sure what we will name her (we need to wait to see what her personality is before naming her) At this time I am thinking I will use the name my grand daughter Britney gave me when I was looking for a name for Rascal. The name she suggested was Roxy, I like that name, due to Roxy being the star of my favorite movie Chicago. But we will wait just to make sure before we name the new little girl. She is Mahogany Sable, and was born on Valentine's Day. Her mother and father were beautiful poms and she looks just like her dad. Rascal seems to know that she is his mate, or maybe he is just nosey and wants the little girl to play. She is just so tiny, her sister was darker and a little bit bigger than she was, we almost took both of the pups, it was so hard to choose. Guess I need to buy more puppy pads, and I thought I was almost done with house training.

loose teeth

As any of my grand children can tell you, I can not stand looking at loose teeth. The grand kids just love showing me their wiggly teeth when they have a loose one. To me it is like nails on a chalkboard, I get goosebumps up my spine. Well, last night I had that feeling again, but it wasn't due to seeing a grand child with a loose tooth, NOOOOOOOOO this time I was checking the puppy's teeth (he is getting his adult teeth) and I touched a baby tooth that moved really far. I freaked, I just had the shivers from moving his tooth. Sean of course said just pull it out if it is that loose. Are you kidding, ME pull a tooth, I know he is not thinking straight. I told him if he thinks it needs to come out he can do it, NOT ME. Later that night I told him that he should pull the tooth, but when I looked it was gone, guess we both lucked out, just three more of the K-9s to come out...... I just don't want to see them......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend fun

Saturday we were invited to dinner at Jenny's house. Phillip and Jack were at a boy scout camp and Jenny was a little lonely. We had a lovely dinner and great conversation with the kids. You really can learn a lot from them. We did learn that Morris is crafty, he made a telescopes out of a toilet paper cores for him and his sister , Oh did I mention that he first took all the paper off the roll and put it in the toilet. And Jenny wonder why they had so many problems with the plumping, guess she knows now. With all the turmoil of a busy house filled with children, a hubby away, and no coffee in the house, Jenny takes it all in stride, she is always so calm. We could tell that she was in need of her coffee, so when we left we made a stop by Starbucks and picked up her favorite decaf peppermint mocha coffee with lo fat milk. We delivered her coffee and she was so happy, we knew that she could get through the rest of the night now that she had her coffee fix.

Sunday Melanie and the kids came over so that Melanie could clean the ceramic Easter items I had poured for her. Heather and Melanie got a quick course in the art of cleaning greenware and we all proceeded to clean a table full it items. Kyle had started to dig up my flower beds for me, but the rain stopped that task so he joined us at the dinning room table and he too learned how to clean greenware. We lost a few of the items to breakage, but that was expected with the amount of items we were cleaning. Heather timed us and it took 5 hours to do all the items. I will fire the items sometime this week and Melanie will pick them up and take to the nursing home so the residents can paint the eggs, bunnies and chicks. I also made lunch, we had sloppy joes, chips, salads and dessert. It had stopped raining and after they left I went out to the new flower beds and started digging again, Sean headed to the store to pick up compost and mulch for the new beds, when he came back he took over the digging. We didn't quite finish because it got dark so I am hoping that I will be able to finish the digging today, that is if it stops raining. I did take a nice long, hot, soaking, spa bath, but I am still sore from the work. So for the rest of the evening I sat in my chair and worked on a embroidered candlewick pillow.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Miss You

The lady in the peach suit is my mother, this was taken on my son's wedding day. Mom lost her battle with cancer two years ago this past February. I miss not being able to call her and just chat, I miss the wonderful things she created with her gifted hands, her quilts, her knitted and crocheted things, and I miss her laugh. It was easy to make her cry tears of joy, It got to the point that I would give her a box of hankies before giving her a gift. She cried over the diamond cross necklace, she cried over the diamond heart necklace, and she cried for three days when we gave her the embroidery machine. She had wanted one for so many years and she just couldn't bring herself to spend that much money on one. We bought her one for Christmas and you would have thought we gave her the world. I had woke the night after Christmas and found her just sitting at her dinning room table staring at this machine, she just didn't believe that she now had what she wanted for so many years. She loved sewing and made many quilts with embroidered designs on them. For many years it was Mom who was the quilter, not me, I just didn't have the patience. When my mother started Chemo, I made a watercolor quilt and finished putting it together while I stayed at her house to take care of her. She hand quilted it, and sent it back to me when it was finished. This is the first quilt we made together, the last quilt she made, and it is so very special to me. I did sew a second watercolor quilt in a design that Mother liked, she got to sick and could not finish it before she passed away. I brought the quilt home and because I just don't have the patience to hand quilt I found and bought a quilting frame for my sewing machine. I will soon finish this project in honor of my mother and it will go to her grandson, a special quilt made with love by his mother and grandmother. This has now started me on my newest quest. I am making heirloom family tree quilts for each of the children and their families. I am just about finished with Jenny's quilt top and ready to start on the next one. I will say the first one is looking so good, I am totally shocked that it is turning out so well. Just wish I could get hubby to use the quilting frame and do the quilting for me. Thank you Mom for your influence with the quilts and for the crafting skills you passed on to me. I will always love you and I miss you so very much.

A Shower

This is Jessica, she is the daughter of our local auctioneer Cherylyn. Jessica is getting married in March and last weekend I attended a Bridal Shower for her. The Minnie Mouse bridal veil was a gift from her maid of honour Debbie, the ears were white sequins. She received gift cards and lots of gadget type things, she also received champagne glasses that had pearls in the stem, they were so pretty. Her mother gave her a pair of sapphire earrings which were gorgeous, of course as you all may know, I just love sapphires, so if you don't like them Jessica you can always pass them my way. I did my normal and got the bride items for the bridal night, yep, you guessed it. In her bag was a sexy nightie from Frederick's of Hollywood, a love kit with lots of goodies, a blushing bride deck of cards, and hot oils. This bag sure did liven up the guests, we all had a good laugh, not only on Jessica's reaction, but on Cherylyns reaction as well. Debbie was right Cherylyn was more embarrassed than Jessica. I do promise to be nice for the wedding and get her something off of her list. You would think that the Bride would be showing signs of getting nervous, but Jessica is not in the least bit nervous. She is so looking forward to her Wedding Day and marrying the man of her dreams. He future husband is a real gem, he is so nice, always willing to help anyway he can.