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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pet on a Quilt Show is coming

I am starting to get so excited, you see SewCalGal's web site will soon be hosting another Pet on a Quilt Show.. This was so much fun last year, there were so many great entries. There were quilts with pet themes and quilts with pets on them... I just loved looking at all the entries, I was amazed at how beautiful some were and some just made me laugh... My all time favorite was a applique dog chewing a quilt up, it was so cute... But if you have a pet themed quilt, or one with your pets on it... then get your camera out, photograph it and get ready to post your entry... see SewCalGal website for all the information..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cross Stitcher's Dream Giveaway

I just wanted to let all my Cross Stitcher friends know about a great giveaway over at
You all know that I am so involved in this group because of the wonderful things they do.
 To celebrate the first 100 likes on their Facebook page 4 WOCS members
donated some great patterns, kits, books and threads for the giveaway.  
 I have only shown two of the prize packs here, go to the WOCS Blog to see the other two prizes and to enter. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of this group you can find the information at 
Cross stitchers, Quilters and Sewers are always welcome... so lend a hand and  help make some great items for Seniors, ill children, cancer patients, and many others..
The door is always open, you just need to step inside.. 

Hurry on over and get your entry in before it to late.

Let them know Nanbon sent you...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Finishes

I am really on a roll lately.... I am finally getting some of my UFOs done, plus some new items finished...  here are three more projects that I finished this week. 

 Dolly Mama Beauty Queen for a Day

Kyle's Dragon Quilt

Heather's Auburn University Quilt

Melanie designed the quilts with my EQ 7 software,
 kids choose the colors and theme and I made it all work...
I needed to get pictures before the kids came in for the quilts so I got Hubby to lend a hand and his height... BUT he wasn't tall enough... so I had him stand on the porch of his workshop, (which is raised off the ground) and hold the quilts, that worked...  the quilts are now on their way to Alabama... Now on to quilt my  Mother In Laws Lone Star Quilt and then two Heirloom quilts for the girls... I am getting things done thanks to my Nellie Bell *Bailey's machine*

Don't forget to scroll down and enter the Cheerios contest (low entries so a good chance to win)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contest to enter

Miss Peggy over at *Keep Me In Stitches* is having her first ever giveaway to celebrate her first year in Blogland...  Looks like some great items up for grabs... so head on over and get you entry in...  and while you are there check out all the charity stitching this lady does... makes me tired just thinking of all the work..  And I can not even begin to tell you how beautiful her items are.. She has been stitching for years and she loves ever stitch she places... those who benefit from her work are so lucky... 
So keep up the good work Peggy and I hope your first giveaway is a great success...

Tell Peggy that Nanbon from Southern Style sent you

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Honey Nut Cheerios Giveaway

And the Winner is Blogger Raettig Family     Thank you to all for the entries, watch for another giveaway
in a few weeks.

I know it been a long time in between my giveaways and normally you would go to my giveaway blog Nanbon's Corner... But I am changing and now you will find my giveaways on Southern Style...  So with out further Ado  Here we go!!!

                     Honey Nut Cheerios Giveaway..

Now that the kids are grown  & gone, we are not a really big cereal family anymore, but there are always a few boxes of cereal in the pantry to curb that late night craving or as a quick breakfast... Cheerios has always been a staple in my family... My children and now my grand children have carried Cheerios around in a special container as a favorite snack. My dad would have a bowl of Cheerios every night as his late night snack, as for me Cheerios are whats for breakfast or as a ingredient in my baking. There have been times when I just didn't feel like eating a large dinner and opted for a bowl of Cheerios instead.. Cheerios are a great snack when the grand kids come over and are just starving. they raid the pantry and there goes my Cheerios. I have crushed Cheerios up and used them as a topping for ice cream, added them to my cookie dough, coated them in chocolate with nuts as a quick candy recipe. Cheerios are not just for breakfast..

  Did you know Cheerios comes in 11 flavors, Banana Nut and Honey Nut are two of my favorites. So when I was asked to host a giveaway for Honey Nut Cheerios, of course I said yes.  I was sent a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, a T Shirt, two cereal bowls, and Bee antennae... Now I know you are just waiting for the information on how to win your own special Cheerios Box...

Mandatory Entry
  • Why do you think Honey Nut Cheerios® is America´s Favorite Cereal

Extra Entries
That's it, see how easy it is to enter.... 5 chances to win...
 Entries must be in before Midnight July 24 , winners name will be drawn July 25 and notified by email... Winner has 48 hrs to respond or new winner will be drawn..  Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner.. if you are a no reply commenter please add you email to your comment.

"Disclosure: Honey Nut Cheerios® cereal, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quilt for MIL

I wanted to share with you the quilt that I made for my Mother In Law... She keeps the house so cold in the winter and she loves curling up on the couch with a afghan... So I made her this little quilt  for her to snuggle up under... I think she will like it as Lavender is her favorite color... And if she doesn't like it she can send it back as I love the way it turned out.

UPDATE:   My Mother In Law received her package today, she called and she loved the quilt... my husband had told her if she didn't like it she could send it back...
Her message to her son was " Tell Coleman he isn't getting my quilt, I Love It."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quilt delivered

I am showing the quilt I couldn't post with the others yesterday... The Pet Quilt has been delivered and since it was a surprise for a member in our stitching group who happens to read my blog I had to wait to show it.  Sharon is a member of WOCS charity group who use to stitch for us, until her illness prevented her from being able to read patterns or stitch.  She is still a member of the group and she now makes cards to be delivered with the quilts, she donates supplies and supports the members in her emails.. So today, I LIED to Sharon to get her to meet us at a restaurant in town... I did apologize to her for the lie, but she forgave me...because it was the reason to get her to meet us.  She loved her quilt and was just so surprised by the gift..  Now she can be warm and toasty as she watches TV snuggled in her pet quilt...  This quilt seemed perfect for Sharon as she is a foster family for dogs in the area...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

WOCS Quilts Done

Last night I spent the evening sewing the binding on the last two of my charity quilts. I have 6 of them posted here, the 7th one will be posted next week as will the lap quilt for my Mother In Law. Now that they are finished I have some family quilts to work on... My new Bailey's sewing machine has helped so much in the quilting process. She might not be one of the big boys but she works her heart out for me...

This is my Bailey's Machine, I call her Nellie Bell.. as you can see she is hard at work for a great charity

 Pet Quilt in the works

The Cat Quilt 

The Dog Quilt 

Antique Car Quilt 

Ship Quilt

Silly Cow Quilt 

Modern Vehicle Quilt 

All these quilts are headed for a nursing home, and I think the residents are going to love them..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I know this is late, but I hope you all had a great 4th of July..  Sean and I are so tired as this weekend was a go, go, go type weekend..  Friday he worked day shift which left time to do some errands in the evening. 

Saturday Mel and the kids came in and we were off, searching for yard sales.. now most times on a holiday weekend there are tons of sales, but I guess it was just to hot and no one wanted to bother with holding a sale.. Oh we did find a couple, that weren't worth stopping at.

So our focus changed to hitting furniture stores looking for new living room furniture. This is what DH and I decided to do for our anniversary on July 9th.    But I really didn't find anything so we stopped for dinner and then on home.

 Sunday we decided to go to one of the local bases looking for furniture and I found a set we both liked, BUT  it would have to be ordered and that takes 6 to 8 weeks. Well I am impatience sort as I want it now, not two months from now. But they said to go ahead and put the order in and if I found something else I just needed to tell them that when the other set came in.  So the rest of the day was a easy day DH watched his races and I did some crafty type things.

Now it is Monday and we decided to again go to another base and check there.. At the Navy BX they had just the couch we were looking for, and it was on sale as it was the last one.. so we got it, they loaded it in the van and we headed back home. 

Jenny and her family came out later that day for a cookout.. and her husband Phil took over the grill... and what a job he did... He makes the BEST chicken on the grill, you could say he might give Bobby Flay a run for the money.  So any more cookouts and Phil can be the grill master...

 Now as for the rest of the day, Jenny and Phil have 6 children, and the youngest three were taking turns holding our new puppy.. Poor little puppy, I don't think her feet hit the ground for more then a minute.. She was carried every where.. But when they started fighting over who would hold her, I had to take her away.. Poor little kid, she zonked out when they left.. she was so tired.  Morris wanted to know if I liked bad puppies, he said his puppy was bad... Now his puppy is the one that Jen got and was told it wouldn't get big. Jen wanted a lap dog, this is the puppy I posted when they first got her, the one that looked like a St. Bernard... Well, she might not be a St. Bernard, but she is fast approaching that size.  Morris wanted to trade me his puppy Sally for my Misty... I don't think so... Jen had already threatened to just drop her off here... OH NO not that pony dog, my poor little fur babies would be so scared.

Monday night they had fireworks at the river in town, but we were just to tired to go anywhere... So Nana and Grandpa crashed after everyone left..... It was a fun filled weekend with great company, but we were tired...  

Oh and this morning, I had hubby get up and we loaded the old couch in the van to deliver to Mel...  I think Sean is glad to be going back to work tonight...