Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween fun

Halloween is right around the corner, treats are ready for the tricksters that is if we get any this year. I do so miss the fun I had when my son was young, making his costumes and I would dress as well. We didn't go out and buy costumes we made them.  That tradition has carried over to the grown kids and grand kids as well... Here are some costumes from Halloweens past.

Mel as a Southern Belle
I made this hoop skirt Civil War Era Dress for Mel to wear to work as they celebrated Halloween

This is our beautiful grand daughter in her Princess Belle Dress,
 I made the same pattern in pink for her sister, gold for her cousin and a family friend.

This cute pair are a pirate and a princess, at least that is what they wanted to be and that is what their mother told them the costume was when she made them..   I think they are the best Raggedy Ann and Andy ever.  Their Mother did a great job on their costumes even if it isn't your standard Pirate and Princess

Of course our little Tink had to get dressed for her holiday fun, she is Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz
Happy Halloween

Friday, October 26, 2012

RIP my Kodak Camera

Rest in Pieces
My dear sweet camera

I am guilty, I have once again caused the early retirement of yet another camera.  I loved my Kodak's, so easy to use and the pictures are great for my blog and my charity group postings.
BUT Alas, I did it again,  another camera will now Rest in Pieces thanks to my clumsiness.
This is not the first camera to fall prey to my dropsy... there were others before.
One ended up in the pond,  but the last two had the same cruel fate.
I dropped them, they landed on the floor and it was enough of a hit to cause the lens not to function properly.  It clicked, it moaned  it tried and just didn't open, and there was no repairing it.  I did take the last one in for repair and was told that it would be cheaper to just buy a new one, which I did.
This time however was different, I told hubby it was dead, and he said we would go and get another one.  Well, with puppies on the way anytime now, I didn't want to wait till the weekend and besides I don't leave the house when the mothers are getting ready just in case.  So we made a quick trip to the base which is close to our home.  We looked in the display case, I didn't want anything to expensive, I mean lets face it, I am terrible at keeping the cameras alive.
BUT wait, hubby saw TOUGH camera,
 Shockproof, waterproof and freeze proof. 
Plus it was on sale, he didn't even ask me, he told the girl to wrap it up.
Guess he knows me to well....LOL
So I now have yet another new camera, one that if I accidentally drop it, I shouldn't hurt it, least not kill it. I mean if this camera was a patriotic special, made to withstand what our service men will put it through, then it should stand up to my dropsy's
OH and hubby told me that next time I want a new camera, I don't have to throw it on the floor.. I mean really does he think I would do such a thing,
 no, he was just being a wise guy as he was there when I dropped the last one.

So here it is, my new easy to use,  Olympus TOUGH camera
which means,
I can take photos of the new puppies, items my charity group sends
and quilts I make for my blog and my charity group posts.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Charity Quilt Tops are ready for quilting

I have just finished assembling 15 quilt tops for my charity group, these will now be heading to the quilting frame this week. The squares were stitched by members of the World of Charity Stitching group, we even had one member who sent in three UFO embroidered redwork and bluework quilt tops that she was making for her grand daughter. Her grand daughter decided she had outgrown the designs and the top was sent to me to rework for Ronald McDonald House. I an so glad that quilter donated the UFO tops instead of throwing it in the trash as she had planned on doing.
I also have 7 other quilts in the works but at this time I can not post because these are Christmas Gifts and I wouldn't want the surprise to be given away... I will post those after the holidays...

Birdhouse theme # 1

Birdhouse theme # 2
popular theme we had enough for 2 tops

Blue Work, by WOCS member,
I just added borders to this top she was going to trash

Celtic Knot theme
Members stitched know in their favorite colors and chose fabric to match

Cupcake # 2
our cupcake theme was so popular that we had enough squares for a second quilt
Looks so yummy

JBW designs French Country Shoes and purses theme
our 2nd using JBW French Country designs, 1st was animals

Have a Heart theme
Members stitched in reds and pinks for this theme

Holiday theme,
 from a donation of 6 squares 3 more holidays were added to complete this top

Home Sweet Home Family
donation squares and WOCS member made the Home Sweet Home center square

Live, Love, Laugh with Roses
hand embroidered roses were a donation, WOCS members stitched the word blocks 

Red work tops were created as a quilt for a members grand daughter, GD decided she wanted something different and our member sent the quilt to me in case I could somehow use it for our charity group instead of tossing out in the trash.  Quilt was reworked into 4 smaller quilts which will be delivered to Ronald McDonald house this holiday season.

All the above quilt tops were stitched, sewed, embroidered and quilted by
Members of the World of Charity Stitching Group.
I am proud to be a member working on these beautiful quilts.
Thanks to everyone who donated their time, UFOs, Fabrics, threads and love to our projects.
Now on to the quilting frame

Monday, October 8, 2012

just another Dolly Mama finish

Rise and Whine Dolly Mama
I have been so busy lately with my charity quilts, and other things around the house that my poor little Dolly Mama's project fell to the wayside.  I finished the quilt tops for the grand kids quilt and need to get them quilted, which I will be doing in the next few weeks. There are also 6 of the charity quilts ready to be quilted and a baby quilt for my niece.
   I will be getting back to working on the charity quilts as many
of the theme squares are in now and there are more on their way. I will also be getting back on track with the Dolly Mama Project... there are still lots of the kits to be done.  Winter will soon be on us which means more time for stitching and sewing.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I have re posted this quilt as a reminder to all ladies to make a appointment for your annual mammogram if you haven't had it done this year. Takes just a few minutes and is so important in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection saves so many lives so Think Pink
As you might remember this lovely quilt was sent to a lady who is going through treatment for breast cancer.  She loved her quilt and was so thrilled to have been chosen to receive such a beautiful quilt.  The Pink and the blue fabrics used on this quilt were donated by one of the WOCS members.  Members also stitched the squares from suggestions about Teresa's favorite things and of course the awareness ribbon and pink ribbon angels made their way on to the quilt as did Teresa's dog, her favorite flowers and sewing items.
Lizzy presenting the check for $ 1,000 to JDRF
Lizzy received a thank you card and flowers

1,000 cranes on display
Also I wanted to announce that my grand daughter is at it again.  Lizzy took on a project last year to raise Money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research foundation.  She read that if you folded a thousand origami cranes, your wish would come true.  Lizzy decided to ask for donations of $ 1.00 for each crane she folded, the donors name was placed on the crane.. When she reached her goal the cranes were displayed in her school and then were given to JDRF at their annual fundraiser with the check for the  $ 1,000 she raised making the cranes.  After she finished with the cranes she started selling the sneakers this summer for JDRF.. Well the other night I was informed that Lizzy has once again decided to do the origami crane fundraiser for JDRF.  She has a site where you can make a donation and see all the photos taken from her last fundraiser.  This little girl is hoping that the money she raises will help in the fight against Juvenile Diabetes.  Lizzy is only 10 and so committed in her fundraising activities, we are all so very proud of her. 
Here is the link to Lizzy's web site
Garage Sale Weekend
This weekend I hope to be holding a garage sale, time to fall clean and get rid of things that are just taking up room. Plus the holidays will soon be with us and the extra money will help.