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Friday, November 13, 2009

RED, RED, RED and more RED

I have spent the better part of this week involved in a activity that I love and that is decorating my house. Due to having two puppies last year and their knack for tearing wallpaper,(Rascal even taught Roxy how to do the puppy rip and tear) I had no other choice than to redo the hallway. So I stripped the old paper, Sean made the new trim, I stained & varnished and Sean installed. So with all that done it was time for the new paper. The paper is a cream color with what almost looks like marble type design, very neutral, I also have a border to add to the top which is country colors and has quilted hearts, quilts being my new obsession. That area done I had also gotten tired of the paper in the dining room and the pups had tried a little damage there but they were stopped in time. The old paper was a dark green and Burgundy plaid that went chair rail high, than the chair rail and the top part of the wall was antiqued cream, again pretty neutral. So I decided I wanted to go bold in the dining room. After all I had painted Sean's den a Terra Cotta, and in our bedroom I went with a Turquoise and Brown color palette. To me these were bold colors, as I am one that will stay with a lighter color, but after the bedroom was painted I liked it. I wanted more of the BOLD colors that I was changing to, so for the dining room RED, deep dark Red. The original plan was to do a wainscot to the chair rail in a Red Oak color, but right now that is to expensive so I painted. Sean bought the wood for the new chair rail he is making. He really hates the fake trims they are selling now days, so he gets wood, real wood and makes his own on the router. All our trim in the house is slowly being changed over to the trim he makes. Now the important thing for the hall way to go up is the pictures. I call my hallway the gallery. The kids, grand kids, family, pets and friends are all proudly displayed on the walls. As new pictures come in the old ones move to the back, I just love looking at the smiling faces as I head to my bedroom at night. There is also a special item that is displayed in its shadowbox style case. When I was 2 years old my mother had crocheted me a lavender dress, I had my picture taken on the traveling pony in that dress and I still remember that day. When my step grand daughter was small she too had her picture taken in that beautiful dress. The dress is now displayed in a case with both pictures and the history of that dress. I never got to show my Mother how I preserved the dress, but she did get to see a picture and loved how I displayed her work.
Now that the rooms are done, I have lap robes waiting to be quilted, plus there is still one that I have to sew together. I also need to get the Ceramic Trees ready to fire, Mel is coming in Sunday and we will more than likely be working on them. I hope I will soon have some time for Me, I want to get back to my cross stitching.

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