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Monday, January 31, 2011

Big One World, One Heart Event

I am so excited as the One World, One Heart Event is under way.... Last year there were over 1,000 blogs that participated in the Event and I hosted two sites and my husband also had a listing.. We also got to win a couple of really neat door prizes, meet some great bloggers and make some new friends.. I think my favorite prize was a 5X7 painting of a girl with a heart, it hangs in my sewing room..  Now that you know I am participating again this year on Southern Style blog and my Nanbon's Corner  blog I hope you will visit both blogs and leave a comment.  My husband is going to also host a listing  not for himself, but for his daughter Melanie.  Melanie had a fire at her house last night and she lost everything. She was so wanting to participate in this year's event but she has nothing to offer.  So my husband is putting in a listing on his blog for her and I will be supplying her door prize..

So lets get down to business, here's my door prize for Southern Style..   It is a beaded bracelet with heart charms and a lavender sachet.  To Enter just leave a comment, tell me where your from, its that easy. I am also hosting a CSN 1 Gift Card giveaway on this blog, just follow the link to enter that contest, and I am hosting a CSN 2 Gift Card giveaway on my Nanbon's Corner blog
Leave a comment with OWOH participate on the CSN gift card posts to enter for $35.00 GC

About my Southern Style Blog... This is my family,home,life, blast from the past blog... Just something to keep friends and family informed on what is happening in our home and lives.. There is cross stitching things, quilting things, funny things and even sad things, but I have fun and I love blogging even though I sometimes get behind in it.
I also am involved with a Yahoo group of cross stitchers that stitch squares that are then sent to the quilters and turned into quilts for nursing homes, Ronald McDonald House, a women and children's abuse shelter, cancer patients and ill children... I have the honour of not only being one of the stitchers, but I am also one of the quilters for the group..  Last year I made 14 quilts, 8 tote bags, eyeglass cases and other small items.. for my group The World of Charity Stitchers WOCS is always looking for new members to stitch or quilts, so stop by their site and check them out, who knows you might just want to join in the fun, it is for a good cause.

Just in case you didn't find the links above  here is the entering information...
To Enter the bracelet/sachet giveaway just leave a comment, tell me where you are from, its that easy.  I am also hosting a CSN 1 Gift Card giveaway on this blog, just follow the link to enter that contest, and I am hosting a CSN 2 Gift Card giveaway on my Nanbon's Corner blog
 Leave a comment with OWOH participate on the CSN gift card posts to enter for $35.00 GC

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit....

One World, One Heart Event site.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

CSN Giveaway

Winner is Linda from Stray Stitches   
CSN Stores and Southern Style is hosting a giveaway for a $35.00 Gift Card at any of the 200+ CSN Stores.

With Spring  just around the corner now is the time for planning that back yard project for your kids or grand kids and CSN Stores can help. If you are looking for the perfect Wood Swing Set, then look no further, CSN Stores carries 2 pages of Wood Swing Sets and you can find just what you are looking for. I was amazed at the selection of Wood Swing Sets offered. Most have a tower that your little one can pretend to be a pirate, a princess in need of rescue or just use it for a special place for reading that great book of adventures.  CSN Stores carries lots of styles and there is one that would look great in your yard, plus most have free shipping. So if you are shopping for a Wood Swing Set for your back yard, your business, your school or your community park, then CSN store is your one stop shopping place. No waiting in long lines, no dealing with the crowds, and no going from store to store looking for the best design and no trying to figure out how to get it home, with the click of a mouse your order is on its way, now that's how I like to shop. CSN Stores carry just about all your shopping needs and I have been chosen to host a fabulous giveaway for a $35.00 Gift Card to any of CSN 200+ Stores.

Mandatory Entry (this must be done for others to count)
1.Visit CSN Stores and tell me what item you would love to win and send me the link

Extra Entries:
2. Be a follower of Southern Style (let me know the name you follow under)

3. Visit My Nanbon's Corner blog and become a follower (let me know the name you follow under)

4. Blog about this contest on your blog and leave me the link

That's it, four ways to enter Contest will close February 14, 2011

Contest Rules
  • Restrictions: Only Open to United States and Canada
  • Contest ends 2/14/11 winner announced on this post and notified by email
  • For each entry leave a separate comment
  • Make sure there is a way of contacting you if you are the winner, (email address or link), If I cannot contact the winner I will draw another name.
  • Winner has 48 hours to contact me after notice is sent by email, if winner does not respond in that allotted time a new winner will be drawn.
  • Winner is drawn using the Random generator

I have not received anything from CSN Stores to sponsor this giveaway other then the gift certificate that is offered as the prize. The opinions of items posted in this blog are my own.  Visit Nanbon's Corner for another great CSN Giveaway


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday's Fun Blast from the Past 1/28

Blast from the Past

Here we are again, Friday and yet another Blast from the Past.

Smells are the Blast today... Can you close your eyes and remember what your Mom, Dad, or Grand Mother smelled like?  Is there that one scent that will take you back in time when you get a whiff of it?  I recently had that happen to me.

 I opened a bottle of Jergens Hand Lotion and as the air filled with the sweet smell of cherries and almonds, I was whisked back to a time when my Nan was still in my life.  My Nan lived with us and she was one of those non stop type ladies. She was always making herself busy with as she called them the household chores. To make sure her hands stayed soft my Nan would pull out her bottle of Jergens hand lotion. rub it into her hands, arms and face and the air filled with the sweet smells of that wonderful lotion. I loved that smell and my Nan would make sure my hands were a soft as hers.
 My hands have been so dry lately and nothing seemed to work, We stopped by the drug store and there on the shelf was my old friend Jergens lotion... Now days the lotion sports a plastic bottle with the words original scent on the label  instead of the beautiful glass bottle she once wore, but when I opened the lid and took a whiff, there was the wonderful scent I remember so well. My bottle may not be as glamorous as she used to be, but she still has the power to take me back to my childhood and bring back the memory of a special lady, My Nan. My hands are now soft and smooth and maybe one day my grand kids will recall their Nana's special cherry and almond scent from her Jergen's Lotion.
The wonderful vintage Jergens bottles like the ones shown can be found on ebay, I might just have to buy one so my Jergens Lotion will get her glam back.

Pet Peeve of the Week
Rude Cashier's, Now don't get me wrong these men and women have a hard job dealing with the public. I have seen customers being rude to them to.  But if I get in their line and I smile and ask how you are doing, then know that I am a nice person.  I know they really don't want to be stuck behind a register when it is such a nice day out, or they have a date in a hour or would really rather just be texting their friends.  They applied for the job, and were so happy when they were hired, They  now have extra money in their pocket to buy that must have new game or outfit, Now they must realize that you have to work to earn that money, friends will wait and if they don't, well it really isn't my fault.  Realize that because I choose to shop at their store, I am helping to pay their salary and it would be so nice if  they just said Hi or smiled a little. If I and the hundreds of other customers that are served in a week decided not to come and see their unsmiling face, then the store might have to cut back hours, or worse cut staff, They might lose their job, The store might even have to close.  So just a little smile might save their job, Most of us customers are nice and we to have things we would rather do than shop and pay high prices or deal with a grumpy cashier. Heck, most of us have done our time behind a cash resister or two.

Giggle of the Week

Exercise Program

Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side.

With a 5-lb potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, and then relax.

Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer. After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-lb potato bags.

Then try 50-lb potato bags and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb potato bag in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute. (I'm at this level.)

After you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each bag.   Gotcha!!!  hehehe

Special Notice.. Watch Nanbon's Corner and Southern Style blogs for a CSN Giveaway, coming real soon... There will be a giveaway on both blogs, so make sure to enter both contests.  Also at the end of January the One World, One Heart Blog event will be under way. Last year there was over 1,000 blogs participating..Think of it, new blogs to visit and each will host a doorprize... So check back real soon..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My little Runway Models

One of my favorite blogs to read belongs to our own Jennifer.... She just tickles me sometimes with her posts.  You never know what will interest her from week to week. It could be the death of her beloved refrigerator or a post on the new puppy that will be a small dog (HA, if she only knew) Our Jenny is not the graceful swan, she can and has taken a spill or two and ended up on crutches and she will detail the whole scenario in her blog. I have even offered to buy her a padded suit and at times I call her Grace... Thankfully she hasn't had any of those blogs lately... Jenny is also a Huge Coffee addict, her coffee shop of choice is Starbucks, so if she is having a bad day or week and we are in her area we stop and order her a coffee.  Now we can never remember what she drinks, but thankfully the employees at Starbucks know Jenny and Phil, we just tell them to give us Jenny's coffee and they make her Peppermint Mocha latte with non whipped cream or something like that...They know and it makes Jen's day. Jen has even hosted many coffee giveaways on her blog. She has had Community Coffee, speciality coffees, and recently she got to do a Tassimo system giveaway, of course she also got to test and keep one of the machines which was  to her delight.
Now I am not a blogger who will post photos of the grand kids all the time. But the other day I went to Jen's blog and there was photos of the most beautiful little runway models and I just had to share with you.  Jen and Phil are the parents of 6 beautiful children... Phil is a part time photographer and he recently photographed a bridal show.  Lizzy and Becca were part of that show.... so with out further ado, here are the photos I took from Jen's blog just to show off our beautiful flower girls...
Miss Becca and Miss Lizzy

This little guy is another of Jen's little Jewel's  Look into those sweet, adorable,  innocent eyes, would you believe he is Jen's biggest trouble maker... NO, Not that sweet boy.... but he is..... I just think he is so cute... but he does have a tendency to cause Jen and Phil to sprout a few extra gray hairs now and then...

I almost forgot, I wanted to share Jen's newest addition to her home... Her little Sally.  Sally was given to Emily by a friend and Jen was told she would be the lap dog that Jen wanted.. We stopped by the house and I took one look at Little Sally and oh no, Jen, I think they told you a story, Sally is not going to be that tiny little lap dog you want.... She looks more like a Saint Bernard puppy... Remember Beethoven.... What big feet she has and that big head.....
We stopped by Jen's after my doctor's appointment Monday and in just a couple of weeks the little puppy had tripled in size. It took both arms just to pick her up, I just looked at Jen and laughed   Jen still thinks Sally is going to be that small lap dog... I don't think so.... She is 9 weeks old and a armful already and she will keep growing until she is 6 months old..
 OH and she is a piddler, yep she got me when I picked her up... Becca and Mo laughing like crazy because Sally peed on Nana's hand....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One More Done

I just finished my sixth square of 2011 for my charity quilt group... This one is from a kit and it is a cute little dog that will go into the dog quilt.   I bought the kit on sale at Jo Ann's along with  a Dolly Mama kit so I will be starting her tonight.    I think my new goal for the month of February will be a Dolly Mama quilt. If anyone has any of the Dolly Mama or Mill Hill patterns that you no longer want or need, I would love to have them... 
The WOCS ladies have been stitching and getting lots of squares done, soon as I have all the squares for a quilt I will be choosing fabrics and using my Accuquilt GO to cut out the blocks.  Sometimes it is hard to choose just the right color or pattern for a quilt. I try to match or coordinate fabrics to match the colors in all the squares and normally there is 5 to 9 squares per quilts. It is a challenge and I just love a challenge.

Oops, I almost forgot to share my news with you all.  I went to the foot doctor yesterday and I have another month of sitting on my derriere and keeping my foot up.  Why just another month... well, I am scheduled to have surgery on the 25th of February to fix the foot for good. All the treatments just would not work this time.  There were three options and even though the one I chose was the radical one, it is the one that has the best results.  I didn't want to do the other two options and have them not work and have to spend more down time.  So I am getting the surgery and I am told I will be able to walk on the foot that same day... I can't wait to get this all over with. After all Spring is coming and there is spring cleaning and gardening to do plus I want to have a yard sale, I can not afford to be hobbling along.
Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed my little dog... Nana Bonnie

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Fun 1/21

Welcome back to Friday's Fun, so here is yet another Blast from the Past for you

Remember this cute little things, I know a lot of you have never seen this handy dandy device, what is it you ask?  Every refrigerator came with at least two of these devises. They were really easy to operate. Fill with water, open the door of your Frigidaire, open the freezer door at the top and place this ice cube tray on the shelf  inside. When ready to use ice, pull the handle up, take the divider out and you now have perfect cubes.  One precaution when using this device, avoid touching with wet hands or your tongue as you will stick to the tray.
Now days we have ice makers in our fridge and if we have to use ice cube trays they are made of plastic.  But the concept is not dead, no some ingenious inventor is making a fortune on this type of device.

tell me now, does this look similar, just a little bigger, same principle, but with out the pull handle.  Still you get perfect little brownies.  I use myPerfect Brownie pan all the time, I liked it so much I bought one for each daughter. This would be great to make brownies or little cakes for a school, church or scout troup bake sale

See, Something Old is Now Something New.

Pet Peeve of the Day
I love watching all the cake decorating shows that are on TV, they inspire me to be just a bit more creative in my cake decorating. Some of the cakes they make are beautiful, others, well lets say they are not that great.  BUT really, can you believe the amount these places are selling their creations for? One place charges no less then $5,000 for any cake and that is not a large cake like the size of a wedding cake, but that is for a small cake. There was one show where a entertainer in Las Vegas had a cake made for his brother's birthday and the cost of that cake was $15,000 dollars. ARE THEY CRAZY. I think having a great cake is wonderful for any occasion, but really is a cake worth that much money.. there are so many other things I could think to put that much money to use for. I am trying to find a way to buy a long arm sewing machine so I can make more quilts for my charities, maybe I should start making designer cakes and that will pay for the sewing machine.

Giggle of the Day
Pajamas, now I don't mean PJ's in general. I like PJ's and I wear them to bed, if I don't feel well I will stay in them all day as I laze around the house.  But one thing I would never do is be caught outside my house in them. I wouldn't walk to the mailbox in them, I wouldn't go to someones home in them and Never would I be caught in a store in them.  I am not making this up, there are people out there who will go anywhere in their PJ's. I stopped by a mini market and had to do a double take of a lady in her PJ's.  The other day I spied a lady checking her mailbox in her PJ's and when a lady showed up to pick up a freecycle item I was giving away,  you guessed it she was in her PJ's.  Plus they now have PJ's that look like jeans... Whats next in the world of high fashion..  But really seeing all these women running around in the PJ's is just way to funny.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another finish

My fifth CCS for 2011, stitched for WOCS
I am still not supposed to be on my foot, so I continue to stitch... My group is making a quilt with the long legged birds from Heart in Hand.  I signed up for the Christmas Bird and finished him in one day...

I am currently working on a Dog Square for the dog quilt, but it will take a little time to get this one done. Monday I go back to the foot doctor and see if the foot is healing.

Its been like Christmas here this week

It has been just like Christmas, maybe even better... My mail box has been stuffed to the rim with wonderful things this week.  I love getting packages in the mail, any kind of packages, even those little tiny samples that companies send out make me smile. But this week I received items from my online charity group, items I won online, and a surprise from a online friend.  So if you want to see what I got, I will show you my goodies.

I won a giveaway for reading glasses from the Reading Glasses shopper they were the first package to arrive this week, I ordered mine in Purple (so I know at a glance they are needlework glasses) and they are 4.0  I know why so strong, well I use them as magnifiers when stitching, very comfortable to wear.  I have 4 pair from Reading glasses Shopper that are just for my stitching, plus I had gotten my husband some for when he is checking his coins. 

Next two packages were from members of my Charity Group, they sent me their stitched items and quilt blocks that I will be using in future quilts for a nursing home. Plus the lady that sent the log cabin block also made me this special badge.  It will proudly hang in my sewing room. 

These two ladies did a wonderful job

Next package was a total surprise and I just love surprises.  I received this delightful pattern from a online friend. We met at the online Needlework Show, She is a designer and had a booth at the show. I had emailed her to enter her door prize drawing, I didn't win the door prize, but she stopped by my blog and she wrote me, seems we had so many thing in common. We became fast friends sharing jokes, stories, our love for our families and of course our babies, our dogs. We send things back and forth from time to time, I think at times it is more like a contest to see who can surprise the other first.  She got me this time but good, She said she saw this pattern and thought of me and my quilt making and had to get the pattern for me.  A big Thank You to my friend Miss Claire, watch out, it is my turn now....LOL.  I am always on the lookout for things my friends and family would enjoy, things they collect or things they like to spend their spare time working on. I thought I was the only person who did this, but it seems that once again my friend and I are thinking on the same wave length.  I also want to share with you a little note my friend sent me. It brought tears to my eyes, guess pay it forward works.
the note:
***Bonnie I Have to tell you, thanks to you, one of the local nursing homes (several of their patients were clients of mine when I was working) will be benefitting from a slight change in plans. I will be crocheting lap blankets for them to give to the patients who don't have anyone to come and visit. Claire***

And now for today's Special Package, I won a online contest , it was for a Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. So Monday I went Shopping at their web site. WOW so many really wonderful things there and what did I find but grab bags and they were on sale.  Now I was trying to make the most of the gift certificate that I received as I knew I would buy fabrics and those fabrics would go into my Charity quilts.  They had FQ grab bags with 12 FQs for $15.00 or a 12 lb grab bag for $69.00, I wasn't sure, I hadn't ordered from here before, which was the better value for my purpose. SO I emailed them and to my shock I received a answer right away, I thought surely I wouldn't hear from them till Tuesday as this was a holiday weekend. My question was answered and I made my choice and order three of the FQ grab bags and would you believe they arrived today, now that is super fast service.  The bag was bulging at the seams, and when I opened it there were bundles of beautiful fabrics.

my lovely bulging package from Fat Quarter Shop I was so excited as I had no idea what was inside.

see my beautiful packages and yes, that is my Hungry Accuquilt Go Cutter in the background just waiting to eat those lovely Fat Quarters..YUMMMM

Look at all the luscious fabrics just waiting to be made into a quilt. I am so pleased with the Fat Quarter Shop, their customer service is excellent, the product line is fantastic, and their shipping if so fast, I would recommend them as a AAA store.  Plus I just love their sales.... Thank You Fat Quarter Shop

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to my husband

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband..  Yesterday was my DH birthday, I didn't bake him a cake as he is just not much of a cake fan. Instead I baked one of his favorite pies, A Lemon Meringue.  This is not a kit, it is from fresh ingredients and it tasted so good.  I did have a little problem with the meringue weeping, for some reason my meringues weep.  Never had that kind of problem before when I lived up north, so I am going to say it is because of the area I live in now and not what I am doing wrong.  At least the meringue didn't slid off the lemon curd.  Guess I need to watch more of the food network channel and I am sure Alton Brown could tell me what my problem is.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One more finish for me

Here is yet another finish for 2011... my forth charity square
This is Josie's Quilt Square
a free pattern from the Whispered in the Wind web site.

This square will go into WOCS Cat Quilt file and will be made into a quilt for a senior., I am currently working on a CCS heart box that will be sent to my Mother in Law for Valentine's Day, not quite sure what goodie I will put inside.  I also picked up a dog at the beach CCS kit yesterday for the WOCS dog quilt, and I have the Hand in Heart Christmas bird to work up.  See, I am trying to be good by just sitting and stitching. 
 Yesterday was a bad girl day, We went into Pensacola to do some shopping at JoAnn's and then to the grocery store, when I got home my foot was letting me know it wasn't happy. So I took my pain meds and went to bed... I really hate taking the pain meds as they leave me in a fog.. I am still foggy today from them, I don't think I want to take them anymore.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Fun 2

Blast from the Past

Gym Suits
From Elementary School to High School you had to take gym daily and you had to change into the fashion of the day, the ever not so popular one piece gym suit.  Most were in some shades of blue, and no one looked good in one of these sacks, and lets not even talk about having to make a trip to the restroom.  These things were impossible to get out of in a hurry. The ones in elementary school had elastic at the legs and from the waist down you were a big poof of fabric.  In high school they were more like shorts and they did fit a little better, but they were still the most hated school item that we had to have.  Ever year students would shop the local sports store and you could tell by the looks on the faces that no one wanted to purchase one of these suits. I remember for years we begged, we pleaded, we even offered bribes to be able to wear shorts and a shirt to class, but the teachers wouldn't hear of it, after all they didn't have to wear these things.

Products from the past, why are these here, why are they so special.. Because, You would buy soap powder or flakes and when you opened the box there was a gift. Some offered towels, dishes, silverware or glass ware. We had our share and as I remember my Nan collected Carnival Ware from the soaps.  You can still find those wonderful items, most are on eBay and they are no longer free.. The other free item from a product was Jelly glasses. We had a whole collection of juice glasses and drinking glasses, I don't remember my family buying glasses, all our glasses were the jelly jar glasses. HUMMMM maybe the jelly companies need a reminder of the jelly glasses, they might sell more jelly.

Thank you to Gisela for sending the email that had these wonderful Blast from the past memories in it.  I will use more from her email in the future.  If you have a Blast from the Past Memory you would like to see here, just send me a email and I will be happy to consider it for future posts.
Nana Bonnie 

Pet Peeve of the Day
I read a article on a blog the other day on infants, toddlers, and young children not being properly seated in vehicles.  The safety institute has come a long way to make sure our children and grand children are safe while riding in a car. They give parents the proper tools to keep their children from serious harm. Yet there are those parents who will not take the time to properly buckle up their children. Please take the few minutes it takes and make sure the loves of your life are safe while riding in a vehicle.
My other Pet Peeve is on the same lines, I cringe every time I see a child or even a adult for that matter riding in the bed of a truck. There is nothing to hold on to, no seat, no seat belts, nothing to keep that passenger from flying out of the bed if that vehicle were to get into a accident. You might be only going to the corner store and your might think for that short trip your loved one will be safe.  Think again, Most accidents happen close to home.  Please make them ride in the cab of the truck and if there isn't enough room, then leave them home, it is safer then putting their life in jeopardy.
Buckle Up, Its the Law

Giggle of the Day
My dogs are the spotlight of today's Giggle of the Day. I own Pomeranians, they are a dog that has a double coat. You would think they would be warm no matter what the temperature. No, not my crew they are always cold or at least that is how they are acting. It has been getting really cold here lately, and I have fleece blankets on the chairs just to keep us warm as we watch TV.  Hubby was sweet the other day and he came home with a snuggie for me, at least that is what I thought. Hubby said he bought the pink snuggie for his girl, meaning me.. Well his other girl, his little double coated  redheaded girl thought he meant her. Every time I look she is snuggled into the pink snuggie, guess next time he needs to say which girl he means.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two more finishes

 My 2nd and 3rd finish for 2011

Mariner's Compass Rose
for Century Care Center
 Man's Ship Quilt

Sail Boat
for Century Care Center 
 Man's  Ship Quilt

I have been sent to bed rest, well, not exactly, but darn close to it.  The last injection in my foot didn't do anything to relieve the pain, so you know I was miserable while shopping in December.  This time my doctor said he would make sure he hit the right spot, out came the sonogram machine. Doc looked and looked and said there was a lot of black showing which meant lots of  inflammation, the cause of all the pain. Then he said that it seemed there was a tear.. Which meant that for the tear to heal, I need to stay off the foot, more ice, more meds, keep elevated and to walk, use crutches.  So I am icing, taking meds, keeping off the foot, and sometimes using the crutches.. They do tend to get in the way, did you ever try to cook dinner with teetering on those metal sticks, it just doesn't work. I now do the flamingo, standing on one foot with the other foot propped on that leg, looking just like a flamingo bird, without the pink color that is. .. As for me to trying to carry anything from one room to another is next to impossible on crutches.  Hubby will get things for me, when he is here. But he has to work and here I am, me and the dogs. I have to admit I have been a little bad by not always using the crutches. I tend to walk gingerly around the house, not putting that much weight on the foot.  But for the most part I have planted my derriere in my recliner and I am getting some counted cross stitch squares finished for my charity group (The World of Charity Stitchers).  I just finished two more squares for the Ship quilt and now I am working on  a cat square. There are 9 themes  started so far for this year's quilts, they are Ship Quilt, Cat Quilt, Dog Quilt, Heart in Hand Holiday Quilt, Heart in Hand 4 seasons Quilt, Antique Cars Quilt, Modern Day Transportation Quilt, Teddy Bears Quilt and A Child's Animals Quilt.. So there are lots of themes for me to choose from to stitch. So for the next two weeks I will be sitting and stitching.  Then hopefully the foot will heal and I will be able to get back to my schedule.. First thing on that schedule is to clean out the sewing room and reorganize. I have 7 charity quilts designed, my Accuquilt GO all ready to cut out my blocks, now I just need to be able to get up on my two feet and get things done. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past
Remember the movie Blast from the Past with Brandon Fraiser.... I loved that movie because it took me back to my childhood home with the50s, 60s style all over the place.  So I got to thinking it might be fun if each week if I took you all on a trip back in time. What will your journey hold each week, what will you discover you ask. It could be a glimpse of items from back then, it could be  a memory, it could be a photo of someones family, It could be something you sent me to share with my readers...  I am ready, so here we go into our time capsule and back in time...

Picture this, 1950s blonde danish style tiered end tables with Blackmoor lamps.. That was the style that decorated my childhood home.  I couldn't find the exact lamps but I found figures that look very similar to those lovely lamps my father just loved.
The style lamps in our house had the figures sitting with their legs crossed and there was a removable ash tray in their lap similar to the red set, ours however were Chartreuse in color like the first figure. There was a pole coming from behind the figure that was the lamp and it had the crowning glory two tiered lamp shade. Yes friends it was a sight to behold. As I got older I think I despised those lamps more and more each day.. We were in the 60s and all my friends had county style in their living rooms, cute bowl and pitcher lamps or some of those big modern vase style lamps.  My grandmother lived with us and she didn't like the blackamoor lamps either.  One day I told my Nan that we needed to get rid of them and she agreed. Now how to go about getting rid of those ugly lamps without getting into trouble. We decided the lamps fate was to be broken or a least damaged in some way. But again, I didn't want to get into trouble for breaking the lamp and I sure wasn't going to lie to my father.  So my poor little Pomeranian Fluffy would be the bad guy. I put him on the arm of the couch near the table and lamp and then I went to the other side of the room and called him. He got excited, jumped over the arm, landing on the table and the lamp slide to the end of the table and oh so slowly started to lean forward, just a little more and it would be over the edge. As it teetered back and forth and my Nan and I waited with our breath held, my Nan slipped and accidentally bumped into the table and the lamp went crashing to the floor. The poor guy on the lamp lost his arm, he head hung strangely to one side and the lamp post behind him was bent in two places. OH MY what ever shall we do, the lamp was broken beyond repair. Well, my Nan and I did a dance and laughed and laughed. Our deed was done and we didn't have to lie, the dog did jump off the couch and he did knock over the lamp and it broke, we just didn't mention we had helped things along.  We got to go shopping that weekend for new lamps, but we had to settle for  the big vase style and not the cute country lamps we wanted. But anything was better than the funky figure lamps. Of course while searching for picture of the lamps or the figures, I now wish I wouldn't have helped the dog break them, for today I found a site where they now sell for $300. dollars or more. If you like the figures there is a link above the photo for the ebay site where you can bid on the figures and I promise not to bring my dog over when you get them.

Giggle of the Day
We stopped by the local mini market on the way home the other day to pick up tea. I waited in the car while hubby went in. While sitting there a rather handsome young man got out of his car and proceeded to enter the store, I just giggled as he was pulling his pants up. Yes, he was one of those kids that walk around with their red boxer shorts hanging out, his pants down past his butt. I would love to have a camera, take his picture and show him how funny he looks from behind. Can you imagine him trying to run, his pants would fall down to his ankles and trip him for sure.

Pet Peeve of the Day
Well, one of my pet peeves used to be people talking on Cell phones when they were driving. My boss was always on her phone and I just hated riding with her as we had some close calls because of the phone. Today, the young driver's don't talk on their phones, they text and I have seen numerous driver's looking down at their phone rather then look at the road. And they wonder why there are so many accidents because of Cell phone use.  Insurance goes up for DUI or DWI drivers, they need to raise the rates on driver's who have been in a accident due to texting.  I mean really, they are behind the wheel of a dangerous vehicle, a vehicle that if not operated properly can kill. Please wait to the red light to look at a message or send one... or better yet park the car and do your thing, Stow the phone and save a life, it could be your own.

Hope you all liked my Friday Fun
Nana Bonnie

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Giveaway at Gum Tree Designers

Want to enter to win a fabulous Springtime BOM quilt pattern set,This set has a retail value of over $120
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If you don't want to enter, still stop by their site  there are lots of wonderful designers and their lovely designs to read about.

A New Year, A New Start

MY UFO Cross Stitch from 2010

My Sailing Boat for WOCS Men's quilt
1st project for 2011

This is the start of a new year, 2011
To start my year out right, I took on a new tradition for the New Year. My tradition is to start a new project on the 1st day of the year.  This year I choose the above sailing square, it is from the book Super Sports. This square will be added to other Counted Cross Stitch squares  stitched by The World of Charity Stitchers and made into a quilt for a man at a nursing home. I finished the square on the 3rd so I think I have a pretty good start on the New Year. When the other group members send me their squares I will make the ship quilt. Currently we have members working on CCS Squares for a ship quilt, antique car quilt, modern vehicle quilt, Heart in Hand 4 seasons bird quilt. Heart in Hand Holiday Bird Quilt, Dog Quilt and a Cat Quilt. These are the themes I will be making quilts from. We also have a Animal theme quilt in the process with another quilter.  If you are interested in Joining The World of Charily Stitchers to Cross Stitch a Square or to construct a quilt you can visit their Yahoo group site at If you have any stitched squares you no longer want, any orphan quilt blogs you just don't know what to do with, or any Quilting (fabrics, threads, batting, books, patterns) or Cross Stitching  items(fabrics, floss, hoops, or software) your can send to me and I will make sure they are put to good use for a great cause.

My Finishes for 2010
 I finished 14 quilts this past year for WOCS, 1 Princess Quilt for  a 3yr old child who is recovering from numerous heart surgeries, 14 tote bags and numerous small projects that were donated. I also finished Enchanted Alphabet for my home and a Sampler Christmas Tree

My UFOs for 2010
That is Unfinished Objects , I have 5 large quilts for myself and family members that are waiting to be quilted. I was really putting off on those quilts with hopes I could get a long arm sewing machine (another dream machine. As for Counted Cross Stitch  I  have Celtic Summer just about finish, Enchanted Alphabet half finished and Angel of Summer a third of the way done, these are all Lavender and Lace Patterns. So here's hoping that I can get these finished this year.

My New Toy
The Accuquilt Go is my new toy, DH was nice and let me order some dies for it. I now have 11 new dies for my machine, they were delivered yesterday and I have been playing with my toy, cutting out my next quilt. It is so easy and fun to use.

Today, I had planned on emptying out the sewing room and cleaning and reorganizing to make room for my new toy. But DH is home sick and he is sleeping in the room I had intended to move things into, so I will wait til tomorrow before starting on that project. I just don't understand how the sewing room keeps getting so messed up, but it seems after I work on 6 or 7 quilts, there  is fabric everywhere and things like rulers and cutters, cutting mats scissors and threads are scattered on all the tables, the ironing board and iron are taking up floor space and cut threads litter the floor. You would think I was doing some kind of work in there, oh that's right, I was....
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