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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Giveaway at World of Charity Stitcher's blog site

This post is for all my sewing and quilting friends, The World of Charity Stitchers blog is hosting a amazing giveaway for not one but two $ 50.00 gift cards to the Fat Quarter Shop.  Wow, 5 ways to enter, 2 great prizes that you could win.  I just love the Fat Quarter Shop, there are so many beautiful fabrics to chose from.  Lots of Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns, Turnovers, Layer cakes, kits, patterns, yardage.. well there is just to much to name.  It is so easy to order, and if you have a problem they are so helpful, shipping is fast and the quality of the items is the best.  My favorite item at the shop are the grab bags...I never know what will be offered or what fabrics are in the bag, but I know that I will be pleased.  I like a surprise, kind of like opening a Birthday or Christmas present...

So head on over to World of Charity Stitchers Blog and get your entry in.  

While your there take a look at all the beautiful squares and items the ladies have made so far this year.  If you like to stitch or quilt, come join the group, they are a great group of ladies who enjoy bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Momma

Roxy, My husbands girl

My Boy Rascal

They got together 9 weeks ago

what Roxy looked like earlier this week

Now Roxy is a heavy Pom, she likes to eat but during the past 9 weeks she has really gained weight. She was so heavy that she had a hard time getting in the chair with my husband. He would have to pick her up when she wanted to visit him.  I really think she gained 30 lbs.. I didn't weigh her but I should have.

This is as you may have guessed already is the reason for the weight gain.
She was due this past Friday, but decided to have them a few days early. She started into labor at 3am and didn't have the first puppy till 5:30, about a hour later we had number two by 8 am she was done and we had 4 puppies.  This is Roxy's second litter.. Last year she had two puppies, one that looked like Rascal and one that looked like her.. This time, none of the puppies look like the parents.

Roxy and Rascal's Puppies   1 day old
all boys

I almost forgot to let you all know that I was a winner at the Pets on a Quilt Show sponsored by SewCalgal site.  I won viewers choice for my EQ 7 designs.
 I won a package of threads from I Have a Notion's Web store.
Thanks Darlene  SewCal Gal
, Thanks Kelly IHAN

A New Family

Congratulations are in order for my Son.. A few posts back I wrote that his divorce became final and he and his girlfriend Chrissy eloped... BUT  it seems that when they eloped her divorce wasn't final as she thought it was so they found out their marriage wasn't quite legal... SO on the 20 of August they planned to once again get married now that things were settled with their divorces... BUT their daughters decided they wanted to be part of the marriage, so in five short days Chrissy, found dresses, ordered flowers, a cake and prepared for a wedding. It was a small wedding in the park, family in other states didn't have enough notice to be able to attend, but the service was mainly for the girls... I think there were also a few of their friends present.  She did what I did years ago... I moved to Florida, found a dress, and we got married in the gazebo in Riverwalk Park, only ones attending our service was three of my husbands daughters, their children and the two friends who stood up for us.. We had a cake and that was it, hubby had to go to work that night, so we never had a honeymoon... but it worked for us we just celebrated our 14th anniversary.  I hope Donnie and Chrissy have many wonderful years together...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Two More finishes

Moving right along with clearing out the UFO basket, this weekend I put the binding on Mel's Quilt so hers is now ready to go.  Jen's was finished last week and it is about time I got them finished.  They have been in the UFO basket for a year and a half.  I finished the top and put their quilts with MIL and two of mine in the basket, knowing that I would be ordering my Bailey's quilting machine.  Now the my Nellie Bell (everyone names their machine) is here, she has been working overtime trying to get me caught up.  So far she has quilted 8 quilts for WOCS, 2 for MIL and 1 for each step  daughter and 1 each for GS and GD.  So I now have 2 of my own quilts to finish.. I will then be all caught up.  YEAH

The quilts for Jen and Mel are family oriented quilts... each quilt has a center block with the family name, there are Sunbonnet Sue and  Sam blocks to represent each child, there is a wedding block with the couple's wedding date, and on the sides of that block is the blocks that represent Jen and her husband.  There are blocks with the parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters of the couple.  I just hope it is a quilt that will be passed down in each family.  Each girl chose their blocks, and the colors, and fabrics for their quilts... I just designed and made the quilt.  I had planned on three quilts, and as I talked to each of the three girls with which blocks they choose, I found that all three had chosen the same block. They had about ten or so blocks to choose from and they all like the pinwheel in the star block..  Mel chose three blocks, Jen chose two..  Border is checker squares block with a star block on the corners...

Mel's Family Quilt
Turquoise, Yellow and White

Jen's Family Quilt
Green, Tan, White

 Couples Block

Child's Block

Now to get the quilts to the girls.... As I can't go anywhere right now..
Have a little Pom ready to deliver her puppies sometime this week and I won't leave her alone. She is due Friday, but the poor little thing looks like a watermelon right now.. she just waddles around the house and she is so miserable.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pets on a Quilt Show 2011

Voting is now open at SewCalGal's *Pets on a Quilt Show*

Don't forget I am number #18 Southern Style and have entries in every catagory, so you can vote for me if you like what you see here... 

Categories for voting are 

- Dog on quilt/Dog theme

- Cat on quilt/Cat theme

- Other pet on quilt/other pet theme

- Best EQ pet theme quilt design

- Best Art Quilt
My Pet on a Quilt Show Entries
You read my post announcing the coming of the Pets on a Quilt Show and the time is here.
Please enjoy your trip into my world of Pets on a Quilt

This is a quilt I had made for my Mother In Law for her Birthday, as I was trying to photograph it for my album my Pomeranian Puppy decided that she needed to be part of the picture.. 

 Most of my photos this year will be featuring the Quilts I make for Charity.  I belong to The World of Charity Stitchers, a Yahoo group of cross stitchers who stitch squares and send to me to be made into a quilt that will go to a nursing home.  Our group sends quilts and tote bags to Ill Children, Ronald McDonald House,  Nursing Homes, and  Cancer Patients.  We are a small group, but steadly growing in members.  Most of the quilts I make go to a nursing home. Here are a few that were delivered in July.. Seems like this go round of quilts was mostly Pets, good thing for me as I can enter the Pets on  a Quilt Show.

All the quilts I am showing were designed on my  Electric Quilt 7 software and cut out on the Accuquilt GO fabric cutter, sewn on my Janome sewing machine and quilted on my Bailey's quilting machine setup. These great tools along with my rotary cutter ruler make my job so easy..

This is the Cat Quilt  above is the Design I made on EQ 7 on the bottom is the finished quilt

We had so many Dog squares sent in I was able to make two quilts, I thought these lovely dog portraits made a wonderful quilt.. Again, my EQ 7 design on the top and the finished quilt on the bottom.  As you can see, when I design on EQ 7 I use the program as a guide, the fabric may or may not be the same, but most times the colors are similar.

This is my Silly Cow Quilt, I had surgery on my foot and was bored not being allowed to be up and moving, I found a site that had the silly cows and I was hooked, I stitched 5 of them, I think the members of the group stitched enough for two other  quilts, they are at another quilters being made, this quilt was all me.. again EQ 7 on the top and the finished quilt on the bottom

I had enough dog and cat squares left over from the quilts and decided to make a Dog/ Cat Quilt.  This was made for a member of our group who has serious medical issues.. She is a foster mom to dogs and cats and we knew this was the quilt for her. Again EQ 7 design on the top and finished quilt on the bottom

The Butterfly quilt is a work in progress, I know some may not think of butterflies as a pet, but as a child I caught catapillars every summer and put them in a jar, I fed them and gave them a lovely home to live in. I watched in amazement as they spun their coccoon, I watched as they emerged  and spread their beautiful wings.. I then opened their home and watched as they danced like ballerina's in the wind, going  from flower to flower gathering their food.   So the EQ 7 design in on the top and the first square is on the bottom.. Each member will stitch this butterfly pattern in the shades of their choice of colors, I will add a matching border. For my butterfly sample square  I choose Peach as it is one of my favorite colors.

Yet another Butterfly Quilt, this one was still in process when photographed, it has since been finished and given to a friend for her new baby.. It is what I call my cheater butterfly quilt, as the butterflies are  Embroidery machine appliques, first time I tried this type design and I used a faux attic window block to show them off..

I know this isn't a quilt, but the square was stitched  by a lady in my group and sent for the cat quilt.. I just couldn't cut up the lovely designed fabric the cat was stitched on, so instead I made it into a pillow and the lady who recieved it just loves it..

I hope you enjoyed my Pets on a Quilt Show entry...This year I have my Dog on a Quilt,  Dog Quilts, Cat Quilts, Other Pets quilts, HUMMM is a butterfly or a cow a pet, could be, EQ 7 Designs, Embroidery machine designs, Hand Stitched pets and I am a PR angel,
 can you tell I am really into the Pets on a Quilt show... 
So if you have a pet quilt or a pet on a quilt and you have a blog, get the camera out, take a picture, write a post and send the link to Darlene at   I can't wait to see what you have to show.. And if you don't have a Pet or a Quilt you can still have some fun by stopping by the show site and visiting all the wonderful blogs.

I almost forgot to mention that this year my Grand daughter Heather wanted to enter her Pets on a Quilt in the show.
Please stop by Nanbon's Corner Blog  and let Heather know how she did with her entry.

Have a great day and remember your not fully dressed without a little cat or dog hair accents.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Box Tops for Education Giveaway

WE have a winner, Mandi....
Winner has been contacted by email and has 48 hrs to claim the prize.  Thank You to all who entered.  Watch here for more giveaways...

It seems like just yesterday when the kids came home from school, threw their back-packs on the floor and chanted, “It’s summer!” But as the hustle and bustle of back-to-school quickly approaches, Sam’s Club wants to remind you that it’s never too early to start collecting Box Tops. This year, Sam’s Club and Box Tops for Education can help you prepare for the fall when you shop their back-to-school event.

Earn more cash for your local school at Sam’s Club this August with the 6 Box Tops on a Pack promotion.

When you purchase participating Box Top items, you can collect even more Box Tops on some of your favorite General Mills brands such as Honey Nut Cheerios, Nature Valley Oats 'N Honey Crunchy Granola Bars, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, and more!

Sam’s Club has your favorite back to school items from computers to clothing, and at the best values.

Plan ahead and take advantage of the savings made simple at Sam’s Club. Your wallet - and your local school - will be thanking you! To learn more about the Box Tops for Education Program and how you can help contribute to your school, visit
Box Tops for Education Website

Sam’s Club Website

Sam’s Club Facebook

Sam’s Club Twitter

Yes my friends it is once again that time, Time to get your children ready for another exciting year of learning, time to shop for all the school supplies they will need to give them the best possible start this year. Time to lend a helping hand to your school by participating in the Box Tops for Education programs.  I am a grandmother with many school age grandchildren and I participate in the Box Tops for Education program. I buy specially marked boxes for my schools, and I track my schools progress on the web site. Do you want to help your local school, you can start by visiting any of the above web sites, collecting the boxtops for your school... And I can help. Enter now for a chance to Win a $ 25.00 gift card.
 What better way to start the school year then winning a gift card for Sam's Club.
The Prize
One $25 Sam’s Club gift card

Mandatory Entry
Visit the Box Tops for Education web site and tell me something you learned

Box Tops for Education Website

Extra Entries
  • Tell me if you have participated in Box Tops for Education in the past, and which school you selected
  • Become a follower of Southern Style
  • Like Box Tops for Education in Facebook
  • Like Sam's Club on Facebook

That's it, 5 chances to enter, 5 chances to win,  Drawing will be held on August 26, winner will be notified by email.  Please make sure I have a way of contacting you if you are the lucky winner..

"Disclosure: The Sam’s Club gift card, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark."

Monday, August 1, 2011

MILs quilt finished

a Lone Star for Bernice
I finally finished the Lone Star and it is on its way to my Mother In Law... She should have it tomorrow and I am sitting on pins and needles wondering if she is going to like it.. She loved the small one I sent for her couch so I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will love this one too. Sorry the photo doesn't show the whole quilt, but it was just to big..

This has once again been a weird couple of weeks... seems my sons divorce became final and he and his girlfriend Chrissy Eloped two weeks ago.. So I now have a new daughter and three new grand children... one young GD, one College GD and a GS in the Military.

As for Step daughter Mel... she is continuing on her bad luck streak... she was suppose to have a follow up on her Cyst issue with a doctor from the hospital and he would recommend a surgeon if needed... But this weekend that doctor was arrested, seems the FBI had that clinic under investigation on prescribing to many pain meds.. So she now has to start all over with a new doctor.. 

I also Finished another Dolly Mama tonight