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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Needlework charts on Sale for Charity

A Sale for Charity... Proceeds will be donated to  The World of Charity Stitchers.

One of our Members has a Etsy Site featuring needlework charts and patterns. There are many different designers, lots of items to choose from with more added every week. Plus the best part is the price... You can not find these charts at these low prices anywhere else.   She is donating the proceeds to The World of Charity Stitchers.   The money will be used to purchase materials for the quilts, tote bags, wheel chair bags, and walker bags that the group makes and donates to nursing homes, Ronald McDonald House, a abused  women and cchildren's shelter, ill children and cancer patients.
So stop by  Stitching for Charity shop at get some great deals, plus you will be helping a worthy cause in the process.. It is a Win, Win situation for all.

Poor Little Boy

Our little Pomeranian  got a little frisky again with our Maltese and the result was this adorable little boy. There was just one little puppy and being that there was just one, he got special treatment around here. He was just the best little boy, and so smart, he was paper trained before he left the Whelping box. Well he was 8 weeks old last weekend and ready to go to his forever home.. This is where his story begins.... We had a girl from AT&T come to the door and offered the new UVerse hookup... Our neighborhood had just gotten the fiber optic lines installed.  So being that everything was under ground and the cost was so good I decided to sign up for the service. *I thought it was that low because of the new lines and them trying to get the whole neighborhood installed* The girl that was selling the service was so sweet, and she fell in love with this little boy.. she would pick him up when he was ready to go.  In the meantime, the installer for AT&T had come out on our appt. and said we would not be happy as there was a problem.. seems what the girl promised was not what was ordered... he said she was wrong, so I called her and she said go ahead and have him install and she would fix it when she came for the puppy that night.  Something wasn't right and I wasn't having anything installed until the he said, she said thing was settled.. So the installer left and we headed to the local AT&T store and talked to the manager, after all he should be able to figure this all out.  He did, seems our sales girl was a sub contractor who promised what she couldn't deliver and it would have been to late if we had taken her advice to install and our bill would have been $100 per month over what she told us. Needless to say she never showed up to pick up the puppy, guess the AT&T store manager got ahold of her boss..

So on to number two, I put a ad in the local online site and had a women who wanted the dog for her young son. They came out the next day and fell in love with the little guy.. Later that night I got a call from the lady, seems her husband was not happy at all that she got a puppy and to keep peace she needed to bring him back or have me help her find him a new home. I told her to bring him back, as I didn't want him somewhere where he wasn't wanted, he is way to nice for that.  So the poor little boy had to give up his puppy because of his dad, it broke my heart to see how upset the little boy was.. He told me to tell the puppy that he really liked him and it wasn't his fault, and would I please find him a nice home.

So I once again placed the ad for the little boy.. now years ago a similar thing happend with my Maltese Boy, but after coming back to me twice I decided to just keep him and he was the best dog.  He passed away last December.. so should I keep this little puppy as he was coming back to me like my Shy Guy did.  NO I have my Rascal and I don't need another male dog.. so the ad is in and I get a call from a young lady, she and her two friends came out and little boy once again has a new home.. His new owner is a teacher and her roommate who is a student at the local college.  They have the summer off and plan on using the time to train the little boy. Everyone seems Happy and I hope this time the little boy has found his forever home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here's Dolly again

I have finished yet another Dolly Mama, this is the "Put on you big girl panties and deal with it" Mama... she has been added to the collection.  Dolly makes my 19 finish in Cross Stitch for this year.
Now that Dolly is done I think I will work on my Enchanted Alphabet, and there is a heart and butterfly I want to stitch out, and of course I might just start another Dolly Mama...  So making her first time Blog post is Dolly...
I also have most of the lap quilts finished, three more just went to the frame for quilting.  Makes it so nice having a portable AC unit in the garage where the frame is, I can quilt in comfort.  I am hoping to have the quilts posted next week, that is if things go as planned.

As for me, my hand healed but left a nasty scar... so I recovered... and THEN   it happened again... Must be my year of accidents... this time I was trying to get my husband's stubborn Pomeranian in the house and in her mood she just sat and looked at me.  So I decided to get a flashlight and head out in the yard for her.. Opps, better put on shoes before stepping off the porch so I turned to slip into the Crocs I have setting out there and my feet got tangled in a hose.. Yes, I had put a hose on the patio, I had been watering the plants and didn't want to leave it laying in the yard for me to trip over, so I put it on the patio under the porch swing.  Well, somehow I managed to get tangled and down I went. At the time I was more flustered than hurt or so I thought.. so I gave up on the dog and headed to our bedroom and bath to clean up. Hubby saw me and asked why I looked so unset, until he saw the blood running down my leg... yes, I got a bad case of road rash.. so I cleaned the wounds and applied Band-aids, three on the left leg and one on left toe,  Right toe really hurt, but no wound, just a jam there, it did turn lovely colors.  Left arm needed Band-aids, but the right arm was OK as is the head... Left knee swelled right away, so ice for it... took some pain pills and off to sleep.. woke the next morning and was wondering were the truck was that had ran over me.  So here I sit, left leg still hurts and so does the right toe, but I will heal again... I just so hope this is the last of my accident prone stage..

I do have yard work that needs done, the hedges need trimmed, but I am afraid to even think of attempting to get the trimmer out.. Might need to hire someone to come and trim for me.  Hubby and I cleaned out the gutters last weekend, but I was so afraid his knee would give out while he was on the ladder, so I went up the ladder on the back of the house and I didn't fall, so that was good.. some things do work out well.  I just wish my son lived closer as then I wouldn't have to worry how to get these things done, because he would do it for me.

Rain, Rain, don't go away
come out, come out and play....  
YEAHHHH   We have Thunderstorms suppose to hit our area daily.. We really need the rain.. I would love a week of slow steady rain.  Right now you can hear the Thunder, I just hope the rain follows... my plants would love it...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wish I were there

Today is fun Friday at Accuquilt and here is a link to their latest retreat... how I wish I could have went, they always have so much fun at these retreats.  Plus everyone at the retreat received a GO Baby and dies at the retreat... I WANT ONE TOO......   follow the link to see what all went on....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Crazy Stacked Pots Planter....

This is what I stopped at Lowe's for this weekend... the supplies to make my Crazy Stacked Pots Planer.
Items needed
1     large Terracotta Pot
3     smaller Terracotta Pots.... you can use more, I made mine with 4
1     4 ft section of rebar
       potting soil

very easy to set up. lightly hammer rebar into ground where you want your planter to be,  set large pot over the rebar through the bottom hole, fill with soil to top, slide smaller pot down the rebar  though bottom hole and set it at a angle, fill with dirt, set second pot over the rebar, sitting on the rim of the first pot and fill with dirt, continue with your other pot or pots. You want to make sure that the rebar is hidden in the last pot, use your hammer to put it further in the ground before placing the last pot.  when all the pots are in the position that you like just add your plants, water and watch them grow..  People wonder how you got the planters to stack in that crazy pattern... One lady in my neighborhood thought that I glued them... Nope the trick is the rebar... Have fun.   And if you happen to break a pot... lay it on a mound of dirt like it just fell over and broke... fill it with soil and plant inside the planter and down the mound of dirt the pot is laying on... sorry no picture of that display....

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Dolly Mamas

Here she is my Dolly Mama Shoe Shopper,  I have finished yet another of the lovely Dolly Mama's... Hubby still thinks they are Ugly, I think they are just cute...  It took me a little longer to finish this little lady due to the hand still in bandages, but she is now in the box with the other ladies waiting for me to finish all the kits and make them into a quilt. Looks like it might take awhile to finish that project, but the stitching is something I can do while watching TV at night.
Yesterday was a enjoyable day, Hubby's daughter from Alabama came in to show us her new car that she picked up on Saturday. Her old car had serious issues, she decided not to fix it but to go for a new one, even though she really didn't want car payments again
. Grandson wanted to head to the local game shop to see if they had some old Game Cube games.. these are getting harder to find since they no longer make that game system.. He has lost all his games in the fire, but still had the box so the hunt is on to find the games.
After the game store we headed to Lowe's hardware store, I wanted to pick up some clay pots to do a stacking flower planter in my yard.. BIG mistake we made was going into the store, if we would have stayed in the garden section we would have been OK... But Mel needed trim for her bathroom door and GS wanted black light switch covers. 
So we passed the clearance section and found a small Ice Cream maker, the kind that makes pint size which is perfect for Hubby and me... OK got that, the dept mgr was talking to us and asked if we needed anything else from clearance, like a new medicine cabinet... after some wheeling and dealing I ended up with the cabinet at the price I wanted to pay which was about 1/4 of the clearance price, Mel didn't know you could deal with items, so she learned something new.. We also picked up a new toaster, this one is a Oster.. I had a Black and Decker and it just didn't do a good job. 
 Then we headed to the Air Conditioners, we were looking to see how much the portables are... Got a good deal on that unit as it was the last one and they will deal on a display model..  This unit for now will be in the garage to cool the area the quilting machine and table are so I can finish some of the quilts.  When DH needs to work in his  workshop he can move the AC to that building.. so I think this might be a good investment for us, trying to keep cool in the south.
We came home and I had a pot roast in the slow cooker, I made some mashed potato's and creamed corn. It was really good as even GS went back for seconds.

I have made a decision about giving gifts and items we pick up for family members... I am so tired of spending time searching for items that they would love to have.  Sending them home or dropping off the items at their house and never hearing if they like the item or if they even got the item.. So from now on, I have decided that they must pick up their item in person, I think that is fair... We love seeing the grand kids and we really do understand that they have a life, and that grand ma and grand pa are probably towards the end of the important people list, being that the new boyfriend or girlfriend is more then likely at the top.. But if they want the item, birthday card or what ever else we might have for them,  they must take a few short minutes out of their busy schedule to stop by the house and say HI.. I don't think that is to much to ask... We have grand kids who live less then 30 minutes from us and they can't take the time to stop and visit, it has been a year and a half since they were at our house. We  hear one excuse after another on why they didn't stop, but we read of them heading here or there to visit friends or other family and they were so close it would have taken a few minutes to stop and just say Hi.   We go to their house and big surprise they are out doing their thing.. Well, NO more just dropping things off, sorry guys, but maybe this will wake you up to realize that we are important to and it doesn't cost to spend a little  time with grandparents or parents, I know we are boring in your mind, but realize we won't be here forever and when we are gone you will miss us and wish you would have taken those few minutes to spend with us.  So now there will be a box at the house for each family, if I find something I will put it in the box... If after a year it is still here, then I will freecycle it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


It is summer time here in the south, things are just getting to darn hot... As you know, I have been dealing with problems all year long, seems like when one thing gets fixed something else breaks down.  Oh and I am referring to ME and my body or My Family.... just one bad thing after another this year.  So as a recap on me, I had a heel spur, opted for surgery, found it to be more scar tissue then heel spur, so it was fixed.. Just got out of the surgical shoe and spent a day with DH and SD and somehow I ended up with a stress fracture, so into a boot cast... I get out of the cast and now take it easy, plan on a garage sale and after a busy day of sales, decide to make me something to eat, while waiting for it to heat up, I decided to wash dishes and you know the rest, 9 stitches.... Well those stitches came out Monday, oh did I mention that I whacked the hand the Friday before the stitches came out, well I did and yes it delayed the stitches coming out by a few days... OK  your now caught up.  So yesterday I decided that with the summer heat, it was now time to wash the back patio, and put up the new portable gazebo, you know the ones that fit into a bag and you just pull the legs outward and it pops up....Well, I tried to get it up by myself and that just didn't work, so I asked DH to help and he came out to lend a hand.. Things were going great, we got the top opened and in place and the only thing left was to bring down the legs... That's when it happened.... YES I did it again, do you know the term sticks out like a sore thumb... Well it is true, if you have a hand, thumb, leg, foot injury, be prepared as it will get in the way every time you try to do something.    Somehow my hand slipped and I hit the side of a planter, it hurt but what was worse was that my nice clean patio was now changing to red... Yes I knocked the hand open... so DH took a look and insisted we make a ER run again..  They couldn't stitch it again, so this time it is butterflied and again, don't get it wet, let the strips fall off and the doctor told me to slow down, she kind of sounds like my husband with that statement.  She then said that if I had to do anything, I was to take and wrap my hand in a ace bandage, again she sounded like my husband... GEE, this is going to be so much fun, trying to do anything with the hand in a bandage that looks as big as a catcher's mitt...

On another note, I received bad news from my son in PA... He had just gotten back from Indy where he and his sister went to find out about my EX and his Cancer.. Seems the only thing that they can do for him now is Chemo..  My son had  also called to let me know that a very dear friend had passed away this week... He was the husband of my best childhood friend and their daughter is like my own. And then today I received a email from a past co-worker asking for prayers for her husband... he is ready to make his journey, he has been ill for over a year and says he wants to go.   I guess the reality of how short life is is now taking a toll on my life.. these people have all touched my life in some way or another.  Just a few years ago I almost lost the love of my life and was so blessed that he made a recovery and is still in my life... Now my friends and family are losing those men who are so important to them... Karen, Don, Kacey and Diane you are in my thoughts and prayers....