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Monday, November 30, 2009

Yipeeeee, I won

Did a opps I had forgotten to add Ally's items to the end, so they got pushed in here. The puppys, kittys and shoes

The old fashion shoes for centerpieces, they are not identical, but close as I free handed painting them.

My win, pair of pin cushions from This and That Fabric and Craftshop Shuffle blog

The trees, Mel and I made for Family

Beautiful Autumn Rose Quilt kit

This is the Quilt kit that I REALLY want to win.

This is a closeup of some of the fabric that is in the quilt kit

Did I say I REALLY, REALLY want to win this

I have been having the time of my life online lately. I have been entering all kinds of contests and giveaways and best of all I have been winning. Come to think of it, wonder why I can't win at the lottery, oh well one day soon my number will be drawn for that too. Last week I received fat quarters in the mail from fabric designer Janet Bate's blog site "Chocolate is my Favorite Color." Janet was one of the featured quilt block designers chosen for the 100 quilt block magazine and was highlighted in the 100 block blog tour.

This morning I was notified that I was a winner again, this time it was the This and That Fabric and Craftshop Shuffle Blog where my name was drawn. I won the two pincushions shown above, one for me and one to share. Linda and Sandy are having yet another blog contest, to enter just leave a comment, the prize is a beautiful Quilt kit called Autumn Rose. It is beautiful and would make a wonderful item for the nursing home. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one folks. Go to their site and enter, than if you win you can give me the quilt kit as a Christmas present, wouldn't that be nice? I think so.... and here is the link to their blog This-n-That Fabrics and Craftshop Shuffle

I have also loaded pictures of the Ceramic Trees that Mel and I made. Most were delivered or picked up this weekend, and I am waiting for the last base to come out of the Gold and Mother of Pearl firing so we can pack those trees and ship up north to hubby's family. Now that the trees are done and the house should be finished with the decorating this week, I will have time to finish the quilted lap robes for WOCS group, the grand kids will be doing the wrapping and then they will be ready for their Holiday delivery. I was also informed that Heather has adopted one of the seniors as her service project. I think her lady asked for hair ties and things. I understand that the seniors wrote wish lists and hung them on the tree. Most of the items requested are personal care products. If you are interested in adopting a senior at the home leave a comment and I will get it to Mel. and she can get a list or give you more information on what the seniors need. Items could be shipped here and Mel will delivery them.

I almost forgot, because I could only fire one tree at a time, I made the puppies, kittens and old fashion shoes for the centerpieces for Ally's Bat Mitzvah. Jack's Bar Mitzvah is in April but I am finished with the prep work for his arrangements, Ally's is in Sept. and I am now finished with the prep work for hers. Jack's centerpieces will look like firecrackers with a tiger, his theme is Chinese (year of the tiger), Ally's will be a Tea Party theme and arrangement will be a tea cup filled with sweetheart roses, with a shoe and a puppy or kitten.

That's all for now folks.

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Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Nan, Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the pottery. My grandmom had these christmas trees and I have looked for them high and low for one. Is it a mold? Is it something easy to make or do you need a kiln? Very nice. Thanks for becoming a follower. I will enter you in my contest. Good luck. Steph