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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Its Over

Christmas Eve and Day are now over, gifts unwrapped and out the door. For us the big family thing was Christmas Eve, we had the sound of little feet running all around the house. They came, they ate, they unwrapped and they left, in a torrential downpour I might add. All day it rained and by the time everyone got here it was pouring cats and dogs. When they left it was raining even harder, but they all managed to get home safe and sound.

The youngest Grandchild Rebecca spent a lot of her time in front of the chocolate fountain stuffing Strawberries in her mouth. I wonder if Jenny will be able to save her little dress, it had chocolate everywhere, but she had fun. The Teen girls were being their sassy self, back talking their moms, I hope they soon grow up and get out of that stage. Mel is getting double duty as Kyle is now getting snippy to, they think it is cool to act this way. Hang in there Mel it does get better, one day you will have mature adult children. Jack, is younger then Emily, but he is acting so grown up lately, I don't hear him sassing his Mom like the girls are. He seems to be mature for his age. Jenny is showing more grey lately, has to be the attitude she gets from the kids and to think she has 6 to get over this stage, she might be totally grey before all is said and done, that's what they make hair dye for.

As for me and my list to Santa:

I woke up Christmas Morning and looked outside and there in the driveway was a Silver Vehicle, that's it, Santa is real, he had given me my car. WAIT a minute, that isn't the car in the picture, it looks a little familiar to me. Hey what goes here, I know that car, it belongs to Phillip. So the car wasn't for me, Phillip had driven here and when he left he drove Jenny's van home (Jenny doesn't like driving at night and besides the weather was horrible) They will be here to pick up his car Sunday. So no car for me, no quilting machine, I did get a Wii Fit but not from Santa, we bought it at K-Mart. As for the necklaces, I got the dragonfly necklace and a Butterfly necklace set both came from hubby. No mermaid or pom necklace from Santa, no PC Stitch software (guess I have to order that too) Quilt Material, this was in my mailbox Thursday , my win from sewmamasew and last was the cross stitch supplies, nope didn't get anything from that list. So in my opinion, THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS, at least not one that stops here. Heck, Santa didn't even fill my stocking and Evelyn is no longer with us to fill it for me. My items came from my Santa, my hubby. Thank you dear for all you do for me, you are the one person who makes my Christmas Special.

Grandson Kyle got me a cute little candle lamp for my spa bath (see he can be sweet), and Melanie got me some little treasures for crafting or to hang on my tree. That's it, well I did get the Simplicity Rotary Cutter and Bias Tape Maker, but it didn't make it back under the tree. Oh and friends Sharon & Mike got Hubby and I a gift certificate for Texas Roadhouse and a $ 10.00 scratch off ticket (not a winner)

I spent months making Ceramic trees, floral arrangements, cookies, shopping and wrapping gifts, decorating the house and for what, in a matter of a few minutes things are unwrapped and loaded in cars and they are gone. So I think for next year a gift certificate per family, they can do the shopping and wrapping. Jenny for Hanukkah, Melanie and Donnie for Christmas, besides we are just getting to old for all this work. Next week it all comes down and gets packed away again, that is if the outdoor blowups ever dry out.

Christmas Day we didn't do anything, we just sat around and watched TV and I worked on my cross stitch Celtic Summer design. Nice and quiet, lots of Christmas movies on and we had leftovers for dinner, so just a reheat no cooking. Today we are going to brave the stores, I need to return a blouse to Wal-mart. I bought it for Christmas Eve and when I tried it on something just didn't seem right. Took a minute to figure out that the blouse had two left sleeves, there is a notch in the back of the sleeve and on the other sleeve it was in the front. Guess it was made in China, so back it goes.

One more thing to add, We found homes for all the puppies but one. Lady Charmaine (Charmin) is now officially one of our family. She like all the rest will be spoiled rotten oh, so sorry I mean Pamper. She has already made herself quite at home.

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Martha's Favorites said...

It sounds like you had a great time with your family, despite the fact that Santa forgot to fill your stocking. Don't give up, next year will be better. Blessings, Martha