Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

finally, dolly is done

I have been letting my Dolly Mama project fall to the wayside lately... So last month I pulled another kit out and started working on it... Well, with taking care of things around the house, quilting, sewing and then getting so sick my Dolly was put aside.  Now that I am pretty much recovered from my surgery I picked up Dolly and once again started stitching.  This one for some reason took me forever but she is done and has joined the growing group of Dolly Mamas that are hanging out in the sewing room, patiently waiting to be turned into a quilt.  I think I counted 6 more kits waiting to be stitched.  I will make this Quilt with all my Dolly Mamas, I will put it on my bed,  and I can't wait to see hubby's expression when I do... He thinks my lovely Dolly Mamas are so ugly.. and he dosen't really think I will make them into a quilt for our bed... HA  he should know me better by now....I am driven to finish this project...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October craziness


  It is that time of the year when the weather turns just a little bit cooler... Even here in Florida we get some of the Fall color, not from the trees showing their colors, but from other sources.  I bought three lovely Mum bushes which occupy the planters on my porch, rich burgundy, shades of orange and a lovely yellow add just the perfect Fall touch to the porch.  I use to decorate the front of the house for Halloween, or should I say the grand kids decorated, but not this year.  The kids are getting older and not into that anymore so instead I just add some Mums and maybe a pumpkin or two and be done. No more skeletons, ghosts, witches, skulls or spooky music, besides where we live there is very little activity on Trick or Treat night.  Guess the houses are just to far apart.. I will still have a cauldron full of treats just in case that princess or pirate, ghost or goblin rings the bell.  For my Halloween decorations I am just putting out the dogs... My Halloween dogs that is...
  I was at Cracker Barrel Restaurant a few months ago and they had these adorable dogs on sale.. I just had to get them.. bought a set for me and one for Melanie as she still decorates for the holidays.
 I really think the main reason I go to Cracker Barrel is to shop at the country store... or maybe not, might be the ham dinner... or the breakfast or maybe their corn bread... NO I really think it is the store... they have something for everyone there.... and the store is always changing according to the season... and their sales are fantastic... plus I love the shirts I get there, great quality...and who can not remember something in the nostalgic candies they have there, I love the Nesco wafers.
Love Frankenpoochie

Funny Doggy is ready

This was Mel's favorite, as she has a  dachshund
So for creativity this past month, well not to much got done as I was recuperating from my surgery and not allowed to lift, push or pull.  So when the doc gave me the go ahead of returning to my crafting this is what I did.
Pillows to match the quilt themes for WOCS
these will be delivered in December to a nursing home
I just love this top... the ladies stitched veggies, I had Veggie fabric and a lovely red checked fabric that reminded me of a table cloth.  Perfect for the Veggie quilt.. But then it needed just that special touch and I added two Chefs. They are Anita Goodesign embroidery designs and are just the touch this quilt needed..
I also made this Tiger quilt.  The designs are by AZ embroidery Barn and are just precious.
Tiger fabric frames the little guys, a jungle print is the sashing and Hunter Khaki frames the top, the back will be Wild cats.
I am now allowed to return to the quilting machine so my Lizzy has been loaded and my Mom's watercolor quilt has finally been quilted.  I just need a binding and it will be on the way to my son. The basket quilt is one of two quilts that my Mom and I made together,  I will post a photo when I get the binding on it.