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Monday, March 29, 2010

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My Birthday is Easter April 4, and to celebrate I am having a Birthday Giveaway on my Nanbon's Corner Site

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pattern Giveaway

Greta from Greta's Studio is hosting a giveaway for one of her handbag patterns.  Take a hop over to her site and enter to win one of her original patterns.  While you are there look around at this amazing lady's work.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Giveaway

My Birthday is Easter and to celebrate I am having a Birthday Giveaway on my Nanbon's Corner Site
Stop by and enter to win. Lots of pizes to win.

Baby's last night

Mitzi's new Quilt

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Mitzi's Puppy Bag

Mitzi is ready to go

Baby Girl or should I say Miss Mitzi is bathed, brushed and her bag is packed, she is ready to go to her new home. Tomorrow we will say good bye to this adorable little girl, she has been a real joy to have around. I am sure her new owners will love her as much as we did. She has had her bath, I used Fresh and Clean doggy soap, this is the best shampoo for dogs that I have found. The scent it leaves on the dogs is wonderful and it lasts for a week or so. I have her puppy bag all packed, and yes every puppy goes to their new owner with a puppy bag. I will admit that this puppy will have a little more in her bag. I pack puppy food, treats, puppy pads and her shot record in the bags, but this time I added a stuffed animal, her favorite toy and I made her a quilt. I know, this is really going a little to far but the new owners are so sweet and this puppy was really special, so I made Mitzi her own quilt. She and her mom have been using it so hopefully with moms scent on the quilt it will help her be a little less homesick.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have a Spring Finish

Bernice's Lone Star Quilt

I just finished putting the borders on a Lone Star Quilt that I am making for my Mother-In-Law. I thought it looked like spring and she loves purples so it should make her happy. Now I just need to get it to the frame and quilted... Oh how I wish I had a long arm quilter, Well I can dream can't I....LOL

Nanbon's Corner Information:
Don't forget to keep watching as I will soon be posting a link for my Birthday Giveaway on Nanbon's Corner. Also if you go there now you will find all kinds of buttons and posts on wonderful giveaway sites to enter. The Winner for the Reading Glasses Shopper Giveaway was Debbi. Congratulations to Debbi and thank you to all my readers who entered the giveaway.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

PIF Project

This is one of my charity quilts, it was delivered last weekend to a lady who is fighting cancer, she was in remission and now it is back. She wanted something to take to the hospital with her to keep her warm as she gets her treatments.  Sandi,  the recipentent of the quilt, is the lady in the back with the smile's, the other lady in the blue shirt is Sharon, she recommended Sandi for the quilt.

The puppy has a new name, new owner and soon a new home.
Two weeks ago I was contacted by not one, nor two but three people looking for puppies and they had my email from the ad we had in December.  All were told we had 1 little girl that was three weeks old. We waited until the little girl went to the vet and got her first shot and OK from the vet the she was healthy. I then contacted the first lady and she came out to see her. She wanted the little girl but her fiance just wasn't sure, he wanted a manly dog. Second lady was contacted and she came out Sunday, the minute she got out of her car and saw our beautiful little girl the lady said, I want her.  They looked at the parents and played with the baby. Both her and her husband fell in love with the little girl. I know Vicki wanted to take her home, but she was only 6 weeks and she needs to be with her mom for two more weeks. Just to make sure she gets the very best start.  Vicki emailed me and they had decided on a name, the baby girl is now Mitzi.  Next weekend Mitzi will make a trip to her new home, her new parents have been getting ready for her arrival. They got her food, treats, toys, collar, leash, puppy pads and rain gear.  Can you tell that little Mitzi will be one spoiled girl, oh thats right, not spoiled, pampered. We have one more week with her, then we will deliver her to her new home. She is one lucky little girl to be getting such a good home with this wonderful couple.

My Sad Encounter Today.
We have one of those black tub ponds in the front flower bed. I went out for the mail today and as I passed the pond I noticed something in the water.  From time to time I will find a mouse or frog floating in the water, but today it was bigger. It was almost as big as the puppy and it looked like a puppy but with bigger ears.  I fished the little creature out of the pond and it was a small bunny. Poor little thing was just trying to get a drink and must have fallen in. I get so sad when I see something like this. I know that a lot of creatures benefit from my ponds so I won't take them out but I wonder what I need to do so that a bunny can get a drink safely. I guess I  need to put the slate ramp back in the pond, maybe that would help.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Golden Quilter Awards- Vote for your favorite nominees

SewCalGal blog is hosting the Golden Quilter Awards, Stop by to vote for your favorites in the quilting world. The Categories are: Best Designer, Best Teacher/Instructor, Best Author, Best Quilt store (physical location), Best Quilt Store Online, Best Long Arm Quilter, Most Innovative New Product (Physical Item), Best Innovative New Product (Software) and Most Influential Person in the World of Quilting AKA Lifetime Achievement Award. I have voted for my favorites, now you can too, please take a few minutes to look over the list of Nominees and Vote for your favorites. What a wonderful way to honor these men and women who love quilting and who inspire others, plus the new products that we all love and would hate to be without.

I do have a special interest in the Lifetime achievement award. Lorraine Millar ( Nominee) is a wonderful women who passed away from cancer. She had been a quilter all her life (80 years) and even as she fought for her life and endured her Chemotherapy she continued to hand quilt. From the time Lorraine was a young child she and her two sisters would sit at Grammy Armstrong's Quilt frame, stitching to help bring extra money into the home, Lorraine was taught that the stitches had to be perfect and if there was a mistake it needed to be taken out and redone. For years the three girls learned from their Mother and Grand Mother, stitch by stitch. Lorraine was the only one of the three girls who continued with her gift of quilting. When Lorraine married and started her family she to would quilt and crochet to bring extra money into the home. Her quilts were treasures and each one was made with Lorraine's loving touch, each stitch was perfect. If she heard of someone in need of a little warmth or cheering up, Lorraine would make sure a quilt headed in their direction. She made quilts for the homeless, returning soldiers, newborns, seriously ill children and cancer patients. When there was a marriage or new baby in the family a quilt would be made as that special gift.  Lorraine had also helped out at the local Jr High's Home Economics dept. teaching the students the art of quilting. I remember when she helped out my 6 grade class as we drew our Lancaster Heritage blocks, stitched them, she sewed them together and set up a frame in our class room and we learned from this wonderful lady how to quilt. The Lancaster County Heritage quilt was given to our town mayor at the end of the school year. Lorraine always had her frame set up and neighborhood children would come and learn sitting around that frame, not only did we learn, but we stayed out of trouble. There wasn't a quilt that Lorraine and I made together, she was hand stitching and me I liked my machine so we did our own thing our own way. When she was going through her Chemo treatments I stayed with her for two months, and in that time we made our first start to finish quilt together, it was a Dina Pappas design for a watercolor heart quilt, I added a embroidery section that said " Live, Love, Laugh" this is what we lived by. The big frame was long gone as her house was just not big enough for it, but she had her large oval lap frame and she would work when she was strong enough and not sick from her Chemo. We finished this joint effort quilt which was for my home and started on the basket of flowers quilt for her home, The top was made, and borders added and put into her lap frame, the plans were made as to what designs would be quilted, she started to quilt it, but the basket was never finished as this wonderful women lost her battle to Cancer. I inherited all her sewing machines and items. I felt a strong urge to continue in her work, to finish her unfinished projects. For years my husband and I had searched craft sales, yard and garage sales for fabric, yarn and equipment, we would deliver the years goodies to that lovely lady and she would turn them into beautiful items which she would give to those in need. I now continue to do her work and make and donate quilts to nursing homes, ill children and cancer patients. Lorraine may be gone but her work lives on in me, I am her daughter and so very proud of her and all she had done and all she has passed on to others. So Lorraine Millar was my vote for Lifetime achievement award...To me she has already won her Golden Quilter's Award.
The Last Finished Quilt made with love by Mother and Daughter and the basket quilt still unfinished

Great Giveaway at Nanbon's Corner

If you read my last post you probably noticed all my winnings for January and February. I want to tell you about one of those wins and give you a chance to be a winner to. In January I was the lucky winner of a Gift Certificate to Reading Glasses Shopper web site. There were so many styles to choose from, half frames, full frames, bifocals, computer glasses, sunglass readers, folding glasses and accessories. I purchased a pair of the 4.0 readers with my certificate to use with my counted cross stitching and beading. I was so surprised when I received my glasses, they were really well constructed, rather stylish and very comfortable to wear, all this at a great price. I had order a pair for me for my crafting and a pair for hubby to use with his coin collecting. I just love my new glasses for doing the close work of cross stitching and beading. I loved them so much I wanted to share with all my readers so I contacted Reading Glasses Shopper and I was offered a gift certificate as a giveaway prize. My sister site Nanbon's Corner, is hosting this great giveaway for a $25. gift certificate to Reading Glasses Shopper web site. If you would like a chance to win this great prize visit Nanbon's Corner to place your entry. You can get up to 5 entries in the Reading Glasses Shopper's giveaway.The Giveaway will end on March 21st, winner will be drawn using the Random Number Generator and winner will be notified by email. OK now here's you chance, rush over to Nanbon's Corner and get your entry in for this great prize.

Good Luck, hope you win.......Nana Bonnie

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st

Another Month has come and gone, with the One World, One Heart Giveaway taking up most of January and February, my little blog has gotten behind with the updates.  As you all know I am so addicted to giveaways, I spend hours searching these wonderful blogs, learning about new products, and best of all entering their giveaways, or maybe the best part is the winning of great prizes. I love these blogs so much and have so much fun in my search for these blogs that I now have a giveaway blog called Nanbon's Corner you can visit here  Stop by and say hello and enter my giveaway.  Ending today March 1st is the Pillsbury coupon for yummy sweet rolls and a beautiful desk top frame...  Starting tomorrow I will be offering a Gift Certificate to Reading Glasses Shopper web site.  This is one you just don't want to miss out on.
I didn't get to post my wins for January so here is what I have won for January and February

January Wins 
Charm Squares from Quakertown Quilts, Pattern from Stitcher's Workshop, Fiskar's 12 in 1 tool from Sew Mama Sew, Gift Certificate from Reading Glasses Shopper, Lazy Susan electric buffet server from Trying to Stay Calm, Santa Wall Hanging Kit from This n That Fabric.

February Wins
 Gift Certificate from Passion for Beads, (OWOH) Braided Wire Cuff from JaxsBeads, (OWOH) Fountain Seed Bead earrings from fred Beans Nook. (OWOH) Quilted bag from Artquilts, (OWOH) my heart painting from Caryls realms and last night I was notified that I won, EggsacT egg timer from Brynwood needleworks blog, GetSerious pet odor remover from letsjustgiveitaway, and Mary Kay's Day and Night Time Wise kit from dedeblogland.

See it does pay to play, hope you find some giveaways to enter, if you need a starting point visit my giveaway site at enter my giveaway and then look to the right and you will find buttons for some of my favorite sites. If you know of some great sites, send me a email at or leave a comment here