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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Month

I won again, My Prize is this 1/2 yard bundle of Fraktur Fabrics

This has got to be my month, I won a gift certificate from Quaker Quilts at the Craftshop shuffle, than I won three charts at the needlework show. Are you ready for this, I won again, this time it is all that beautiful fabric shown above, from This-n-That Fabric's blog. I was just checking out the shops from the shuffle and saw they had a blog on quilting, so I signed up to be a follower, lots of good info on quilting. They were also having a contest to introduce people to the blog, AND I won the prize. So you can see why I say this is my month, guess I should make a trip to Biloxi with this kind of luck. But really if you quilt, you should check out This-N-That Fabric's web site, the have some gorgeous fabrics, great patterns, and some free patterns. There are so many fabrics, but I found some I really liked, like the spellbound, apple cider and Civil war collections just to name a few, a great fabric store, and they have contests and specials, hey, just check them out and see what I am talking about.
Winning also helped take my pain away, you see I was working in the garage, pouring ceramic molds. I had just finished and was taking some of the buckets outside to wash, but I didn't make it. As I tried to shut the door to the back room I got my fingers slammed in the door. I know my fault for trying to carry to much and trying to shut the door with all that in my hands. But I tell you this, IT HURT, really bad. I tried putting my fingers under cold water, but that didn't help. I called for Sean and he got the ice ready, but it took awhile to stop hurting that bad. I didn't break the fingers, but there is a big lump and the nail and finger are swollen and black and blue and it still hurts. Just what I need is a injury to my hand, I have to many things to do, oh well, take it easy and do what I can do till this heals. But reading my email that I was a winner did help to take my mind off the hurt.
We did go to the community yard sales this weekend, but really didn't find that much. I am on the lookout per Jenny for a Waffle Stix maker, a battery operated cookie press and cookie cutters. As for me I am still looking for my Lavender & Lace Needlepaints threads for the Celtic Women, one day I might find them on ebay or at a yard sale or if you know where I can find it let me know.


WoolenSails said...

You have me laughing, I have won 4 contests this month and no one is more shocked than I;) Watch those fingers, I had a lump too and it was broken and never healed right, so every time I whack it the wrong way, it starts a pain spree and we need our hands.
Congrats on the win, that is beautiful fabric and I know you will make something wonderful with it.


Jen said...

hmm, maybe that fabric needs to be diverted my way? yes?