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Friday, November 6, 2009

Shopping at the online Needle Show Retail

The show is now open!!

Here I go again, another Needlework Show is under way from November 5 to the 8th. So many Designers, Dealers and Shops to look at, I just can't stop drooling. I have been oooohhing and aaaahhhhing over all the wonderful things offered. I have made my wish list for Christmas. Some of my favorite designers are back with new designs. Tea themes, bird houses, cats, and dogs to stitch. Threads, scissors, needles, hoops and gadgets galore. So many things to see and explore, making me say I WANT MORE. Many of the dealers offer door prizes just for stopping by, which is smart on their part as I, like many others on a budget tend to look closer at their page. Some offer door prize entry with a purchase, so I skipped by their site unless something really takes my eye and the ones who offer nothing, I pass them entirely. Guess I don't think that you should be made to purchase for a chance to win, and the ones who offer nothing, I don't waste any of my time. They could offer something totally cheap, like a needle book or a pincushion after all they want is our money, as they say it takes money to make money and a little incentive offering goes a long way to draw in new customers. Most of the shops are offering discount shipping or better yet free shipping. I wonder if they put out a report as to how the shops did and what their incentive was, free shipping, or door prize. I have won door prizes at the Needlework show and as I said, while entering the contest I take more time to look at their booth, than when I get to a shop I notice their patterns and a sale is made. Of course as most stitcher's have to admit, I have so many things to work on I can not foresee ever getting them all done in my lifetime. Guess I am just a collector..... but I love it. Really folks if you get the chance you need to stop by the Needle Show Retail at: You can order on line or better yet visit your Local Needle Shop. So grab a cup of tea, and visit the show, enter the drawing, two have a scavenger type game to play, some have gift cards to buy, visit some of my favorites, Lavender Wings, Debbie Draper Designs, Ink Circles and so many more. Mel there is a shop called Enchanting Lair that carries Dragons. HAVE LOTS OF FUN and I hope you WIN. Don't forget the show is from the 5th to the 8th.

Puppy update
Just wanted to ad a quick update on the pups, today they went on an outing. They got to go and visit the lady in white, in our words the vet. Mel's pup was the first on the table and she was not a happy camper, Doc grabbed her tail to do a fecal check and Bella let out a blood curdling yell that could be heard all over the clinic. I talked to Bella and told her it was ok and Doc got to sneak in the sample tester. Mission accomplished, after that she was as good as gold, all the pups did really well, not a peep out of them, they were however shaking a little and the look on their faces was not their happy face at all. On the way to the vet Bella got sick but the others were fine, on the way home, well that was a differnt story, I think each one of them got sick at one point or another. They are home and all are sleeping, going to be a quiet evening, but now the pups have their shots and are ready to find their forever homes. Anybody want a puppy????

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