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Sunday, November 8, 2009



I know you are all not going to believe this, but once again I am a winner. This has just got to be my time. The Needle Show Retail is in full swing and I as I usually do, I have entered all the door prize drawings that are offered. Today I was notified by Nancy from Arelate Studio that I was a WINNER. I just can not believe my luck. The Designs from Arelate Studio are not the normal cross stitch designs. Arelate Studio specialises in designs inspired by medieval and Renaissance sources. You can stitch completed designs from their line of leaflets or compose your own from their books of charts -- "HERE BE WYVERNS" and "HERE BE DROLLERIES". The design I have chosen as my prize is titled WARM WELCOME, because I collect Angels

Thank You Nancy for the wonderful prize. As for my readers, your time is limited to visit the Needle Show, it will close today at midnight I think, so you need to hurry and check out all the wonderful shops. You can order at the show, the web sites or visit your local Needle Shop. I have my wish list all ready for hubby's holiday shopping.

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