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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week three

Proud Pop

A Happy Dad

Family Portrait

Mariah's puppies 3 weeks old

Sissy's puppies 1 week old

Mariah's pups turned three weeks old on Monday, it is amazing how fast they are growing and changing. They are now walking, although they are still a little unsteady on their feet. I bring them out in the living room to get them used to a different surrounding, and the other dogs. They of course are the center of attention when they are out and about. The little white one sticks close to her mom or me she is not very adventurous. The black puppy on the other hand is off and exploring anything she can. She will get off the rug and on to the hardwood floor and her little legs just slide out from under her. She has learned that she can scoot backwards when this happens and get back to the rug. Today I did make a discovery on the black puppy, seems she is a blue eyed girl, she has a very deep blue color in her eyes. The white puppy is a brown eyed girl. Mariah does what she has to with the pups, she cleans and feeds them and than she is out of there. Most of my time is now spent opening and closing the door to the puppy room for Mariah.

Sissy's Pups will be one week old tomorrow, they are growing fast too. Sis will now leave them for a few minutes at a time to make a potty run, this morning she even came into the living room to visit with us for a few minutes.

Ebay: Once again I am getting things ready for eBay, I spent last night organizing and photographing items that will be listed. There is a lot of things that will be placed up for auction, check out seller seanandbc on eBay and bid, bid, bid. I am hoping to get the listings on today or tomorrow. Most of the items listed this time are craft items, such as pattern books, special floss, kits, sports cards and some misc items.

I am also getting ready for my annual garage sale, it will be the beginning of October. Jenny said she has a lot of items to put in the sale as well, not sure yet if Melanie will also be adding things, but it should still be a good sale.

Friday, September 18, 2009

and than there were 4 more

I finally got Sissy to go out side and while she was away from her whelping box, I went in and took some pictures of the new arrivals. The two on top of the pile are the boys, a Silver Merle and a White one, the Tan one and the White one being used by the boys as a pillow are the two girls. They all seem to be doing well, and are gaining weight daily, you can tell by the big bellies.

Mariah's two pups are so plump, but they have mastered holding their fat bodies up on their little legs, they try walking but are still a little unsteady. They are starting to growl and bark, won't be to long that they will be up and terrorizing the rest of the crew.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MORE Puppies

Finally, Sissy's puppies have arrived. She was acting up last night, trying to hide and than making a bed out of towels. So I decided that I would sleep on the sofa last night as I didn't want her having the pups in my bed. At 4:30 she was up prancing around the room and panting, but no pups, she went back to sleep. She continued this up and down thing ever hour or so all morning long, around 1PM she decided to get to work, she struggled for awhile,but we finally had a white female, about 1/2 hour later there was a tan female, followed by a silver merle male and about 1 hour later we had a white male. Thats it she is done, 2 boys, 2 girls and they are tiny, they make Mariah's 2 week old pups look like giants. I tried to take a picture but Sissy is hiding them and she won't leave the whelping box. Maybe later tonight I will get a picture on here. As for me I think I will take a much needed nap.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Week Gone By

Puppy Update

It has been a week since the puppies were born. Mom is doing just fine and seems to be doing an excellent job. The puppies are gaining about 1 oz per day, both are close to 14 Ozs now. We have been weighing them and being they are little squirmers we think the weight is close to accurate. The little white one is getting the darker color on her nose, eye lids and mouth area, seems she will be looing like a Maltese. As for the Black one, We just don't know how she will look, but she sure is a cutie. Both puppies have the BIGGGGG Bellies, They slither and roll around the whelping box, we don't know how their little legs will ever carry their weight. Sissy is still waiting to become a mother, she is so big and she just can't get comfortable. Any day we should have more puppies, FUN FUN FUN

Cross Stitch Finish

This past week, I finished the Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender & Lace, She was stitched on 18 ct Aida Cloth that I dyed with a green Rit Dye. The results are beautiful. This is my first Lavender & Lace design. I am just about finished with the Welcome Winter Piece, just have the back stitching to do on that one. It is a cute little snowman, I know, snow is something we don't get here in Florida, but that is Ok my memory of snow is still there from my time up north.

Melanie and the kids were here Sunday, She finally got her birthday gift, only a month or so late. Melanie had brought up some cross stitched squares that will be made into tote bags, eyeglass cases and lap robes for World of Charity Stitchers, the Yahoo group we both belong to. Her items were posted on the WOCS web site if you want to take a look at them.