Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past weekend was yet another busy one. Saturday we once again returned to the ceramic shop and again loaded up the van. We got mainly molds this trip, a few cases of paint and some accessories. Saturday evening we went to the auction in Milton and added to our collections. We have so much fun at this auction house. Cherylynn the auctioneer is a delightful person and her staff are always such fun to be around. This auction house has mainly top quality items, no junk here. Just a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.

Melanie came over Sunday with Heather and Kyle. Melanie didn't get her birthday lunch on her birthday because Heather had gotten sick. So this was the make up date for her lunch and the kids decided to tag along. The girls get to choose where they want to have lunch at and Melanie like Jennifer had chosen Red Lobster. I really don't know why Jenny chooses Red Lobster as she usually wants to order chicken, oh yea that right she loves the biscuits and mashed potatoes there. Kyle had the Chicken Alfredo, Heather and I had the Snow Crab legs and Melanie and Sean had the Ultimate Feast. We had a great time at lunch and afterwards we headed to JoAnn Fabrics to look for a pattern. Seems Melanie has to dress for work on Halloween, so I volunteered to make her a costume. I had gotten a huge box of lace and satin at a auction really cheap and this would be a good way to use up some of the material. Melanie chose a Civil War style southern belle ball gown. The gown will be in a Peach satin with white trims and lace. I did cheat however, JoAnn's had a pattern for the hoop skirt slip, but I didn't buy that one. I did go on ebay last night and ordered a 4 hoops skirt slip, I paid less than what it would have cost me to make the slip. Last night I cut out all the satin and tonight I will be cutting out the lining material, than it will be off to the sewing room. I will be making a few modifications to the dress, can't wait to see Melanie as a southern belle she will be a Georgia Peach oh guess I should say a Alabama Peach.... We also picked up the items needed for Melanie to make a era style necklace. From JoAnn Fabric we headed to Sam's club where we ran into Jenny and her family. We searched the isles and ended up getting some snack items and cereals for the kids. We always have such fun spending time with the kids, you just never know what they are going to say or do, especially Kyle, he comes right out of left field sometimes, he is so funny, a true delight to be around.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Think Pink

Today was a little scary for me. I had my yearly mammogram done on the 10 of this month and thought that things were fine as I didn't hear from the Ann Baroca Center. Well, last night the phone rang and it was a nurse on the other end telling me there was a problem with my test and I needed to come back in asap. So I made a appointment for this morning. They did the more intense pictures, the tech came back in the room and said more pictures were needed. So more smashing, more pictures. She left to review the pictures with the doctor and than once again returned to the room I was waiting in. This time I was told that she needed to do a sonogram and this test would tell if the mass they were seeing was a cyst or tumor. When she looked at the mass, she told me it was more involved and that it appeared to be a tumor. OK Seems that I was going to be the third person to have a biopsy done. But, NO, Wait, the nurse looked and what is this a bruise on my breast, Gee, what a relief, seems the mass is just this bruise. So I received a passing grade for now, however I will have to go back in 6 months for a recheck just to be on the safe side. So what I am trying to say here ladies is that next month is National Breast Cancer awareness month. This means that if you haven't had your yearly mammogram, than Now is the time to make the appointment. I was scared today with the thought of possibly having breast cancer and I do have my yearly check up. So now is the time to have yours done. Also if you go to and click on the daily click you will be helping those women who can't afford to have a mammogram done get one free. Please click every day to help in the fight. THINK PINK.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a week

Mom and Mike at the beach

4 generations of Coleman

Emily's Bat Mitzvah is now a thing of the past. Her Great Grandmother and Great Uncle Mike flew in from Ohio for the event. They arrived last Wednesday and that evening Sean had to go to work so I took them to the local Bar B Que restaurant. Thursday, I spent the day in the kitchen and Sean took them to the beach. Friday we delivered the food and then we headed to Biloxi, Sean's mom was not all that keen on the idea, but Mike wanted to visit the casinos again. Mom and I lost and Sean and Mike won. Saturday at 9 we arrived for Emily's Bat Mitzvah which lasted until noon. Jenny had set up a lovely luncheon done in a Luau style. We than returned home and watched a movie. Saturday evening we headed into Pensacola for a dinner with Phillips family. Emily did a wonderful job leading the services, I could not believe how brave she was. Sunday Melanie made Chicken and dumplings for her Grandma and when they returned home Mike and Sean repaired the lawn tractor and then preceeded to mow and trim the front and back yard. Which was really needed as I was worried about losing the little dogs in the jungle out back. Sunday evening Jenny and Phillip showed up with the kids so we decided to take them to Pizza Hut. Monday morning we were all up and out of the house super early as Mom and Mike had to be at the airport at 4:30. Their flight was on time and they were back home in Ohio by 1 PM, they had a long layover in Charolette. All in all, it was a very busy week, and it went by just to quickly for me, seems they just got here and than had to leave so soon.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Another Saturday

I am so glad that this Saturday is over, Sean and I are both ready to crash. We started out early this morning, went to the ceramic shop and loaded the van again with molds and cases of paints. It took us two hours just searching and loading things up. Most of the molds we picked up today were Angels, Santa's, Snowmen, and 4 boxes of small molds. We still need to go back for the rest of the molds we have set back, just not enough room in the van. I think Sean is a little disturbed with me as all these paints and molds are being stored in his workshop. It is just temporary till he clears out his machines out of the garage and than I can turn it into my ceramic and stain glass studio....

Tonight we went to the auction in Milton and once again spent to much. For me we added to our Fenton collection. We got a beautiful gold and ruby basket, hand painted and signed and a painted glass hat. We also picked up some other glass ware. We did pick up something very special for Melanie for Christmas. I can't say what it is but she will laugh when she sees this item, to be truthful I can't believe I bought this for her.... I try to keep my ears open to the girls and find out what they are collecting now,Then it is on to the hunt. By the time Christmas comes around we have a collection box for each girl. Jenny is the hardest, she isn't into collecting, and never hints that she needs anything. But this year she slipped and mentioned something she would like to have, and boy is there a surprise waiting for her. I laughed really hard when I found this item, she will never believe that I actually found this item.... I know you two girls are reading this, so just keep wondering what I found for you, hehehe.......

Well, time to sign off of here, kick back and just relax for the rest of the evening..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just doing my thing

How I wish I could be just doing my thing, which is crafting, crafting, crafting. But I am in the process of doing a deep house cleaning, in anticipation of my mother-in-law and brother-in-law coming for a visit next week. I can't wait till they get here. Sean is planning on taking a few days off so that we can take them places. I think we will be making a trip to Biloxi one day, hope we all are winners... Mom and Mike will be arriving next Wednesday and there will be so many things for them to see and do. I know the girls are going to enjoy their grandmother coming for a visit. Of course the main event of their visit is Emily's Bat Mitzvah which is Saturday the 13th. I just hope that all the storms in the gulf go elsewhere and leave us alone.
Today has been a day of packages, first one to arrive was rug yarn that I had won on eBay(this is to finish a rug that my mother in law had started many years ago) 2 nd package was vitamins from Puritan pride, they had a great deal, buy one and get two free, So I stocked up. I just love getting things in the mail, feels like Christmas even thought I know what is in the boxes. I also love eBay, the excitement of the hunt, the thrill of the bidding and the reward of winning. I keep a look out for things for the kids and stuff that we collect. Right now I am in a search mode for a Quilting frame for my sewing machine. I have two quilt tops ready to be quilted, one that is almost finished and three quilt block kits to work on and three quilts in the planning stage. I do not hand quilt, just give me a frame and my machine and I will be good to go... My Mom was the hand quilter NOT ME, I just don't have the patience for it.