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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another CCS Finish

Not to much to report lately, Kind of taking it easy and letting the hand heal.  Had to go to Hospital Sunday and have the Doctor check it and it was healing just fine.  So Stitches will come out in 7 days... Hubby continues to help by washing the dishes...  I have decided to wait to work in the garage until this is healed as it is like the sore thumb that no matter what you do you bump it and boy does that hurt. 

I forgot to show my last finish in CCS so here she is another Dolly Mama, this one is Senior Moment (this is me sometimes) ... I have been trying to work on another one (shoe shopper) just to keep my hand in use so it stays flexible. Besides I really hate just sitting and doing nothing.

I did spend two days entering online contests.. These were mostly sewing supplies, some craft supplies and lots of finished items.. there were tons of them, it was a big event that I almost missed.  But I got my entries in and maybe I will win some fabrics for my charity quilts.

I am now off to eBay, I plan on spending my garage sale earnings on some Accuquilt Dies... and yes I will use them when making my charity quilts... they are the main focus of my life right now.  It is so nice to make something for someone and they really appreciate it, and the Seniors who get the quilts just love them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I did it again

Once again I have neglected my little blog... I have been working in the sewing/craft room, cleaning, organizing and just plain getting rid of things... I have refinished one dresser and found a second dresser at a yard sale really cheap. Now all my fabrics are in those two dressers with the cutting table in between

What did I do with all the things I cleared out of that room you ask... why I had a yard sale... yes I broke down and cleaned the garage, prepared tables, signs and priced hundreds of items... opened for business yesterday and did quite well.  I was so sore and tired last night from all the moving of boxes, my arms hurt, my back hurt and my feet hurt... all I wanted to do was get something to eat and take a nice bath and relax.. then I thought I might do some cross stitching... But as usual things just didn't work out that way... I did get some leftovers out of the fridge and put in the Microwave and I thought while I was waiting I would do the dishes that were soaking in the sink... then it happened... POP   OW WWW   OH  NO  grab a towel... yes I broke something, but it was in my hand when it broke, it was a glass.... OK remember medical training, grab clean towel and put pressure on it and go sit down... did that and it didn't stop, so the call was made to hubby at work, he came home and to the ER we went... came home two hours later with 9 stitches in my hand and me starting to feel a little goofy from the pain killer they gave me... It knocked my out last night, but hubby said I moaned and groaned all night and even popped him a few times...sorry...  this morning up early again and day two of the sale... its  now over, hand still hurts, so taking another pain pill and I just know it will again knock me out...
So I am not allowed to do dishes for awhile, doc don't want the hand getting wet.... can't stitch... so I will just sit and watch tv... YOU should see me sitting here typing   really cute, lucky there isn't a million mistakes...OH right, hit spell check and they will fix it... So I promise one day the blog will again be attended to, I just don't know when...

OH and can you believe that I of all people haven't entered any  blog contests in a long time... I am really slipping here...

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Back with Charity Quilts to show..


I am sorry, I have neglected this poor little blog... But I have a excuse, no not the foot in a cast... but I have been busy in the sewing room putting together quilt tops, Cross stitching, baby sitting dogs and trying to get over the cold my DH gave me.... Want to see what I have been up to...
                                                     Baby sitting Mel's fur babies
This is Willow  She gained so much weight while she was here, she was always eating

                                         Bella is the Black dog  Mel's pup and Charmin is the White one, she is my girl. They are sisters, Cream Pomeranian father and White Maltese Mother...  Bella and Willow have been visiting us, Mel and the kids stayed with her Mom while she was getting things in order after her fire.  Bella and Willow went home yesterday... Kind of miss the little critters..

These are two more of my Cross Stitch finishes for this year.
Dolly Mama which when I get more Dolly's done will go into a quilt. I think they are cute, DH says they are ugly... what do you think???

This is the Mother's Day Card I stitched for my Mother In Law, sent it off with a quilted bag

And now for the things that have been taking so much of my time lately, my charity quilts

For the Charity Quilts
Designed them with Electric Quilt 7 software, I don't know if I could make a quilt with out my EQ 7

Cut them out using my GO Fabric Cutter, which was so fast and easy, this is one of the best time savers for me, plus it makes cutting out the quilts less painful..  My back and arms use to hurt when I did the marathon cutting sessions, now I just turn a crank and the pieces are perfect every time.

This is the start of the quilts. All cut out and ready to sew, I found these neat boxes at a dollar store and they work so well for keeping all the quilt components together with the pattern

and here are some of the results,

Antique Car Quilt
this will bring back memories for the seniors

Modern Vehicle Quilt
The racing guys are gonna love this quilt

Cat Quilt
Another of my favorite quilts, I can just see the Senior lady cat lover who will get this one.. she will be so happy

Dog Quilt
I just love this quilt, The World of Charity Stitchers did a fantastic job on the dog squares
Silly Cows Quilt
the black and white fabric is the word moo over and over again.. Its OK but now I wish I would have went with a darker sashing

Ship Quilt
Everyone just loves this one, especially the lighthouse borders.

All the Counted Cross Stitch Squares were stitched by members of  The World of Charity Stitchers.
If you want to see more of our charity work you can visit the WOCS Blog or FB page.

And this is the newest member of my home, this is Nellie Bell, she will be helping me with all the quilting.
I have 8 Charity quilts in the works and 5 queen and king size quilts for family waiting for her special touch.
Nellie Bell

So I might be a little busy for the next couple of months trying to get caught up, I will try to keep you all updated on how things are going...

Thanks for Stopping by, see your real soon