Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let the bidding begin!!!

  • I have finally done it, I am now a seller on ebay. So far I have had two sets of auctions and I am in the process of listing my third attempt. So far so good with my auctions, I am still learning and I find that each time I do a listing I will change things, kinda of a learn as you go thing. It is pretty fun, and hopefully it will show a profit. I am starting out small with the items, just till I get the hang of it all. We have been ebay buyers for years and always talked about selling, but we just never got around to it. So I gathered up some small items, sat down at the computer and proceeded to learn. My job is listing and dealing with the auction, Sean's job is shipping. Wish us well in this newest adventure.
  • We are still addicted to our local auction's, although I find now when we go we do not buy as much as we did in the past. Why you ask, well the glass cabinet is full, doll cabinet is full, don't need anymore dishes, nor tools, no more collecting Salt and Peppers for Melanie (she has enough now and I am afraid if she got more her hubby would move her out to the garage with them) Jenny said she don't need or want anything other than a bigger house. Wait I'm a ebay seller now, might be a new outlet for my auction buys, we will just have to see where it all leads.
  • Puppies are both doing really well, Roxy is starting to come out of the puppy ugly stage. Rascal is still a spoiled little boy and the Maltese crew, well they now like Rascal and will play with him. Yesterday was bath day, Sean said the puppy smelled so she got a bath. We have had rain everyday which makes the fence area of the yard a muddy mess, and where do the white dogs go, yep to the fence. So they got a bath as well, now everyone is nice and clean and smells really good, wonder how long this will last.
  • One year ago Sean was fighting for his life in the Cardiac unit. It was quite a trying time for all of us, one I hope we never have to repeat. Today he is healthy and active and pretty much back to his old self. I thank his wonderful doctor's and surgeons for taking care of him, fixing his problems and for giving me back my loving and caring husband.

Monday, May 11, 2009

UGLY Pomerian Puppy

Rascal at 8 weeks (Fluffy Puppy)
Rascal at 14 weeks (puppy ugly stage)
Rascal at 6 months (So Pretty and fluffy)
Roxy at 8 weeks (Fluffy Puppy)
Roxy at 13 Weeks (Puppy ugly stage)

The Ugly Pomerian Puppy stage, yes this is real stage all Poms go through. We got Rascal when he was 14 weeks old and he was just starting to come out of this stage. Roxie was such a cute little ball of fur, she is now in that almost bald stage, she had the bald face a week ago but she is now getting fur on her face. Rascal was a Silver Merle color when we got him, he had the merle spots on his side and he was a light silver color. He is now Champagne and no merle marks at all. Roxy was Mahogany Sable as a tiny pup but her new coat is coming in very Red Sable. Heather and Melanie come out Sunday and Heather kept saying how ugly the puppy was and laughing at her. She did say that the puppy was so ugly she was cute. Just wait Heather she will be beautiful real soon.
Mother's Day
Jenny called Saturday night saying she wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Mother's Day, Sunday, I got a call from my son in Pa./ Melanie and Heather came over and we went to the local Steakhouse so I didn't have to cook. We also spent hours going thru the embroidery floss I got at a yard sale, of course Heather said this is a old lady thing.... We had a good day on Sunday.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Dance

AHHH the wonders of youth, I wonder what in the world goes on in their teenager minds. Tonight we stopped by Jenny's house and Emily (13 yr grand daughter) saw us pull up and she came running to greet us, her friend was far behind her. We entered the house to be greeted by the rest of the crew. We had taken bubbles for the two little girls and for Morris we took one of those wonderful train whistles, and yes it sounds like a train. Morris loved it, Jenny just thanked us and Phillip said it just might have to get misplaced. Yes, I am one of those Grandmother's who will buy the noisy toys.

OK Back to Emily, she is going to a dance and Jenny told her to show me the dress. OH how cute a spaghetti strapped dress, black with tiny polka dots, the belt was Turquoise and she had a matching head band. I can just see Emily in this dress she will be beautiful. So Jenny told her to show me her shoes, I guessed that the shoes match the belt, " Yes they match" was Jenny's answer, Emily pulled the shoe box from the bag and opened the lid and OH NO, You could have knocked me over. Why, you ask was I so shocked. The shoes matched the belt so I was right, but I never would have guessed what kind of shoes were in that box. OH, I didn't mention that the shoes I thought were going to be a cute little pump or flats turned out to be SNEAKERS and yes they matched the belt, they were turquoise. Jenny thought it was so funny, she kept saying she wished she had a camera. All Emily's friends are wearing their party dresses and sneakers. KIDS, Always something different with them. Guess no one told them it is easier to dance in shoes that have a little bit of a slippery bottom and that sneakers just stick to the floor. Have fun girls, but not to much fun as your Dad is chaperoning hehehe.

And The Winner IS


About two weeks ago was the online Needlework show, lots of new designs and designers. A lot of the designers gave door prizes. I told Jenny and Melanie about the show, I know Melanie was planning on checking it out, not sure if Jenny found the time. Sean also spent one evening checking it out. In the past Melanie had won a door prize, so I am sure she signed up for them. And the Winner IS: NOT ME, Not sure if Melanie or Jenny won anything, but Sean did. He won a pattern at Ink Circles. He is always so lucky. This was the pattern he won. To win this he had to write a short email on how he supports the needle arts. He wrote that he supports my new habit and for years he has supported his daughters cross stitching habit (we make a cross stitching box for them at Christmas filled with patterns, floss, and kits) Guess the site owner liked his answer and he won.