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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pets on a Quilt Contest

Darlene at SewCalGal is hosting another fabulous contest. I know you have seen the button for her Pets on a Quilt Contest on the side bar of Nanbon's Corner and Southern Style blogs. Now she has listed what you need to do to be eligible to win some of the wonderful prizes. I will admit, I did not make a quilt with pets on it, There are some photos of my babies on my quilts, so maybe I can get my entry in too. Get your photos ready to enter, or take a look at the list, there are ways you can win by voting for your favorites too. I can't wait to see all the beautiful quilts with special babies on them... Here are some of the photos from SewCalGals site. Love the cat all stretched out and the dog looks so comfy and cozy under the quilt. Good Luck to you all and I will be looking for your entry... is the place to go to learn more and sign up, Best of luck to everyone and I can't wait to see your Pets on a Quilt, wonder if anyone will have a horse or a elephant on a quilt, this should be fun.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Accquilt Giveaway posted and what's new

Vickie at Spun Sugar Quilt Blog is so lucky to be hosting a giveaway for the Accquilt Go! Fabric Cutter. You can follow this link to stop by her site and enter to win'  I entered but at this point I am not holding my breath that I will win. I have entered so many of the contests for the Accquilt Go, offered to host a giveaway and I just don't have that kind of luck.

So sorry for not keeping up with this blog lately but I have been a little down in the dumps lately. Just not feeling the greatest and I have been bouncing from one doctor to another trying to get things straightened out. Tomorrow is yet another test, so hopefully we might get some answers.  It is also the 2nd anniversary of our Evelyn's passing and we all miss her. Then there is my dear cousin and her husband who are both having health problems. It is just one thing after another lately.
 Oh and of course I keep entering contests for the Accquilt Go Cutter and the EQ 7 software and my luck has changed for the worst and I am just not winning anything lately.  Then there is the problem with my sewing machine not working very well on my quilt frame, I really need a long arm sewing machine so instead of getting upset with mine not working I machine quilted the 6 lap robes for my Charity groups on my sewing machine in my sewing room. finished them and sent them to the nursing home with Melanie last weeknd.  There is a few shinning moments in my life other then the satisfaction of finishing my 14th quilt for my charity group. I think I have worked out a way to get a long arm sewing machine, it's not the one I really want, but it would be the one I could afford and anything is better then what I have. 
 My husband and I celebrated our Anniversary, We went to the place we were married and to me that was really special. We also went out to dinner, but being that it was a Friday night and there were no plans made we didn't get to go where we wanted to, that restaurant was packed.
 I have also been working on some projects for Allison's Bat Mitzvah, she had wanted puppies and kittens as a theme, I suggested a tea party with puppies and kitties, but now that the Alice in Wonderland movie is out, this is the theme she now wants. I have made the neatest Mad Hatter's Hat, Mushrooms that have a quilted type top and hold a beanie baby as a child's favor, I just finished the White Rabbit last night and he is so neat. I also have the Card Guards working  (hubby is cutting out  their feet or heart shoes) I guess I should say Hubby is doing most of the work on the card men.  They will be stationed near a basket of red and white Hershey Kisses Roses on the dessert table. I think Jen found the Cheshire Cat, now I wonder if they want the Queen of Hearts, White Queen or the Caterpillar? I also have the teapot hearts soaps to make and anything else that looks really cool...  Jen wants this to be special as it is not only Allison's Bat Mitzvah but it is also her birthday.  OH and I had the best luck, I found one of those store displays to advertise the movie and I asked for it and when they were finished with it they called me and I picked it up. It has Johnny Depp as the  Mad Hatter on one side, Alice, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit on another and the third side has the White Queen and the Red Queen.  The table centerpiece's will be tea cups filled with sweetheart roses. I promise I will post pictures when I get some more of the items finished.