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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas is coming

Christmas is fast approaching and even though I won't get everything done I had planned on, some projects are done and out the door. I made 7 Christmas and 1 Hanukkah floral arrangements, plus 2 door hangers and all but one have been delivered. I wanted to take pictures of all the arrangements, but I finished them, delivered them and oops I had forgotten to take the pictures. I did get pictures of the last two so I can share those with you. The quilted lap robes are the ones I have been working on with World of Charity Stitchers. The Quilts along with the other items made by the group are on their way to the nursing home for Christmas delivery.
Hubby is finishing the trim in the dining room so I can now get the hutch back in place and have room to work in there. Next week is baking the Gingerbread and Holiday Cookies. The kids and grand kids have put in their request for their favorites. I had told them I won't be making all the cookies I normally make due to my late start with baking. The number one cookie choice this year goes to Peanut Butter Blossoms, so many requests for that one. Mel wants her Chocolate Nut Meringues, Hubby is Snicker doodles and Chocolate Chip and for me Hermits and my Pennsylvania Dutch Sand Tarts. I will also be trying a recipe for Pizzelles that I got from Linda at This and That Fabrics, can't wait to try these.
OH NO, I still need to shop and then there is the wrapping and I still haven't gotten my cards in the mail. I am off now to get the cards ready so I can mail them tomorrow. Just glad I have that box of Christmas Cards I bought because there was no time to make any this year.

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