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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dash, Hop, Shuffle

I have spent the weekend dashing, hopping and shuffling, NO it is not a new dance, and I am not playing with the Wii system. I was having so much FUN doing the Dash, Hop and Shuffle, I even had Hubby doing them too. What in the world am I talking about you ask. It is a Web search where you have so many days to visit shops on the list. With all the sites you visit you need to look for the icon following clues and when you click the icon your find is registered. The Dash is the Quilt Block Dash and you visit online quilt stores (40), you are looking for the quilt block Icon. The Hop is the Holiday Fab Shop Hop and again you are looking at quilt type sites for the Bunny Icon. The Hop has the largest amount of stores to hop to about 181 and we found them all. The Shuffle is the Craftshop Shuffle and you visit craft sites looking for Daisy the bird dresses in her holiday finery. Now you ask, WHY are you doing this, PRIZES, PRIZES and more PRIZES. I won a gift certificate and fabric at the last Shuffle, Lots of beautiful cotton quilting fabric. So for spending some of my online time Dashing, Hopping and Shuffling I hope to once again be named a winner, I just love winning and receiving surprises in the mail. Besides I didn't know there were that many Quilt and Craft sites out there and some have the most beautiful patterns. I seem to have luck with my online quests, today I was notified that I won fabric from a designer at the 100 Quilt Block 5 day Book launching party. See it does pay to play.. and all I had to do to win was leave a comment on her blog... So if you know of any giveaways let me know as I am addicted to them and I need to feed my addiction, besides I also get to visit new stores, Let the shopping begin!!!!

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