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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Needle Trama

I thought I was done with needles for the week, but I forgot that we had planned on getting our flu shots, Sean's B-12 and having my blood work done for the heart doc. So we got up early and drove to the doctors office. I went to check in while DH parked the car, and surprise, there wasn't anyone in the room, I was checked in right away, so off to the lab, and again no one in line so that was fast and easy *but I still don't like needles*. we then headed to the Doctor's office for our flu shots and found out they didn't have any left. Kind of upset me as I had called this week to make sure they would have the vaccine.  So we sat and waited for the nurse to come and give DH his B-12 shot. After waiting and waiting  and waiting some more we decided to leave and do that injection on another day.  I really wanted to get the flu shots out of the way and told DH to stop by Walgreen's and we would get them there *second needle for the day,  and it didn't hurt at all, But I still don't like needles*  So we are done and hopefully I am done with needles for a couple of months or so, as I really *Don't Like NEEDLES*  Sitting at home this afternoon, watching my first stick site turn black and blue and feeling the second stick site starting to get sore, I get a phone call from my heart doctor's office. Seems the lab called them and my potassium level is really low. Which means I need to stop the OTC potassium and pick up a RX for a strong Potassium and start is right away.  Then comes the traumatic moment, Doc wants blood drawn next week to see if the level is rising... That means more needles,  I HATE NEEDLES and I just can not get away from them. I just know I am going to start having nightmares of giant syringes chasing me.  need

Just a little help needed

Jen at In One Ear is having a giveaway for a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card. Now I know Jen really well, she is family and for her to give up a gift card to her favorite place is so unusual. There is a catch to enter her giveaway, you see there is a contest going on for best costume and Jen's two youngest children are entered. So you need to go and vote for #7 Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Jen put a lot on work into these costumes and the kids looked so cute in them. Although I think there was a little white lie involved as they wanted to be a Pirate and Princess and Jen told them that is what the costumes were.. She won't get away with those type lies to much longer.. Here is Jen's site

Our own Raggedy Ann and Andy.

To vote you can go here , but leave a comment on In One Ear Blog to be entered in the Starbucks Giveaway, or just go to In One Ear site and follow the link.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tramatized Today

I have been tramatized today and this is why.

A bandaide
on a heel

on MY FOOT....

OK, I agree, this doesn't look so bad and maybe I am being a big baby, but it hurt..... really bad, poor hubby, I bet he is now sporting some black and blue marks on his arm as I held him really tight when I was getting the injection.
You see years ago I had a problem with my foot and it felt like I was walking on pebbles, I went to the foot doctor and he said I had heel spurs. I ended up having to get a series of three shots in the heel, which worked and I didn't have problems for years and years and years.
A month ago I again started having problems with my foot, but this time it felt like I was walking on a huge rocks instead of pebbles. I got out the shoe inserts from years ago and they helped, I wore my Crocs in the house instead of going barefoot and it helped a little. But it got worse and worse until I could no longer stand it *no pun intended* So I called Dr. Keifer and I would have to wait till the middle of December for a appointment. NO WAY, I told the receptionist, I just could not continue walking in such pain for two more months. So I checked the internet and found Dr. Mark Lambert. I called and got a appointment right away. Today was my appointment with him and I knew more xrays would be taken and I also knew there would be a needle (I hate the needles). The nurse was a lovely lady who was just so nice. She took the X Rays and I waited for the doctor to arrive. He came in the room and asked if my broken ankle bone was causing problems, WHAT, he must have the wrong person, I don't have a broken ankle.... NO, that was my Xray and there was a broken bone in the ankle area that I didn't know I had. He asked if I remember doing this and the only thing I could think of was when I fell over the puppy gate not to long ago and ended up on the dining room floor, but all the pain was in my knee. I did land on my front side and my toes did hit the floor hard, but I thought the knee took the force of the landing. Guess I was wrong. I do need to remember that the  older we get the less we bounce.
Dr. said that is very possible that is when I broke the bone, my first broken bone and I didn't even know I broke it.. It is healing and now I wonder if the other ankle has the same injury.

But on to the heel spur and making it all better.. Doc used a air injection for a numbing medication and it hurt a little but not bad at all, I never felt the big needle go into the heel, but I did feel the medication being injected. I knew there was a reason I waited and waited. But the treatment was over in no time and I was on my way home again. Hoping that this time only one injection is all that is needed, but I have a appointment in two weeks and I might have to once again go though the stress of another needle, and I HATE NEEDLES, I feel so traumatized by them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Winner at the Needlework Show

 Prairie Grove Peddler Designs......

Yesterday I posted the link to the Fall Online Needlework Show and I spent my evening visiting each and every booth. I started my wish list and entered the door prize some offered.  Some of the Vender's are holding daily giveaways and guess what.......   I WON ONE,  I received a email this morning from the Prairie Grove Peddler and I was the winner of one of the daily drawing for three ornament patterns.  I don't know which patterns they are but I will show you the newest ones in their line, hope my patterns are from these groups, I really love the Cardinals and the snowmen... 

HEY there is still plenty of time for you to go to the show. Just follow the link on the post below

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Needlework Show is now open

General Public  October 21 - 24  
Shops October 21-26

To all my stitching friends, the time has once again come, The Online Fall Needlework Show is in full swing. There are lots of vendors to visit, beautiful new designs and of course the rest of their line on their sites.
I spent the evening just window shopping and comprising my Christmas Wish List. 
I was a little disappointed that there were only a few sites hosting a giveaway this year, after all that is part of the fun. I always wonder why the other shops don't have at least a small giveaway.  Hey, it excites people to win something, if you win a pattern, even a small pattern, you will spread the word about the design you won, where you won it at, plus if you like the designer you will go back and buy more from their line.  If I were a designer I would host a giveaway, as it seems there is more talk about a site that is hosting then one that isn't.  YES we stitchers do talk, brag, share, you know all that good stuff.
So to all you designers, HOST a giveaway on your site, it brings in more customers, they spend more time looking at your site, they buy more and word gets around... one small pattern is all it takes.
Some of my favorite sites at the show this year:
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks has wonderful scroll work designs, Arachne's Silken Web's Samplers are great, Brenda E Kocher Designs are beautiful, Brooke's Books are fun and whimsical, love the girls and the sunshine lines, Crabapple hill's angels, Cross Stitching Guild, DebBee's Designs, Enchanting Lairs for the dragons, Hand Blessings for the season's, Ink Circle with their intricate designs, Linda Jeanne Jenkins with her cards, Milady's Needle are enchanting, and of course our Local Shop Needle Delights with her beautiful designs, I get to visit her shop a lot and it is wonderful. Needle notions, Samplers Revisited, Prairie Grove Peddler, Praiseworthy stitches, Sue Hillis Designs has the cutest Christmas Calories pattern, Sweetheart Company's frames with designs, Whispered in the Wind and X and O's  and that is just a few of my favorites.... this year.
So stop by the Needlework Show this weekend and have fun.
Here's the link:

Remember folks, this is a show for the Trades, but as retail shoppers we can make a list of patterns, books, or items we want and either send it to our Local Needlework Shop or the Online shop we order from.

 Hubby was once again the kind father, Mel's computer is still down so he did some entries for her at the show, before he left for work, I am sure he will enter more in the next few days.  He did the entries in the Fall into Fall Quilter's giveaway for her, but alas he didn't win anything. Mel's reaction was that she never wins anything, so I sure hope he can win something for her.  I don't know if Jen is planning on entering, I think she does, but she hasn't done any cross stitching for some time.  I even stopped making her the stitching box at Christmas, wonder if is has something to do with the 6 kids running around the house???


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some finishes

I thought you might like to see what I have been up to this past week.

This is a Quilt for a little girl who has been fighting for her life, I hope it cheers her up a bit. I am also sending a Princess Crown for the little girl and for her best friend. I found out about this little girl from a lady in my CCS group, her grand daughter is the best friend...

I found this Disney Princess Panel in my stash. What little girl wouldn't love to have the Disney Princess's cover her as she sleeps and dreams of being a princess.

I recently participated in a Mug Rug Swap on CafeMoms swap site, these are the ones I sent. I raided the scrap bin, put my embroidery machine to work and this is what I ended up with.  

 This one was my Thank You to the Mug Rug Swap hostess

Here is the one that I made Friday night for our Fall Mug Rug Swap, It will be in the mail Monday. I think my next one will be a Christmas one, just in case there is a Christmas Mug Rug swap... If you want to join in the fun the swap group is located in Yahoo groups, CafeMom and under the group Sewing and hobbies, the swap section. If you can't find it let me know and I will get a link for you.

Today we have been busy, we didn't get to work in hubby's workshop as planned because we had a visit from grand children. They decorated the outside of the house, and then we were off to a nice shopping spree and dinner. Who cares if the work doesn't get done, there is always tomorrow and we love spending time with the kids.

Hope you all had a good weekend to.


This has been a great weekend for our readers..... WE have winners for Southern Style and Nanbon's Corner readers. Both of my blogs now have over 100 followers, which means  another giveaway, so check back next week and see what we have posted.        Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for following Southern Style and Nanbon's Corner.

Southern Style Winners:

Fall into Fall winners
Judy won the "What I learned from God while quilting" book
Emillie won the Green Hexagon Quilt Kit

Sherry won the Pillsbury Frozen Grands bisquits package

Nanbon's Corner Winner:
GA447 won the $35.00 Gift Certificate from CSN stores.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway October 1-15

151 entries, and we have our winners, I have emailed the winners and will post the names as soon as they reply..  Thank you to all who entered.

The Winners are
Hexagon Quilt Kit is    Emillie
"What I learned from God while quilting" book is    Judy
congratulations to both our winners

Welcome Fall into Fall Quilt blog hoppers, so glad you could stop by and visit.
Fall is my favorite time of the year, In the Fall my family would take a long drives in the country and look at the wondrous changing colors of the trees, have bon fires, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, and we even made brick ovens and put potatoes in them before we lit the fires, just nothing better.  There were fall decorations everywhere, corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins and mums, plus the ghosts, skeletons and witches for Halloween fun. Hay rides, festivals, haunted houses and trick or treaters on the run. The slight chill in the air signals that winter will soon be here.  Now I live in Florida and no more changing colors of the trees will I see,  grand kids will soon be here to spookify my house, I don't mind as they love having fun.  Treats will be bought to protect from the tricksters and soon the giggles of children will fill the night air.  Yes I love this time of year and I love that I have the chance to participate in the Fall into Fall Quilter's Giveaway that Debi at is hosting.

 So all you wonderful quilters out there, stop by and visit Debi and follow the list of all the bloggers who are participating in the fun. The Fall into Fall giveaway runs from October 1st to October 15th.  Winners of my giveaway will be posted here and  will be notified by email, so please make sure I have a way to contact you.

Prize #1 
Granny's Quilting Shapes Hexagon Quilt Kit in green and white.
Kit is 294 pre cut pieces which will make 42 12" blocks on your background fabric. 

Prize #2

What I learned from God while quilting book
 Ruth McHaney Danner
Cristine Bolley

To Enter
1. Become a follower of Southern Style Blog or
if you are a follower leave me the name you follow as.

2. Leave a comment here on your favorite fall activity and where you live,
 I love seeing where my blog is being read.

OK, that's it 2 ways to enter, 2 ways to win
on your entries please let me know if you were to win which prize you would like
# 1  or # 2 or both

Thank You for stopping by and visiting, hope you win and have fun visiting all the wonderful sites.

Click here for more Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway participating sites
last time I counted there were 142 sites to visit.

I also have two other giveaways going on, hope you enter those as well.
Pillsbury Biscuit giveaway::
$35.00 CSN Stores Gift Card:

Thanks for Stopping by and have fun on your Fall into Fall journey