Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cross stitching for Charity

A finish on a Kit I bought on ebay

My Second Charity Square for the Cancer Quilt
My first Charity Square for the Cancer Quilt

I found the fabric for the rose squares at a site Mel sent me to, the material was beautiful and cheap so I ordered some and when my order arrived, the light bulb went off above my head. The fabric has a border with little rosebuds and I thought that it would look nice to have roses stitched in the middle. I had just joined a Charity Cross Stitch group and I asked the owner if we could list the Rose quilt as a project, she agreed and it was now my group project. I had nine squares and one by one they were sent out to be stitched by members of the group. I did one of the roses and than when I finished with that one I took the last square that was here and stitched the pink ribbon with roses, Sean saw the square and suggested I add a lace border and I think the border makes the square. So now you ask who will get this quilt when it is completed. The quilt is in honor of my Mother who was a quilt maker and who donated many items to many charitys over the years, it is also in memory of all who have battled Cancer. This quilt will go to a cancer patient, to keep them warm as they battle this dreaded disase and to let them know that they are not alone in their fight. I really feel that my mother is looking over my shoulder as I work on this quilt.

As for the Bath sign, this was a kit I won on ebay and thought it would look great in my bathroom. I am still working on the Lavender and Lace Angel of Summer and I just started the Lavender and Lace Enchanted Alphbet, I also have the material for the Celtic Women ready to be dyed. I also have a quilted lap robe in the works for the nursing home that Mel works at, this is a project for the Charity group.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fruits of Summer


Sugarbaby Watermelon

AHHHHHH the fruits of summer, how sweet they are. Roadside fruit stands every where you look, selling the wonderful fruits of summer. We recently stopped by a stand and picked up some of summer's harvest. I had a craving for peaches and Sean was looking for tomatoes. We found the peaches at a roadside stand in Milton, the tomatoes just didn't look that good so we passed on them, we did however see a tarp covered with four different varieties of watermelon. We chose a sugerbaby, it compact size and sweetness of that variety made it a good choice for the two of us. We returned home and placed our bounty in the fridge to chill. Later that night we tried the peaches, biting into the sweet flesh, with juice running down our chins we were in peach heaven. We had forgotten about the watermelon for a few days but when we remembered it we found it to be ice cold. Sean cut into the dark green skin, revealing a red core dripping with sweet juice. The melon was cold, crisp, juicy and oh so sweet. A very refreshing taste of summer in a little green ball. The peaches are now gone as is the watermelon, this weekend on our outing we again will be in search of the little stand by the side of the road with a teenage girl in a ponytail helping her parents sell the wonderful tastes of summer, nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables right off the farm. Support you local farmers, you will be glad you did.
Did I mention I too have a peach tree, well I have two but the one really doesn't count as it is still so small. We also have two apple trees, a Meyer lemon, tangerine and orange tree. Sean and I planted them just to see if they would grow. This spring I was so excited the trees all had blossoms on them. In a few weeks there appeared tiny fruits, The peach tree had a bunch of peaches starting, the apple trees only had a few and the citrus trees were loaded with tiny fruits. One by one the peaches started to disappear off the tree, don't know if it was a squirrel or the birds, one apple tree lost all its fruits and the other one only had one. I watched the peach tree and the progress it was making in growing the fruits, now down to three peaches. I went out one day and there was only one peach left and it was a the top of the tree. I waited till that lonely peach started to blush and than I snapped it off and took my prize to the house. I washed my lonely peach and cut it into four section, Sean and I both took a bite and WOW was that a good peach. I was bound and determined to try a fruit that I had grown, I am hoping that next year I will have more than one. The trees are all really young and in years to come I hope they will provide us with their fruits of summer. As for the apple, it is still growing bigger everyday, and the citrus tree, well two of them are loaded, I think they are the tangerine and lemon trees, can't wait till they mature...YUMMMM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is there a full moon

Full Moon Tonight? No it is a half moon tonight, I just looked it up. But the way things are going today I would swear there is a full moon. Maybe there is a really bad storm heading our way, WHY do you ask, Good Question. Animals are acting really crazy, not my dogs, they act crazy all the time. One dog in heat next thing you know all the girls are in heat driving poor Rascal crazy, can you say Pomtese or would it be Maltianian. But that is not what I was referring to. Tonight it is the wild creatures that are acting up. I will explain, I opened the back door to let the dogs out for a potty run. I noticed that there was a little bird on the porch of Sean's workshop. A second bird popped up from the porch and sat on the railing, next thing I knew the little bird had flown into the opened door where I was standing. GREAT, now there is a bird loose in the house, and from past experience they are not the easiest things to get out. I closed the back door and followed the bird into my living room, I then opened the front door, WHAT WAS THAT, something just ran past my foot. GREAT, another critter loose in the house, this time it looked to be some kind of little lizard and could that critter move. Anyway I propped open the front door and looked around and no bird, where did it go? There it is, it flew past me and out the front door. Now for the other critter, WHERE DID IT GO, out the door, NOOOOOOOOO it headed for the desk area and I have no clue where it is. My luck I will be sitting at the computer and something will crawl up my leg sending the chair flying and me scaring the dogs with a blood curdling scream, or one of the dogs will find a new play toy. Am I worried, Not really, Well, a little, if I had only gotten a really good look at this critter and identified it as a chameleon and not something else, but it was moving really fast as it came in the house. I am still wondering how it got past the screen door. WEIRD THINGS ARE HAPPENING and there isn't a full moon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Road to Recovery

The above photos are of the new pond area in front of Sean's workshop. He needs to get the water feature installed and we will be all set.

This is our little Roxy Girl, she is finally coming out of the puppy ugly stage. She on the Road to Recovery,and is starting to get her Pom coat. She is such a spoiled kid, always into trouble. Her newest fit of misbehaving has to do with the bowls in the kitchen. From the time she first came to live here she has taken over the dog food bowls, she would lay in the bowl when she was eating, just to make sure that none of the other dogs could steal her food, she still does this. Lately she has taken to playing in the water bowl. It has been getting really hot here and when the dogs come in from their potty and play romps in the back yard the little girl will go to the water bowl and splash the water out of the bowl. Guess she is just hot and trying to find a way to cool down. Wonder if we should invest in a puppy pool for the yard so I don't have water all over my kitchen floor. I have taken to putting up a makeshift gate to keep her in the living room and out of trouble, but this is not a total fix. I will just be so happy when we get out of the puppy stages.
As for me, I am still taking it easy, just cross stitching at night, not doing that much till my health gets better. Doctor is trying to control the symptoms with medications, I really hope this works.