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Monday, April 20, 2009

Cross stitch

Lavender and Lace designs
Angel of Spring

Angel of Summer

Angel of Autumn

Angel of Winter

I have been making Heirloom Quilts for family members for Christmas and as a diversion from that tedious work ( to much math involved) I decided to once again give Cross stitch a try. I haven't done any stitching since I was in my late 20's. I started doing the little Mill Hill kits in the evenings while watching TV. Of course I was finding Mill Hill Kits on ebay, but than in searching one night for Mill Hill beaded kits, my search went another direction. I was taken to this auction called Celtic Spring (Mill Hill Beads are part of the designs), she was beautiful, I knew I would have to stitch her. I found there was Celtic Summer, Celtic Autumn, Celtic Winter and Celtic Christmas. I went to the designer's web site (Told in a Garden) and found that they were based in my home town, how funny is that. I also found the Angel of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter on their web site, but it was at Needle Delights Shop in Pensacola where I saw the angels stitched out. The design series is Lavender and Lace and all the designs are beautiful (check them out if you get a chance, patterns would make a great gift item Hint Hint). She has all kinds of angels, as well as Victorian designs (Butternut Road) and Amish designs (Told in a Garden). I am hooked on their designs, so on to my new quest. I bought the 4 Seasons Angels as well as some of their other designs (Queen Anne's Lace, Christmas Visit, Country Fair, Earth Angel, Angel of Hope, Angel of Grace and Ice Angel). I still want to get the Celtic patterns, so on to ebay and let the bidding begin. Now I have to get embroidery floss and fabric, seems so strange that I am buying this stuff for me. I normally spend all year finding floss, fabrics, and accessories for the girls Christmas stitching boxes, now I have to shop for me. Hey I don't drink or smoke, crafts are my addiction, but after all they keep me out of trouble. I also have a wonderful husband who supports all that I do. Melanie has also been a big help giving me heads up on which are the best shops and web sites to find the bargins. I did find the Crafters market web site and they have really great sales, you can check them out using this link (Cross Stitch Supplies - $1.00 or less)

Anyone who wants to donate DMC Floss, Mill Hill Beads or Fabric or any related Stitching stuff to fuel my addiction, I would really appreciate it.

Roxy's Day

Dad calls me a Ewok and Mom dresses me like one, I'm so embarrassed

Rascal understands what I have just been through, a hug makes it all better

A quick snack

What's so funny, I just enjoy my food and I will protect it till the end.

A quick nap with my Dad

Friday, April 10, 2009


Today we had the newest puppy to the vet for her second puppy shot. We also took two of the older dogs for their distemper shots. None of them were all that happy about their visit. They hid their heads in the assistants arm as the doctor was checking them out and giving their shots. Roxy is doing really good, she is up to 2 pounds. The other two Malteses will go with Roxy on her next appointment for their shots. I do have to watch Sissy really close as she has a reaction to the distemper shot, her little face swells up and she has to get a second injection. The dogs are all sleeping, guess the excitement and the shots just wore their little butts out. Going to be a quiet evening around here. Guess I will work on my cross stitch ornaments tonight.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

This weekend we celebrated my Birthday, I just won't say which one. Friday we took Lottie out to lunch (Steven's mother from south Florida) Her birthday was the 3rd and mine the 4th. We had fun and she enjoyed her lunch. Saturday we worked on the yards in the morning and afternoon, than we got cleaned up and headed into Pensacola for dinner (Applebee's) and than the craft store. Sunday we made a trip to Melanie's, she had made me a strawberry cake, and gave me some Mill Hill cross stitch kits. I just love doing these little Mill Hill beaded kits in between working on my big projects. (Hint Hint) I also had lots of phone calls from well wishers. The staff at the Auction house had Cherylyn make a stop by the house and drop off a gift bag, inside there was a card from Lottie with a Roadhouse gift card inside and than a card and Fenton vase from the staff. I was so shocked with the thoughtfulness of my Auction friends. Sunday we finished the lawn work, now I just need to finish putting in the pond in the back yard.

Puppy, The new baby puppy is doing really well. She is still so small, but she has a big attitude. She and Rascal get along just great. Only one problem and it is when the two of them get to playing. He forgets how big he is because he is still a puppy too and he will get a little to rough with her. Of course she comes out with her attitude and at times she is a devil dog with her growling and attacking of Rascal, guess I should have named her Sassy Lassie.

The rain came

As predicted the rains came and all my beautiful azalea bushes lost their flowers, good thing I took pictures. We had four days of hard rains, the first night we were awaken at 2 am with the storm. We looked out the front door and saw walnut size hail smashing into the ground. I just knew that all the planting I did in the new flower beds would be lost. But to my amazement when I checked on the plants the next morning they were all fine the only causality was the Azalea bushes. The first night it was the worst with the hail, the next three days was just a lot of rain. Many times I would look out front and see a lake instead of a front lawn. Just glad I didn't get the grass seed spread yet or it would have washed away. Now it is Cold again, we had a cold front come in and for the past two nights had to cover the plants due to a frost warning. All my fruit trees are in bloom, I just hope this crazy weather doesn't hurt them this year.