Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cats were delivered to the Santa Rosa Kids House...  One of the volunteer had contacted me and requested some stuffed animals for the children.  The members of The World of Charity Stitching group once again stepped up to the plate and they stitched the cat faces and the hug me signs.  My self and another member sewed up the bodies, I stuffed, fluffed, and added a bow and the cats were ready to go..  So on to the next project... I am currently working on a quilt for a young man in Washington state who has leukemia.  His quilt will be in the mail this week...
Em's surgery
On another note, my grand daughter has a cyst on her finger and years ago it was removed.  It came back and again it was removed... The next time they removed it they cut to the bone, took fat and skin, did a graft and just messed up her finger..  Well, the cyst stayed away for quite some time... But it is back.. and her parents took her to the doctors once again.. This time they were referred to Shands in Gainsville and a tumor specialist examined her hand yesterday.  Today they did the surgery and she is now home and on the mend...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

a busy week

This has been a really busy week for our house... Monday was spent at the hospital with me getting tests done..  When we came home I ended up sleeping most of the evening away thanks to the meds they gave me..  But results came in by the end of the week and things are all OK.. 

Then there was a Delivery Day to the nursing home... I took 8 quilts and some walker bags to Berryhill center, needless to say there were lots of smiling faces when they got their quilts.  Mel made the delivery to Century Care Center and the residents there almost run her down when she arrives with the quilts.. 

Here are some of the ones that were delivered... these are the ones I made using the stitched square  the World of Charity Stitching group sent me...

Also delivered were two ladybug themed and a wild animal quilt that were quilted by WOCS members..
For the rest of the week we had a visit from Jen and her crew (more on that visit later)  sold two puppies, bought out the grocery store..(not really, just seemed that way) and Saturday we hit some yard sales...
Almost forgot, Mists puppies went for their puppy shots this week too..
The Twins Beep and Bop
and this is their little sister

I often wonder on the puppies and which sex are the smartest.
seems the girls always win.  This little girl has learned that she can climb the sides of the playpen, she just hasn't gotten brave enough to make the leap. She has also learned that she can bite the sides and make a hole... so far I have been one step ahead of her...  But it is always the females who are the escapees...from the puppy pens...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

where have all the bloggers gone

Puppies ready to go
I know I am bad at updating my blog sometimes, but I do get around to it in time... I love posting about the puppies and the happenings around here, things I like to make and most of all I love showing off the beautiful quilts I make for The World of Charity Group. I love showing off the counted cross stitch I make and the ones the WOCS ladies send here, so much work and love go into those stitches...  But really, am I one of a dying breed?  So many of the blogs I use to read now lay dormant, the writers haven't posted in months... Even our daughters have stopped posting their daily events and photos... Oh how I miss those posts, I loved reading about the escapades of the kids and grand kids, seeing a glimpse into their world.. But now the blogs are quiet, no more photos or posts fill my mailbox.. because they seem to be hooked on Facebook...  Which is OK now and then I guess... but really a photo, a few words and that is it... where is the story, where are all the photos that helped bring the story to life... GONE...  I want to see the projects the family are doing, I want to see the kids as they head out to a dance, or even if it is just the daily activities around the house. I loved reading Jenny's blog as she had a way adding humor into her writing that makes me smile.  Seems like the only people that are writing on their blog now days are the ones who will share instructions or tutorials for a craft... and there are the ones who host contests to bring more readers to their site... There are also those Moms that have made a job of blogging about products, giving reviews and hosting giveaways, what a great way to get items for their families, but those too have started to disappear.  I guess I don't care if my blog is popular, or read by friends and family, I write it for me, a way to tell my story, my life, my love of making things, a way of documenting my charity work. Maybe one day one of the grand kids will take the time to read about their Nana and learn more about her.. I only wish blogging was around when my grandma was alive, I would have loved to learn more about her..

Friday, July 5, 2013

Replacements again

When it rains it pours... this is so true around my house lately...  As you read a month ago our fridge stopped working and had to be replaced... now this was just after replacing the riding mower and the power washer...  so I thought things always worked in threes and we would be good to go for at least a year...  But OH NO... just isn't going to happen.... what now I asked...
I was vacuuming the floor and there was more coming out of the machine then going in... Have no clue why it is doing that... nothing clogged...  Then the other morning I turned on the TV and there is this large border at the top of the screen... so my first thought it was the service, but no after checking things it is the TV...  What ever happened to products lasting longer then a few years... OH YEAH that's right most things are made as disposable now days...  I still have a OLD TV from over 25 years ago that works just fine, but the one we got less then 7 years ago is now on the fritz..  Are there any TV repairmen left and is it worth fixing a TV  or can they even be fixed?
So yesterday we headed out to shop for a new TV and vacuum...  Hubby went a little larger on the TV size which now means he either needs to adjust the TV cabinet or we need a new one of those too, we will see as we will be setting up the TV today sometime.
I just hope we are done replacing things at least for this year..