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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Memories Review and Giveaway

Congratulations to Snoodle on her win, thank you to all who entered..

one of my family pages

 I was asked to do a review on My Memories suite software. Now I am not a typical scrapbook type person, the girls make the scrapbooks and I make sure they have what they need. So I can say that I might not have ever purchased this type of software. I do make cards and I have bought software for making cards but software is so old. I know you can purchase software updates but I didn't use it that much. So when I was offered this review I took on the challenge of learning new software. Now I am so hooked on this program, WHY OH WHY didn't I do this sooner. This is so easy to learn and use and so many neat things to do,  I have been playing and playing and playing some more.  There are tons of backgrounds, pre-made pages that you just drop in the photos, lots of sayings, and embellishments to use.  What do you know,  I love Scrapbooking!,  All thanks to My Memories Suite and their new software.  If all this isn't enough, you can go to their web site and download new pages Free or they have ones that you can purchase for a minimal cost. 

 My Memories has agreed to giveaway a copy of their incredible software to one of my loyal readers. My Memories Suite version 2 is a digital scrapbooking software. You can make Scrapbook pages, Calendars, Cards, and DVDs. You can now win a copy of this great software, just follow the entry requirements and your entered.

 You can also visit My Memories on Facebook as they have incredible giveaways all the time!

If you want to purchase the software right now, use the code STMMMS33329 for a $10 discount plus a $10 coupon for kits and pages downloads! (That's $20 free!!)


You all know my fur babies

Just a few of my charity quilts

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Giveaway will run from Sept. 8 to Sept.29th   Winner will be notified by email

If you want to purchase the software right now, use the code STMMMS33329 for a $10 discount plus a $10 coupon for kits and pages downloads! (That's $20 free!!)

Southern Style Blog has not received anything from  My Memories to sponsor this giveaway other then the software offered for review and the software offered as the prize. The opinions in this post are that of myself.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby quilt top DONE

The Crayon Borders

 The finished Crayon Baby Quilt Top
All I need to do now is to quilt the top and then off to Ohio
I will wait till I have some of the Charity Quilts ready to be quilted and do them all at once.
This was a great little kit and I think the new parents will love it.

This wet weekend

It has been raining all weekend.. Band after Band of rain has been pelting the Gulf Coast Area.  I really don't mind the rain as the plants love a good soaking rain.  BUT the wind, I really didn't need the wind.  I was late getting to the orange tree and propping up a branch that was orange heavy and it broke.. At least the Tangerine Tree is fine... I just love the fruit we get off that tree.

But on to this wet weekend.  Not much to do because of all the rain.  I did manage to get to Pensacola and deliver three kids quilts to our group owner. We then came home and I worked on my Baby quilt.
I showed you all the parts laying patiently waiting for their turn on the sewing machine. and the two blocks at the top of this blog are some of what I was working on.  BUT then tragedy struck, I blew a fuse on my sewing machine, My Janome was dead, no hum, no whirl, just total silence.  My heart sank as the last time I took her in for a blown fuse it cost me $70.00.  OK so I did have them service her when she was in the shop, but it took two months to get her back.. So I went out to my husband with my long sad face, and upset look and told him what was wrong. Now he use to repair sewing machines, but that was before they were computerized. I said but it is just a fuse, can you please take a look. I mean after all he keeps plane flying with his electronic knowledge, how hard could a little sewing machine be?  He gave me a look, OK, but he said he would check it out. In the meantime I went online and found a site with instructions on how to find the fuse for a Janome. I am so glad I live in the computer era, you can find anything online.  So I printed out the instructions and delivered it to my husband.  He got the covers off, and Janome is tricky as they use different screws which requires different tools.  HA!! hubby had them so no problem.  He found the bad fuse and the next day we headed to Radio Shack and got the fuse we needed, it was installed and my baby is up and running again and it cost less then $4.00 Plus he has 4 more backup fuses as they were sold in a pack of 5.  WOW big difference in the price, take it to a shop and the minute the man looks at it there is a $ 50.00 service charge.  Maybe hubby needs to start repairing sewing machines again, might be a good retirement plan for him..
I will be finishing up the quilt today with attaching the borders, but it won't go in the quilting machine until I have some of the charity quilts ready to go.  I like quilting a group of quilts at a time, as I need to get into the swing of things with the machine.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It is raining here and we are supposed to be wet all weekend... SOOOO off to the sewing room I go.  I will be working on a baby quilt for my Neice or Nephews new baby..  Both brother and sister will be welcoming new additions to their families next year... so I have baby quilts to make..
This is the all the parts waiting for assembly,

I designed a butterfly quilt for my charity group. The ladies from the World of Charity Stitchers have been busy stitching these beautiful butterflies.  The requirements were to stitch on 14ct white, chose a color and use three shades of that color for the butterfly, no black.. When finished they chose and send fabric to match their butterfly and the butterfly.. I just finished sewing on the borders and thought you might like to see what WOCS is up to..   SO PRETTY

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1 week old

I can hardly believe that it was a week ago that Roxy got me up at three am to deliver her puppies..
The puppie are doing really well, Roxy keeps them well fed, warm and clean, plus she gets to go and see her dad when he comes home.. so she does get a needed break now and then.  Rascal wants to visit as do the other dogs, but Roxy just isn't ready to share yet, So they all have to wait.

Not much change in the boys this week, other then about doubling in size.  Their eyes and ears are still closed, but they do have good lungs and let their mom know when they are ready to eat. 
Can you tell the difference in them yet???  guess I should have used something as a measuring device so you could see the difference..  they were 3  to 5 ozs at birth and now a week later they are 10 to 12 ozs

1 Day old                                                                                        1 week old
1 week old