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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Bye to 2011

Another year is almost over and I for one will be so happy to see it go.... We had tragedies and losses this year in the family... But I will say there was also some moment of amazement and lots of surprises as well.

Mel lost her house to a fire in February, she was in the process of a divorce, she had many medical problems, her husband almost died, she was so down, but as the year comes to a end she is in a new home, she is back with her husband and things are starting to look better for her. I was also amazed at the number of my online friends who sent donations of money or cross stitch things to her.. Mel still has another surgery to go through but I know she will be just fine.

Don't hear much from Jenny so I guess things are OK in her house... He daughter Lizzy did meet her goal and she raised over 1,000 dollars for Juvenile diabetes foundation.

Don's divorce was granted and he  remarried, to  a former classmate... They are in the process of buying a new home and combining households.  Don now has two step daughters and a step son... There was sadness for him as his father passed away from lung cancer..

As for me and hubby we did OK last year, no major medical problems, other than my foot surgery and then the broken foot... oh and I did stick my hand in a glass to wash it and it broke sending me to the ER for 9 stitches.. and then re injuring it after the stitches came out..  But all in all 2011 was OK for us...
As for my quilting....I bought a quilting machine and I finished a total of 35 quilts this past year, most went to a nursing home and a few to children's charities.  I finished lots of cross stitch projects, both for my charity group and for myself.

Today I hope to get the Christmas decorations taken down and put away, tonight we will stay home and watch movies.  Tomorrow a traditional Pa Dutch New Years Day Dinner of Saur Kraut. Funny how the first dinner of the New Year is so different depending on where you live.. Where I am from it is Saur Kraut, in Indy they ate raw cabbage at midnight, where we are now it is Black Eye Peas, and they cook a dime with it, the person who finds the dime has good luck all year.  I also think it is funny on the weird ball drops that towns have... NY is the Apple, Atlanta is a Peach, Nashville is a Musical note, Hershey is a Hershey Kiss, in Pensacola it is a Pelican and I read somewhere there is a fish drop, I think Maine...
So leave me a comment on what iconic item is dropped at midnight during your towns count down, and what will you be dinning on tomorrow... Which Parade will you watch and will you be watching the big game Monday, yes they are celebrating New Years on the 2nd this year....  Here we watch the Rose Parade and Hubby will watch the Rose Bowl... I will head to the sewing room to start on a new quilt and for the past few years I have started a new counted cross stitch project on the first.

So here's to 2012 and hoping it will be a great year for everyone.   Now I need to get busy and get the house UN decorated and choose my Counted Cross Stitch to start tomorrow    Come back tomorrow and see what I chose....
Have a Safe and Happy New Year..

Thursday, December 29, 2011

baby quilts are done

I am going to be a temptress with this post... You see I made a baby quilt for my Niece who is expecting in Jan or any time now, Baby will make the arrival decision...  Alysha likes surprises, she didn't want to find out if her baby was a boy or girl, she wanted to be surprised... Now she knew I was making a baby quilt, she got to choose the colors, and the type of design,  she chose frogs and dragonflies and her colors were purple and light green.  OK I was up for the challenge, I found a delightful design in the Anita Goodesign Spring Curls designs that I thought would be perfect for the quilt.  Today I asked Alysha if she wanted to see the quilt, she gave me a undecided answer... she like surprises but yet she would love to see it... so I sent her pictures of the designs, not the entire quilt.  She loved the designs and can not wait to get her quilt... BUT this is the reason for this post, it is here for her, if she wants to see the finished quilt or if she wants to wait the choice is hers.  I wonder, do you think she can wait to see what I made???
Which brings me to my nephew Adam... Adam will soon be the father of a bouncing baby boy, guess he didn't like surprises... Adam was so happy that he will finally have another young man in the house, both the girls are happy to that they will soon have a brother.  The baby's room I was told will be decorated in Ohio State decor... so I followed his lead and I made a Scarlett and grey Ohio State baby quilt for his little man who will make his appearance in February.
I just wonder if my husbands brother is ready for two more grand children to spoil, which I know he will.... Congratulations Grandpa Mike....

So without further ado, here's the baby quilts

 For Alysha   a green and purple, frog and dragonfly quilt

For Adam, a Scarlett and grey Ohio State baby quilt


Friday, December 23, 2011

The Story of a Special Bell

5 years ago on the week before Thanksgiving  a very special lady underwent tests and was diagnosed with cancer.  She had emergency surgery on Thanksgiving night but all the cancer could not be removed. She would have to undergo chemo treatments. While she was getting her chemo she said she needed a project to work on. Her normal projects were large and she no longer had the strength to do them as months of Chemo had taken it toll.. I found the lovely bell pattern online and told her I would love a set for my tree.  She worked on them when she could that year, bell after bell was lovingly created, they took her mind off the treatments and the pain.  But she didn't get to finish them all, there were a dozen or so almost done.  When we went out for her funeral I took the box of bells home.  I decided I would finish what this wonderful lady had started. I starched them and added pearls, silk roses, & a hanger. I made a beautiful box for each bell and on the front was  a photo of my Mother  and her memorial information. Inside I added a satin lining and in the lid was a poem that I found on line.

I miss you all dearly
now don't shed a tear
I spending my Christmas
with Jesus this year.

I enclosed a letter explaining the story of the bells and that this would be my Mother's last gift to them. I had this in mind the whole time as I knew she wouldn't make it till Christmas and she always made  special gifts for friends and family.  She would have been so happy to know that her Bells were finished and given to the ones she loved in her memory. The Bells were her last gift and the one that will be remembered.
Mother you are still part of my Christmas each year as My Bell has a special place on my tree.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our home has been a buzz of activity these last few weeks, working hard to get things done for Christmas.
The Charity quilts and bags have left and were delivered to the nursing home.
  New stocking for Ma & Pa, yes I broke down and made us stockings.. Normally I would make ones for the kids and grand kids, but this year was our turn. 
 The house has been decorated with beautiful lights, and snowflakes glisten in patterns on the porch... A snowman stands out front with his little one at his side.. In the back The polar bear and some penguins stand watch as Santa rides his trusty rocking horse... Santa is my favorite and I can keep a eye on him from my kitchen window.  Some of the regulars have been retired as they just couldn't stand anymore, old age I guess.
Holiday cards and special boxes have been sent to locations of friends and loved ones near and far.
Candy and Cookies are finished, some are packaged for gifts for friends
Christmas Mugs have been filled and wrapped for those who help in our day to day lives.. Our Mail Carrier, our Trash man, the Lady at the Store, people who work with my husband.

This is a little wall hanging for Mel as she is our Snowman Collector

A beautiful Centerpiece showed up last week at our door from my Son and his family
Its so nice to have such a wonderful Son & Daughter In Law..

My Grandson asked if we were making Gingerbread houses this year and I just didn't get the houses baked, so we picked up some of those house kits at the store. We also picked up some extra goodies and Sunday we decorated.  This was my creation... Kyle's was, well lets say his looked like a angry bird.. but it was cute in its own way. 

Christmas Magic

With this being the time of Christmas Magic I am thrilled by local news Stories of Secret Santa's who are paying on Lay Aways. I have always tried to adopt a family at Christmas every year, I have bought items for a  family, Delivered with them never knowing my name. I have also coordinated local businesses as they adopted families.  We also will do random acts of kindness to strangers... We stopped at our local Walgreen's store and there was this charming young lady, she heard our conversation of stopping for a hamburger and she made the comment she was hungry and would love a hamburger.. She reminded us so much of the daughter we lost.  Well, we left the store and I said to my husband  about stopping for a hamburger for that young lady... he had the same thought and we headed to Burger King, grabbed a sandwich and made a delivery to that young lady.. She was so shocked... I told her she reminded us of our  daughter.. I just hope that the people in line who saw our random act of kindness would take it to heart and do something special for someone as well.  It doesn't have to be much, a Christmas Card with a tip to hand to the girl at the drive up window or the cashier at the store. We have won stuffed animals at those machines and handed to children in the store.. we do however ask the parent first just to make sure it is OK.  Have you ever paid the toll for the driver behind you, I have... Do you leave a special delivery in your mail box for your mail carrier..  Make a delivery of fruits or baked goods to a elderly couple in your neighborhood, most times they don't bake anymore and would love some homemade breads, cakes or cookies.      Remember its Christmas Magic to share the love this holiday season...  Have a safe and happy holiday season..

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Charity Quilts are on their way

I am done, done with my Charity quilts that is.  Mel picked up the ones for the Century Care Center today along with all the wheelchair bags, walker bags, tote bags and other items our World of Charity Stitcher's group made.  Mel and I spent the afternoon putting personal care products and other small items in the bags.  Tomorrow she will be handing out all these wonderful items to the residents.  So I am done for the year with quilting for my group... I still have two baby quilts to finish and I hope to do those next week..
Here are the pictures of the quilts that I quilted... Members of the World of Charity Stitcher's made the squares and sent to Myself, Dona or Carolyn for the top to be assembled, the tops were then sent to me to quilt and finish..  If anyone would like more information on The World of Charity Stitchers group, we are a yahoo group, have a blog and are on Facebook...World of Charity Stitching

In November Peggy delivered 2 quilts to Ronald McDonald House and 2 to a abused women and children's center. 
Angel  Baby Quilt
CCS by WOCS member   sewn by Dona   Quilted by me

Mickey & Friends Quilt
CCS by Nikki, Sewn by Dona Quilted by me

      Toy Quilt
CCS by WOCS members sewn by Carolyn  Quilted by me

Toy Quilt 2
CCS by WOCS member sewn by Carolyn Quilted by me

The next 12 lovely quilts are the ones that headed to the nursing home yesterday

Sweet Treats Quilt
Top by Dona, Quilted by me

Flower Garden Quilt #2
top by Dona, Quilted by me

Garden Quilt #1
Top and Quilting by me

Teapot Quilt
Top and Quilting by me

Long legged birds Quilt 4 seasons
Top by Dona, Quilted by me

Country Quilt
Top by Dona, Quilted by me

Long legged Holiday Birds Quilt
Top and quilting by me

Birds of Prey Quilt
Top and quilting by me

Under the Sea Quilt
Top and quilting by me

Farm Quilt
Top and Quilting by me

Super Sport III
Top and Quilting by me

Embroidered butterflies Quilt
Top and quilting by me

close up of butterfly square

All these wonderful bags and quilts are on their way to Century Care Center
to be given to patients this holiday season.

Now on to the baby quilts for my Niece and Nephew
Her baby is due in Jan and His is due in Feb. 

Also today Mel and I made gifts in a jar, mugs and baskets for Christmas gifts... and I was informed that my grandson wanted to know if we were making gingerbread houses this year... I really thought they forgot about the houses, but a tradition can not be ignored so next week I will bake... warm gingerbread scent will fill the air....what a wonderful scent of the season.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Show

You can always tell when Christmas is right around the corner... as Darlene at SewCalgal hosts her annual Christmas Quilt Show. If you are a quilter you can enter your Holiday Quilt, If you don't have a quilt ready, you can still enjoy the show and see what all these talented quilter's have entered.  I try never to miss entering one of SewCalgal's show, as I am kind of new to quilting and most of the quilts I make are for my Charity Group, they go to nursing homes, ill children and a abuse center.  Now while these people love the quilts I make, I am not one of the extremely talented quilter's who enter the Big Quilt Shows, I will never be that talented to have my quilts in one of those shows. So by entering my quilts in SewCalgal's shows, I feel like I am one of those special quilters.

This year I almost missed my entry in the Christmas Show as I have 18 quilts in the process for my charity group.. You see I not only quilt the tops I make, but there is a lady in WA State that makes tops and sends to me to quilt and our Children's quilt maker had a medical problem and she wasn't able to finish the quilts she started so I had her send those quilts to me as well.  All these things meant more time being spent on the charity group, less time for other quilts..
Then one day while checking out SewCalgal's site I realized that the Christmas show was fast approaching, and I had to get something made to enter as this is my chance to show my work. I had planned a Christmas quilt but there wasn't enough time to make the planned one, so into the sewing room I went. I opened the dressers and pull some holiday fabrics, grabbed my Accuquilt GO cutter and dies and I did a design as you go type quilted wall hanging. When that one was finished I found a Christmas panel in my Christmas fabrics and quilted it for my Mother In Law as well as another Christmas table runner like I made her last year. 
So without further ado  here is my entry in this year's SewCalgal's Christmas Show, I hope you like them...
Don't forget to visit all the other quilts that are entered in the show.

My Christmas Tree made with Accuquilt Feathers Die and Star Die
hand cut applique banner is embroidered using Brother machine and Brother Alphabet card
background is done with tight meandering quilting on Bailey's 15" quilting machine

My Christmas Panel,  free motion quilting using invisible thread

A holiday table runner made for MIL, Quilted using Janome Embroidery Machine Quilt Designs,

Well, that's my Christmas Quilt Entries in this years show, hope you enjoyed visiting my Blog  # 19 on the list
Watch this site in the next few weeks for all the charity quilts to be posted.

For those of you wondering, YES my Christmas tree is up, it went up Thanksgiving day.  Most of the grand kids were here and they decorated it for me, of course the Moms had to do some rearranging as we had clusters or ornaments in places.

Happy Holidays.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Dolly Mama is Done

Finished yet another Lovely Dolly Mama...  of course I just had to stitch the Quilting Dolly Mama.... Now on to Counted Cross Stitch Mama... oh and if you are wondering just where I got the Quilting, Counted Cross Stitch and Crafting Queen Dolly Mama that I am now working on... would you believe MY HUBBY bought them for me... He always comments how ugly my Dolly Mama's are and yet he bought me these on his own...

Make sure to stop back tomorrow to see my entries in this years Christmas Quilt Show... I did manage to take a few moments away from my charity quilt work to get my entries made.... They  are not quite what I had planned on entering, but time got away from me and I had to come up with something in a hurry..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Show is coming

Darlene over at SewCalGal blogsite is getting into the holiday spirit. She is making her list and checking it twice to make sure things are ready for the Christmas Quilt Show.   If you look on the right side of this blog you will see the show's tag, between November 28th and December 2nd, just click on the tag for a magical ride to a wonderland of quilts.  If you just want to take a look see, well you have to wait till  November 28th for the show to open.  So get busy ladies if you have a Quilt ready take your pictures, if you are thinking about entering the show, well then you just need to get the sewing machine humming and get that quilt finished.  I can't wait to see what you all enter... See ya at the show.

Friday, October 21, 2011

one more charity quilt

I finished the Farm quilt top for the nursing home this week, the WOCS members did a excellent job on the cross stitching. This design is not what I had planned on making, but sometimes things just don't go the way you want them to. So I walked away for the night and the next day I made this one, which to me was a plain border, so out came the embroidery machine and I did a Machine applique pumpkin and two embroidered chicks.  I have one more top to finish for the nursing home and that's the butterfly quilt top. I sent the cat pillows to the nursing home this week that Dona and Pam from WOCS had stitched, my part was to stuff the pillows, add their bows and send them on their way.  The pillows were a really big hit at the center and the group has offered to make more.

Last night I started on the frog and dragonfly quilt for my niece's baby... She is due in January so I have some time to get it done.. Her Brother will also be welcoming a new member to his home, they are expecting a little boy in February.  Looks like my husband's brother will have his hands full next year with the new grand children to spoil.  Oh yea, spoiling is what a grand parent is supposed to do and I think we all do it so well.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Dolly Mama finish

I finally finished the High Maintenace Dolly Mama..  I did have a excuse as I have been trying to get caught up on the quilts.. I started Quilting Dolly Mama last night...
Today, I am making Apple Butter with a old Amish Recipe... Lot of work, but oh so worth it... gotta go and stir the apple butter..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

two more finishes

Here are yet another two tops finished and the ones that didn't make this blog last week.. I have one more to work on tonight which is the Farm Quilt .. and as soon as the last three butterflies come in I can sew that top... Hope to be able to start the quilting next week... that is after I work up 40 lbs of apples that I got last weekend...  Apple Pies, Apple Dumplings, Apple Sauce and Apple Butter are what's planned

                                                                          Tea Pot Quilt

  Long Legged Holiday Bird Quilt

                                                          Hand Embroidered Quilt W/Applique

                                                                         Garden Quilt #1

                                                                     Super Sports III Quilt

                                                                         Under the Sea Quilt

                                                                      Birds of Prey Quilt
                                                               Holly Sampler

Monday, October 10, 2011

My mistake

I made a mistake, I wrote a cute post to catch you all up on why I haven't been here in so long, other then the giveaway that is..  BUT I put it on the Nanbon's Corner Blog, so you can stop there to read and see what I have been up to... I am just to tired to up load everthing tonight..

Follow the link to see the beautiful quilt tops.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Memories Review and Giveaway

Congratulations to Snoodle on her win, thank you to all who entered..

one of my family pages

 I was asked to do a review on My Memories suite software. Now I am not a typical scrapbook type person, the girls make the scrapbooks and I make sure they have what they need. So I can say that I might not have ever purchased this type of software. I do make cards and I have bought software for making cards but software is so old. I know you can purchase software updates but I didn't use it that much. So when I was offered this review I took on the challenge of learning new software. Now I am so hooked on this program, WHY OH WHY didn't I do this sooner. This is so easy to learn and use and so many neat things to do,  I have been playing and playing and playing some more.  There are tons of backgrounds, pre-made pages that you just drop in the photos, lots of sayings, and embellishments to use.  What do you know,  I love Scrapbooking!,  All thanks to My Memories Suite and their new software.  If all this isn't enough, you can go to their web site and download new pages Free or they have ones that you can purchase for a minimal cost. 

 My Memories has agreed to giveaway a copy of their incredible software to one of my loyal readers. My Memories Suite version 2 is a digital scrapbooking software. You can make Scrapbook pages, Calendars, Cards, and DVDs. You can now win a copy of this great software, just follow the entry requirements and your entered.

 You can also visit My Memories on Facebook as they have incredible giveaways all the time!

If you want to purchase the software right now, use the code STMMMS33329 for a $10 discount plus a $10 coupon for kits and pages downloads! (That's $20 free!!)


You all know my fur babies

Just a few of my charity quilts

Mandatory Entry

1.  Visit My Memories and tell me something you learned on their site.

Extra Entries
(You must do the Mandatory Entry for these to count)

2. Visit My Memories Facebook page and tell them I sent you, come back here and leave a comment

3.  Visit My Memories on You tube and tell me what you learned from the video

4.  Become a follower of Southern Style and leave me a comment

5.  Fall is fast approaching, tell me you favorite Fall activity

Giveaway will run from Sept. 8 to Sept.29th   Winner will be notified by email

If you want to purchase the software right now, use the code STMMMS33329 for a $10 discount plus a $10 coupon for kits and pages downloads! (That's $20 free!!)

Southern Style Blog has not received anything from  My Memories to sponsor this giveaway other then the software offered for review and the software offered as the prize. The opinions in this post are that of myself.