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Monday, January 30, 2012

the tiny pups

I am still amazed at the size of Misty's 4 little puppies, they are so very tiny and look so delicate.  I know they are not as I watch them behave the way other pups have behaved with climbing over each other and scooting around the bed, and the runt makes sure she gets her fair share at feeding time. Mom is so gentle with her babies and I love the way she will try to hide them from view. She is torn between wanting to be with us and her babies and now and then we will get a 5 second visit from her.  Just to give you a idea on the size of the pups, I have taken photos of them with a pen and quarter.
 Cream colored boy 3.8 ozs

Dark Sable Girl 3.9 ozs

Sable Girl 3.2 ozs

And the little kid of the litter, she weighs 2.4 ozs

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