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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday DH

Today is my husbands birthday, but there will be no special events happening today... Poor thing he is currently at the hospital have a scan done on his neck... and tonight he has to work. So no special Birthday Dinner, No Cake with Candles, No gathering of family wishing him well.. 

But  Last night I baked him a Apple Pie, you see he is really not a big cake fan, give him a Lemon Meringue or a Apple Pie and he is Happy..  We will go out this weekend for his birthday dinner, maybe Red Lobster as he has been wanting lobster for some time now and he is supposed to cut out red meat which means NO Steak House.  As for his gift, he got the Blade runner for Christmas, and he has all kinds of power tools, so this year I made him a quilt.. Not the one I had planned but I was running out of time and needed to make one fast. The planned one is a applique and embroidered and there wasn't enough time for that one. I was really running out of time on this one to, as I sewed the quilt top last week and Friday I made the quilt sandwich, took it out to the quilting machine with the intention of quilting in Monday and Tuesday putting on the binding... BUT he was off Monday so the minute he left for work yesterday I headed to the machine, did the quilting, trimmed, added the binding and then proceeded to hand sew the binding down.  By the time I was done it was 9 PM whew I finished with two hours to spare. Which was good as I also baked his pie and managed to get the laundry done as well.  I wrapped the quilt and waited for him to come home, I had things set up in the dinning room and don't you know he never turned that light on, he walked right by things in the dark. I had to tell him to turn on the dinning room light so he could find things.  OK, so he got his gift the day before his birthday, but I knew today was going to be a busy day for him and I was only 1/2 hour early.  He loved it, and the pie was a big hit too.. I'm tired, and now I wait for our littlest Pom to deliver her pups, she is due the 24 but could go anytime... my luck she will decided to deliver late at night

Of all the quilts I have made, this is the first one that has stayed at the house... I have made many quilts for the nursing home, and other charities, I made quilts for the girls, the grand children and new babies in the family, but none for us.  Now there are two quilts for us in the UFO basket waiting to be quilted, so this year I will finish my quilts.

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ga447 said...

Wish him a happy birthday. The quilt came out super, I love the colors. Take a breather, you exhausted me.