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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine Cards

My charity (The World of Charity Stitchers) group decided to make Valentines Day Cards for the residents of Century Care Center. We thought the seniors would love to receive a little love note... So our members will be stitching hearts in all colors and they can make the cards or they can send to one of our finishing ladies who will make the card..  This is a very quick project to stitch, I did three hearts as samples in one night.
                                                         My counted cross stitch hearts

and tonight I made the card samples and posted on our charity site.  We are hoping to get 83 cards which is the number of residents and if we get more that would be great as there are always new residents coming in the home... 
Pink Pearl Heart Card

Red Heart Card

Pink Heart Card

Now there isn't a pattern for these hearts, I just made the design as I went.
If you would like to stitch a Valentine Heart or Make a Card for a Senior you can send me a email or reply to this post and I will send you the address to send the hearts or cards.

Also The World of Charity Stitchers blog is having another giveaway. This time you can win  designs for Precious Patterns, there are bib patterns, stuffed animal patterns, purse and little shoe patterns, well lets say there are lots of patterns to choose from.
See, these little stuffies are just precious..

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