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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting ready for Valentines Day

I have been busy these past weeks stitching hearts, making cards and sachets which will all be going to the nursing home. My charity group came up with this wonderful idea to send a little love to our seniors. The members started stitching all kinds of little hearts that would be made in to beautiful cards by myself, and two other of our finishers.. Some of our members not only stitched hearts but they made the cards which was a really big help.. Here are a few of the cards I made with the hearts our members stitched..

These are the strawberry shaped, lavender filled sachets that will be given with the cards.  The seniors love the smelly good stuff, and these smell really good.

and last is a update on my New Year's Day Start.  I have finished the first house in my Welcome sampler.  I don't get much time to work on my stitching as lately I have been busy with other projects. My goal is to finish my Welcome Sampler this year and it might just take the entire year.

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