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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dolly finish

Just a quick post with the latest finish... Another of my Dolly Mamas, this is one that my husband bought for me, so of the three he bought (quilting, cross stitching and crafting Mamas) I have two done and the cross stitching one to do. He said he will have the three framed for my sewing/crafting room.

isn't she just to cute.  LOL

I go from my 18 ct name welcome house, enchanted alphabet sampler, Celtic lady to my Dolly Mamas because they are stitched on 14 ct which gives my eyes a break from those other projects.  I also will take on some CCS pieces for my charity group like the hearts we just finished making as they are quick patterns on 14 ct.
I am just about finished with 4 charity quilts, they are quilted and now I need to bind them and they will be ready for delivery to the seniors.  When they are done I will finally be caught up, that is until the next set of CCS squares come in from my group. 
I also have the quilts I designed for my grand kids to work on, Mo asked about his the last time he was here so I guess I will have to get busy on those real soon. I have all the items I need for them I just need to get to work.
I did come up with a interesting fact the other day, as I entered a charity quilt into my quilt journal I realized that quilt was number 50.  This is so hard to imagine that I made 50 quilts for my charity group, and that number is not counting the ones that I made for family or the quilted wall hangings I made. I know my Mom would be so proud and probably amazed that I made that many. I also have the last quilt she worked on ready to go on the machine, I have put finishing this one for to long and now is the time to finish what would be our second quilt we made together, when done it will go to my son.

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ga447 said...

Kudos - 50 quilts. I hope to make one for the group in 2012. I am working on my grandkids.