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Sunday, January 16, 2011

One more finish for me

Here is yet another finish for 2011... my forth charity square
This is Josie's Quilt Square
a free pattern from the Whispered in the Wind web site.

This square will go into WOCS Cat Quilt file and will be made into a quilt for a senior., I am currently working on a CCS heart box that will be sent to my Mother in Law for Valentine's Day, not quite sure what goodie I will put inside.  I also picked up a dog at the beach CCS kit yesterday for the WOCS dog quilt, and I have the Hand in Heart Christmas bird to work up.  See, I am trying to be good by just sitting and stitching. 
 Yesterday was a bad girl day, We went into Pensacola to do some shopping at JoAnn's and then to the grocery store, when I got home my foot was letting me know it wasn't happy. So I took my pain meds and went to bed... I really hate taking the pain meds as they leave me in a fog.. I am still foggy today from them, I don't think I want to take them anymore.


Micki said...

That's a beautiful pattern, and I love the kitty!

Quilting Krazy said...

I was reading your current post and happen to glance over and see your profile and that you live in Milton, FL. I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL! Had family in Milton and Bagdad, FL as well! Still have family in Pace, Cantonement & Pensacola. I'm the only one living out of the state. Funny sometimes how small this big old world seems!