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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Fun 2

Blast from the Past

Gym Suits
From Elementary School to High School you had to take gym daily and you had to change into the fashion of the day, the ever not so popular one piece gym suit.  Most were in some shades of blue, and no one looked good in one of these sacks, and lets not even talk about having to make a trip to the restroom.  These things were impossible to get out of in a hurry. The ones in elementary school had elastic at the legs and from the waist down you were a big poof of fabric.  In high school they were more like shorts and they did fit a little better, but they were still the most hated school item that we had to have.  Ever year students would shop the local sports store and you could tell by the looks on the faces that no one wanted to purchase one of these suits. I remember for years we begged, we pleaded, we even offered bribes to be able to wear shorts and a shirt to class, but the teachers wouldn't hear of it, after all they didn't have to wear these things.

Products from the past, why are these here, why are they so special.. Because, You would buy soap powder or flakes and when you opened the box there was a gift. Some offered towels, dishes, silverware or glass ware. We had our share and as I remember my Nan collected Carnival Ware from the soaps.  You can still find those wonderful items, most are on eBay and they are no longer free.. The other free item from a product was Jelly glasses. We had a whole collection of juice glasses and drinking glasses, I don't remember my family buying glasses, all our glasses were the jelly jar glasses. HUMMMM maybe the jelly companies need a reminder of the jelly glasses, they might sell more jelly.

Thank you to Gisela for sending the email that had these wonderful Blast from the past memories in it.  I will use more from her email in the future.  If you have a Blast from the Past Memory you would like to see here, just send me a email and I will be happy to consider it for future posts.
Nana Bonnie 

Pet Peeve of the Day
I read a article on a blog the other day on infants, toddlers, and young children not being properly seated in vehicles.  The safety institute has come a long way to make sure our children and grand children are safe while riding in a car. They give parents the proper tools to keep their children from serious harm. Yet there are those parents who will not take the time to properly buckle up their children. Please take the few minutes it takes and make sure the loves of your life are safe while riding in a vehicle.
My other Pet Peeve is on the same lines, I cringe every time I see a child or even a adult for that matter riding in the bed of a truck. There is nothing to hold on to, no seat, no seat belts, nothing to keep that passenger from flying out of the bed if that vehicle were to get into a accident. You might be only going to the corner store and your might think for that short trip your loved one will be safe.  Think again, Most accidents happen close to home.  Please make them ride in the cab of the truck and if there isn't enough room, then leave them home, it is safer then putting their life in jeopardy.
Buckle Up, Its the Law

Giggle of the Day
My dogs are the spotlight of today's Giggle of the Day. I own Pomeranians, they are a dog that has a double coat. You would think they would be warm no matter what the temperature. No, not my crew they are always cold or at least that is how they are acting. It has been getting really cold here lately, and I have fleece blankets on the chairs just to keep us warm as we watch TV.  Hubby was sweet the other day and he came home with a snuggie for me, at least that is what I thought. Hubby said he bought the pink snuggie for his girl, meaning me.. Well his other girl, his little double coated  redheaded girl thought he meant her. Every time I look she is snuggled into the pink snuggie, guess next time he needs to say which girl he means.

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Quilting Krazy said...

Oh my gosh! I hated those gym suits! They were SOOOooo uncomfortable. Forget being able to move and do any type of exercise! Thanks for that memory!