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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two more finishes

 My 2nd and 3rd finish for 2011

Mariner's Compass Rose
for Century Care Center
 Man's Ship Quilt

Sail Boat
for Century Care Center 
 Man's  Ship Quilt

I have been sent to bed rest, well, not exactly, but darn close to it.  The last injection in my foot didn't do anything to relieve the pain, so you know I was miserable while shopping in December.  This time my doctor said he would make sure he hit the right spot, out came the sonogram machine. Doc looked and looked and said there was a lot of black showing which meant lots of  inflammation, the cause of all the pain. Then he said that it seemed there was a tear.. Which meant that for the tear to heal, I need to stay off the foot, more ice, more meds, keep elevated and to walk, use crutches.  So I am icing, taking meds, keeping off the foot, and sometimes using the crutches.. They do tend to get in the way, did you ever try to cook dinner with teetering on those metal sticks, it just doesn't work. I now do the flamingo, standing on one foot with the other foot propped on that leg, looking just like a flamingo bird, without the pink color that is. .. As for me to trying to carry anything from one room to another is next to impossible on crutches.  Hubby will get things for me, when he is here. But he has to work and here I am, me and the dogs. I have to admit I have been a little bad by not always using the crutches. I tend to walk gingerly around the house, not putting that much weight on the foot.  But for the most part I have planted my derriere in my recliner and I am getting some counted cross stitch squares finished for my charity group (The World of Charity Stitchers).  I just finished two more squares for the Ship quilt and now I am working on  a cat square. There are 9 themes  started so far for this year's quilts, they are Ship Quilt, Cat Quilt, Dog Quilt, Heart in Hand Holiday Quilt, Heart in Hand 4 seasons Quilt, Antique Cars Quilt, Modern Day Transportation Quilt, Teddy Bears Quilt and A Child's Animals Quilt.. So there are lots of themes for me to choose from to stitch. So for the next two weeks I will be sitting and stitching.  Then hopefully the foot will heal and I will be able to get back to my schedule.. First thing on that schedule is to clean out the sewing room and reorganize. I have 7 charity quilts designed, my Accuquilt GO all ready to cut out my blocks, now I just need to be able to get up on my two feet and get things done. 

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requilt said...

I am sorry to hear about your foot - too bad you don't have some kind of cart on wheels since you are not able to carry things. Your fingers are certainly smoking - your squares are so pretty