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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past
Remember the movie Blast from the Past with Brandon Fraiser.... I loved that movie because it took me back to my childhood home with the50s, 60s style all over the place.  So I got to thinking it might be fun if each week if I took you all on a trip back in time. What will your journey hold each week, what will you discover you ask. It could be a glimpse of items from back then, it could be  a memory, it could be a photo of someones family, It could be something you sent me to share with my readers...  I am ready, so here we go into our time capsule and back in time...

Picture this, 1950s blonde danish style tiered end tables with Blackmoor lamps.. That was the style that decorated my childhood home.  I couldn't find the exact lamps but I found figures that look very similar to those lovely lamps my father just loved.
The style lamps in our house had the figures sitting with their legs crossed and there was a removable ash tray in their lap similar to the red set, ours however were Chartreuse in color like the first figure. There was a pole coming from behind the figure that was the lamp and it had the crowning glory two tiered lamp shade. Yes friends it was a sight to behold. As I got older I think I despised those lamps more and more each day.. We were in the 60s and all my friends had county style in their living rooms, cute bowl and pitcher lamps or some of those big modern vase style lamps.  My grandmother lived with us and she didn't like the blackamoor lamps either.  One day I told my Nan that we needed to get rid of them and she agreed. Now how to go about getting rid of those ugly lamps without getting into trouble. We decided the lamps fate was to be broken or a least damaged in some way. But again, I didn't want to get into trouble for breaking the lamp and I sure wasn't going to lie to my father.  So my poor little Pomeranian Fluffy would be the bad guy. I put him on the arm of the couch near the table and lamp and then I went to the other side of the room and called him. He got excited, jumped over the arm, landing on the table and the lamp slide to the end of the table and oh so slowly started to lean forward, just a little more and it would be over the edge. As it teetered back and forth and my Nan and I waited with our breath held, my Nan slipped and accidentally bumped into the table and the lamp went crashing to the floor. The poor guy on the lamp lost his arm, he head hung strangely to one side and the lamp post behind him was bent in two places. OH MY what ever shall we do, the lamp was broken beyond repair. Well, my Nan and I did a dance and laughed and laughed. Our deed was done and we didn't have to lie, the dog did jump off the couch and he did knock over the lamp and it broke, we just didn't mention we had helped things along.  We got to go shopping that weekend for new lamps, but we had to settle for  the big vase style and not the cute country lamps we wanted. But anything was better than the funky figure lamps. Of course while searching for picture of the lamps or the figures, I now wish I wouldn't have helped the dog break them, for today I found a site where they now sell for $300. dollars or more. If you like the figures there is a link above the photo for the ebay site where you can bid on the figures and I promise not to bring my dog over when you get them.

Giggle of the Day
We stopped by the local mini market on the way home the other day to pick up tea. I waited in the car while hubby went in. While sitting there a rather handsome young man got out of his car and proceeded to enter the store, I just giggled as he was pulling his pants up. Yes, he was one of those kids that walk around with their red boxer shorts hanging out, his pants down past his butt. I would love to have a camera, take his picture and show him how funny he looks from behind. Can you imagine him trying to run, his pants would fall down to his ankles and trip him for sure.

Pet Peeve of the Day
Well, one of my pet peeves used to be people talking on Cell phones when they were driving. My boss was always on her phone and I just hated riding with her as we had some close calls because of the phone. Today, the young driver's don't talk on their phones, they text and I have seen numerous driver's looking down at their phone rather then look at the road. And they wonder why there are so many accidents because of Cell phone use.  Insurance goes up for DUI or DWI drivers, they need to raise the rates on driver's who have been in a accident due to texting.  I mean really, they are behind the wheel of a dangerous vehicle, a vehicle that if not operated properly can kill. Please wait to the red light to look at a message or send one... or better yet park the car and do your thing, Stow the phone and save a life, it could be your own.

Hope you all liked my Friday Fun
Nana Bonnie

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Micki said...

I love those neat! I agree with you about people talking on their phone while they are driving. It is so dangerous!