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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its been like Christmas here this week

It has been just like Christmas, maybe even better... My mail box has been stuffed to the rim with wonderful things this week.  I love getting packages in the mail, any kind of packages, even those little tiny samples that companies send out make me smile. But this week I received items from my online charity group, items I won online, and a surprise from a online friend.  So if you want to see what I got, I will show you my goodies.

I won a giveaway for reading glasses from the Reading Glasses shopper they were the first package to arrive this week, I ordered mine in Purple (so I know at a glance they are needlework glasses) and they are 4.0  I know why so strong, well I use them as magnifiers when stitching, very comfortable to wear.  I have 4 pair from Reading glasses Shopper that are just for my stitching, plus I had gotten my husband some for when he is checking his coins. 

Next two packages were from members of my Charity Group, they sent me their stitched items and quilt blocks that I will be using in future quilts for a nursing home. Plus the lady that sent the log cabin block also made me this special badge.  It will proudly hang in my sewing room. 

These two ladies did a wonderful job

Next package was a total surprise and I just love surprises.  I received this delightful pattern from a online friend. We met at the online Needlework Show, She is a designer and had a booth at the show. I had emailed her to enter her door prize drawing, I didn't win the door prize, but she stopped by my blog and she wrote me, seems we had so many thing in common. We became fast friends sharing jokes, stories, our love for our families and of course our babies, our dogs. We send things back and forth from time to time, I think at times it is more like a contest to see who can surprise the other first.  She got me this time but good, She said she saw this pattern and thought of me and my quilt making and had to get the pattern for me.  A big Thank You to my friend Miss Claire, watch out, it is my turn now....LOL.  I am always on the lookout for things my friends and family would enjoy, things they collect or things they like to spend their spare time working on. I thought I was the only person who did this, but it seems that once again my friend and I are thinking on the same wave length.  I also want to share with you a little note my friend sent me. It brought tears to my eyes, guess pay it forward works.
the note:
***Bonnie I Have to tell you, thanks to you, one of the local nursing homes (several of their patients were clients of mine when I was working) will be benefitting from a slight change in plans. I will be crocheting lap blankets for them to give to the patients who don't have anyone to come and visit. Claire***

And now for today's Special Package, I won a online contest , it was for a Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop. So Monday I went Shopping at their web site. WOW so many really wonderful things there and what did I find but grab bags and they were on sale.  Now I was trying to make the most of the gift certificate that I received as I knew I would buy fabrics and those fabrics would go into my Charity quilts.  They had FQ grab bags with 12 FQs for $15.00 or a 12 lb grab bag for $69.00, I wasn't sure, I hadn't ordered from here before, which was the better value for my purpose. SO I emailed them and to my shock I received a answer right away, I thought surely I wouldn't hear from them till Tuesday as this was a holiday weekend. My question was answered and I made my choice and order three of the FQ grab bags and would you believe they arrived today, now that is super fast service.  The bag was bulging at the seams, and when I opened it there were bundles of beautiful fabrics.

my lovely bulging package from Fat Quarter Shop I was so excited as I had no idea what was inside.

see my beautiful packages and yes, that is my Hungry Accuquilt Go Cutter in the background just waiting to eat those lovely Fat Quarters..YUMMMM

Look at all the luscious fabrics just waiting to be made into a quilt. I am so pleased with the Fat Quarter Shop, their customer service is excellent, the product line is fantastic, and their shipping if so fast, I would recommend them as a AAA store.  Plus I just love their sales.... Thank You Fat Quarter Shop


requilt said...

Oh my goodness - what can I say but yummy! Have fun with your goodies

ga447 said...

I am so very happy for you, Fat Quarter Shop gave you great great fabrics. The log cabin I did 20 years ago, I did a class at church and someone stood right next to me and gv me instructions. Y