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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, A New Start

MY UFO Cross Stitch from 2010

My Sailing Boat for WOCS Men's quilt
1st project for 2011

This is the start of a new year, 2011
To start my year out right, I took on a new tradition for the New Year. My tradition is to start a new project on the 1st day of the year.  This year I choose the above sailing square, it is from the book Super Sports. This square will be added to other Counted Cross Stitch squares  stitched by The World of Charity Stitchers and made into a quilt for a man at a nursing home. I finished the square on the 3rd so I think I have a pretty good start on the New Year. When the other group members send me their squares I will make the ship quilt. Currently we have members working on CCS Squares for a ship quilt, antique car quilt, modern vehicle quilt, Heart in Hand 4 seasons bird quilt. Heart in Hand Holiday Bird Quilt, Dog Quilt and a Cat Quilt. These are the themes I will be making quilts from. We also have a Animal theme quilt in the process with another quilter.  If you are interested in Joining The World of Charily Stitchers to Cross Stitch a Square or to construct a quilt you can visit their Yahoo group site at If you have any stitched squares you no longer want, any orphan quilt blogs you just don't know what to do with, or any Quilting (fabrics, threads, batting, books, patterns) or Cross Stitching  items(fabrics, floss, hoops, or software) your can send to me and I will make sure they are put to good use for a great cause.

My Finishes for 2010
 I finished 14 quilts this past year for WOCS, 1 Princess Quilt for  a 3yr old child who is recovering from numerous heart surgeries, 14 tote bags and numerous small projects that were donated. I also finished Enchanted Alphabet for my home and a Sampler Christmas Tree

My UFOs for 2010
That is Unfinished Objects , I have 5 large quilts for myself and family members that are waiting to be quilted. I was really putting off on those quilts with hopes I could get a long arm sewing machine (another dream machine. As for Counted Cross Stitch  I  have Celtic Summer just about finish, Enchanted Alphabet half finished and Angel of Summer a third of the way done, these are all Lavender and Lace Patterns. So here's hoping that I can get these finished this year.

My New Toy
The Accuquilt Go is my new toy, DH was nice and let me order some dies for it. I now have 11 new dies for my machine, they were delivered yesterday and I have been playing with my toy, cutting out my next quilt. It is so easy and fun to use.

Today, I had planned on emptying out the sewing room and cleaning and reorganizing to make room for my new toy. But DH is home sick and he is sleeping in the room I had intended to move things into, so I will wait til tomorrow before starting on that project. I just don't understand how the sewing room keeps getting so messed up, but it seems after I work on 6 or 7 quilts, there  is fabric everywhere and things like rulers and cutters, cutting mats scissors and threads are scattered on all the tables, the ironing board and iron are taking up floor space and cut threads litter the floor. You would think I was doing some kind of work in there, oh that's right, I was....
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ga447 said...

I see you are cross stitching on a large pattern, it is beautiful. I have about 4 of them in my stash and I was suppose to start them again in 2011. But I am having so much fun with the xs for WOCS. Have a great day and keep that leg up.