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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Fun 1/21

Welcome back to Friday's Fun, so here is yet another Blast from the Past for you

Remember this cute little things, I know a lot of you have never seen this handy dandy device, what is it you ask?  Every refrigerator came with at least two of these devises. They were really easy to operate. Fill with water, open the door of your Frigidaire, open the freezer door at the top and place this ice cube tray on the shelf  inside. When ready to use ice, pull the handle up, take the divider out and you now have perfect cubes.  One precaution when using this device, avoid touching with wet hands or your tongue as you will stick to the tray.
Now days we have ice makers in our fridge and if we have to use ice cube trays they are made of plastic.  But the concept is not dead, no some ingenious inventor is making a fortune on this type of device.

tell me now, does this look similar, just a little bigger, same principle, but with out the pull handle.  Still you get perfect little brownies.  I use myPerfect Brownie pan all the time, I liked it so much I bought one for each daughter. This would be great to make brownies or little cakes for a school, church or scout troup bake sale

See, Something Old is Now Something New.

Pet Peeve of the Day
I love watching all the cake decorating shows that are on TV, they inspire me to be just a bit more creative in my cake decorating. Some of the cakes they make are beautiful, others, well lets say they are not that great.  BUT really, can you believe the amount these places are selling their creations for? One place charges no less then $5,000 for any cake and that is not a large cake like the size of a wedding cake, but that is for a small cake. There was one show where a entertainer in Las Vegas had a cake made for his brother's birthday and the cost of that cake was $15,000 dollars. ARE THEY CRAZY. I think having a great cake is wonderful for any occasion, but really is a cake worth that much money.. there are so many other things I could think to put that much money to use for. I am trying to find a way to buy a long arm sewing machine so I can make more quilts for my charities, maybe I should start making designer cakes and that will pay for the sewing machine.

Giggle of the Day
Pajamas, now I don't mean PJ's in general. I like PJ's and I wear them to bed, if I don't feel well I will stay in them all day as I laze around the house.  But one thing I would never do is be caught outside my house in them. I wouldn't walk to the mailbox in them, I wouldn't go to someones home in them and Never would I be caught in a store in them.  I am not making this up, there are people out there who will go anywhere in their PJ's. I stopped by a mini market and had to do a double take of a lady in her PJ's.  The other day I spied a lady checking her mailbox in her PJ's and when a lady showed up to pick up a freecycle item I was giving away,  you guessed it she was in her PJ's.  Plus they now have PJ's that look like jeans... Whats next in the world of high fashion..  But really seeing all these women running around in the PJ's is just way to funny.

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Sara said...

Never thought of that with an ice cube tray turned into a brownie tin---this is why I am not an inventor or deep, thinker of things to make from other things:)

As for the PJ's that urks me too---people come on have some class-LOL!