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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October is here

My favorite time of year has finally arrived. In the evening there is a little crispness in the air. There is fall festivals being held most every weekend. Yard sales can be found almost in every block and Halloween is right around the corner. There is tons of Apples, cider and pumpkins in the stores, and spooky graveyards are popping up in neighbors yards. Which is my reason for this post. Sunday, Melanie, Heather, and Kyle came over and they with the help of their grandpa dug out the Halloween decorations in the shed. Melanie strung or should I say spun spider webbing over the arch, the porch and the doorway. Kyle and Heather planted a man in the flower bed but I think he is trying to escape because I see his legs and arm and his skull. There are pumpkins, spiders, ghosts and lots of skulls all over the front porch. Looks like a spooky halloween, thank you Melanie,Heather and Kyle, I love your decorating style. Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas. But really, it was fun watching the kids think things out as to how to decorate and how to get their ideas to work, they did a really great job.
Then they played with the puppies, Heather laying on the couch with the little white one under the covers with her, Kyle on the floor with the black one attacking his feet, Puppy pulled his sock off and bite his toe. I took pictures but Heather said she didn't want to see them on the internet, oh well, guess she will have to stay away from my blog this time, because the pictures are to cute not to post, sorry Heather.
I did hear from Jenny, she has been dealing with a house full of sick children. She said she is ready for a childless vacation.

Thats about all for now, enjoy the pictures.

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