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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Fall Needleworks Show

I must admit that tonight I have spent most of my evening at the Needleworks Show. So many designers, so many wonderful designs. I have only scratched the surface of the show. First I do a quick look which takes hours, than I will go back and take a more in depth look at the shops. Needle Delights (my local shop) has a booth at the show, Kathy has her beautiful quilt pattern cross stitch designs there, Oh and one of the most important things to do while at the show is to sign up for all the contests. I love contests, I don't win, but it is still fun filling out the entry form and adding my favorite items from their shop on the form. Well, I can dream can't I, ONE day I will win something. Melanie has won at the show before and last year Sean won, but never me, Maybe this year I will win something, anything, even a skein of thread would be nice, just to say I won it. After the show look for my review on my favorite designs and shops. Have fun at the show, just follow the link
if the link dosn't show go to and click on the general section and have fun

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