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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Shower

This is Jessica, she is the daughter of our local auctioneer Cherylyn. Jessica is getting married in March and last weekend I attended a Bridal Shower for her. The Minnie Mouse bridal veil was a gift from her maid of honour Debbie, the ears were white sequins. She received gift cards and lots of gadget type things, she also received champagne glasses that had pearls in the stem, they were so pretty. Her mother gave her a pair of sapphire earrings which were gorgeous, of course as you all may know, I just love sapphires, so if you don't like them Jessica you can always pass them my way. I did my normal and got the bride items for the bridal night, yep, you guessed it. In her bag was a sexy nightie from Frederick's of Hollywood, a love kit with lots of goodies, a blushing bride deck of cards, and hot oils. This bag sure did liven up the guests, we all had a good laugh, not only on Jessica's reaction, but on Cherylyns reaction as well. Debbie was right Cherylyn was more embarrassed than Jessica. I do promise to be nice for the wedding and get her something off of her list. You would think that the Bride would be showing signs of getting nervous, but Jessica is not in the least bit nervous. She is so looking forward to her Wedding Day and marrying the man of her dreams. He future husband is a real gem, he is so nice, always willing to help anyway he can.

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