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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend fun

Saturday we were invited to dinner at Jenny's house. Phillip and Jack were at a boy scout camp and Jenny was a little lonely. We had a lovely dinner and great conversation with the kids. You really can learn a lot from them. We did learn that Morris is crafty, he made a telescopes out of a toilet paper cores for him and his sister , Oh did I mention that he first took all the paper off the roll and put it in the toilet. And Jenny wonder why they had so many problems with the plumping, guess she knows now. With all the turmoil of a busy house filled with children, a hubby away, and no coffee in the house, Jenny takes it all in stride, she is always so calm. We could tell that she was in need of her coffee, so when we left we made a stop by Starbucks and picked up her favorite decaf peppermint mocha coffee with lo fat milk. We delivered her coffee and she was so happy, we knew that she could get through the rest of the night now that she had her coffee fix.

Sunday Melanie and the kids came over so that Melanie could clean the ceramic Easter items I had poured for her. Heather and Melanie got a quick course in the art of cleaning greenware and we all proceeded to clean a table full it items. Kyle had started to dig up my flower beds for me, but the rain stopped that task so he joined us at the dinning room table and he too learned how to clean greenware. We lost a few of the items to breakage, but that was expected with the amount of items we were cleaning. Heather timed us and it took 5 hours to do all the items. I will fire the items sometime this week and Melanie will pick them up and take to the nursing home so the residents can paint the eggs, bunnies and chicks. I also made lunch, we had sloppy joes, chips, salads and dessert. It had stopped raining and after they left I went out to the new flower beds and started digging again, Sean headed to the store to pick up compost and mulch for the new beds, when he came back he took over the digging. We didn't quite finish because it got dark so I am hoping that I will be able to finish the digging today, that is if it stops raining. I did take a nice long, hot, soaking, spa bath, but I am still sore from the work. So for the rest of the evening I sat in my chair and worked on a embroidered candlewick pillow.

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