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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Puppy

I am decorating the living room floor,
I'm not spoiled much.

I'm so cute

Me and my playpal

Razz berries

OK enough of the camera already !!

I have been busy and just didn't have time to post anything on here for awhile. Here is the promised up date on the Christmas Puppy. He now has an official name, his papers have come back and he is now Sir Rufus Rascal or as we call him Rascal for short. I know, what kind of a name is Rufus, well that is my hubby's fault. Sean has been calling the little guy Rufus since we got him. Sean even had the grand kids telling me that the puppy's name should be Rufus. So I listened and he is now official. Rufus is the paper name, we use the Rascal name and his name describes him to a T. I will admit that I do have the little guy quite spoiled, he is in my lap most of the time and if I leave the room he is my shadow. He is learning the working of this house, but he is so stubborn, he loves running in the back yard, but will sit and just look at me if I call him in the house. He comes in when the spirit moves him, I however have learned how to make the spirit move him and it is called treats. He will move really fast for them. He has learned from the other dogs how to run and bark at the big dog by the back fence, he has learned how to greet Sean when he comes home from work, and he has learned that the big bed is really comfy. He has also learned that if he wants out of his room in the morning he only has to scratch on the door and someone will hear him and let him out, I just wish he wouldn't be such a early riser. But I do get up, let the dogs out to potty and than I crash on the sofa and yes all the dogs crash with me.

Quick up date on Sean's Mom, She fell down the bottom three basement steps and broke her wrist and cracked her hip, she had surgery and was sent to a nursing home for rehab. She has been doing really well and will be going home this Thursday. A visiting nurse will be checking in on her and all her neighbors will make daily stops at her house. She also has been told to stay out of the basement.

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