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Friday, March 20, 2009


The Meeting
So, do you come her often?

The Kiss
Ah, Come on honey, just one little kiss.

The Engagement
Our official engagement picture.
Rascal 6 months, Roxy 6 weeks

Rascal is getting to be quite a young man or should I say dog. He is losing his puppy looks and he is now at his full grown size. We have been looking since we bought him for a girlfriend for him. He was so lonely as the other dogs just don't want anything to do with him. Today was his lucky day, we found this cute little lady just for Rascal. I am not totally sure what we will name her (we need to wait to see what her personality is before naming her) At this time I am thinking I will use the name my grand daughter Britney gave me when I was looking for a name for Rascal. The name she suggested was Roxy, I like that name, due to Roxy being the star of my favorite movie Chicago. But we will wait just to make sure before we name the new little girl. She is Mahogany Sable, and was born on Valentine's Day. Her mother and father were beautiful poms and she looks just like her dad. Rascal seems to know that she is his mate, or maybe he is just nosey and wants the little girl to play. She is just so tiny, her sister was darker and a little bit bigger than she was, we almost took both of the pups, it was so hard to choose. Guess I need to buy more puppy pads, and I thought I was almost done with house training.

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