Quilt Top by Me, Hand Quilted by my Mother, Doll crocheted by my Mother

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Miss You

The lady in the peach suit is my mother, this was taken on my son's wedding day. Mom lost her battle with cancer two years ago this past February. I miss not being able to call her and just chat, I miss the wonderful things she created with her gifted hands, her quilts, her knitted and crocheted things, and I miss her laugh. It was easy to make her cry tears of joy, It got to the point that I would give her a box of hankies before giving her a gift. She cried over the diamond cross necklace, she cried over the diamond heart necklace, and she cried for three days when we gave her the embroidery machine. She had wanted one for so many years and she just couldn't bring herself to spend that much money on one. We bought her one for Christmas and you would have thought we gave her the world. I had woke the night after Christmas and found her just sitting at her dinning room table staring at this machine, she just didn't believe that she now had what she wanted for so many years. She loved sewing and made many quilts with embroidered designs on them. For many years it was Mom who was the quilter, not me, I just didn't have the patience. When my mother started Chemo, I made a watercolor quilt and finished putting it together while I stayed at her house to take care of her. She hand quilted it, and sent it back to me when it was finished. This is the first quilt we made together, the last quilt she made, and it is so very special to me. I did sew a second watercolor quilt in a design that Mother liked, she got to sick and could not finish it before she passed away. I brought the quilt home and because I just don't have the patience to hand quilt I found and bought a quilting frame for my sewing machine. I will soon finish this project in honor of my mother and it will go to her grandson, a special quilt made with love by his mother and grandmother. This has now started me on my newest quest. I am making heirloom family tree quilts for each of the children and their families. I am just about finished with Jenny's quilt top and ready to start on the next one. I will say the first one is looking so good, I am totally shocked that it is turning out so well. Just wish I could get hubby to use the quilting frame and do the quilting for me. Thank you Mom for your influence with the quilts and for the crafting skills you passed on to me. I will always love you and I miss you so very much.

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