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Friday, March 20, 2009

loose teeth

As any of my grand children can tell you, I can not stand looking at loose teeth. The grand kids just love showing me their wiggly teeth when they have a loose one. To me it is like nails on a chalkboard, I get goosebumps up my spine. Well, last night I had that feeling again, but it wasn't due to seeing a grand child with a loose tooth, NOOOOOOOOO this time I was checking the puppy's teeth (he is getting his adult teeth) and I touched a baby tooth that moved really far. I freaked, I just had the shivers from moving his tooth. Sean of course said just pull it out if it is that loose. Are you kidding, ME pull a tooth, I know he is not thinking straight. I told him if he thinks it needs to come out he can do it, NOT ME. Later that night I told him that he should pull the tooth, but when I looked it was gone, guess we both lucked out, just three more of the K-9s to come out...... I just don't want to see them......

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