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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Gift

Guard dutyJust making sure the stocking are OK
Hey there, you need a little Christmas Cheer!The Little boy above is my Christmas Present this year. He still doesn't have a name, grand kids are working on name suggestions. He is spoiled rotten already, and a real baby. He thinks he has to be in my lap all the time. We did have a little problem the first night, we put him in our bathroom and he started to howl and cry, he did quiet after 20 minutes. The second night I decided to put him in his room early so he would calm down and go to sleep. That just didn't work as he cried, whinnied and howled until I finally had to move him to the laundry at the other end of the house. Guess he was just to used to being with me that he didn't want to be in the room by himself. So last night, I decided to give him the shirt I had been wearing all day and that seemed to work as he didn't make a peep. Guess my scent was enough to calm him. The other dogs are not happy that he is here. He tries to play with them, but they ignore the poor little guy so he will either go and get out a toy and play with it or he ends up in my lap. He is a typical Pomeranian as he doesn't walk, he prances, he doesn't run, he hops... he is three months old and he is doing really well with his potty training, he loves the big yard.
Any suggestions for a name?

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